Exposed: What Americans Are Panic-Buying Ahead Of The Election

(Liberty Bell) – The election is literally just around the corner and many Americans are feeling anxious rather than excited. After a seriously tumultuous summer marred by violent riots and protests in many major cities, Americans are rightfully nervous about what will happen after the election has concluded.

It seems to be the consensus that no matter who wins, something big is going to go down. This is being evidenced by the fact that Americans are buying up survival gear, combat gear, and weapons at record numbers.

It really started back in the spring when much of America was forced to go into lockdown and quarantines. Americans had a bad feeling about the motives of the politicians calling the shots so they went out and started stockpiling guns. Since March, gun sales have been through the roof.

So far, it seems our rush to buy weapons may have been unnecessary but then again, everything has always been about the election and now the election is upon us.

Bloomberg reports that a survey done of gun and tactical gear stores in cities, especially ones in the south like Austin, found that “Less than two weeks before Election Day, orders are rolling in. Since last year, online purchases have driven a 20-fold jump in sales of goods like the $220 CM-6M gas mask — resistant to bean-bag rounds — for Mira Safety of Austin, Texas.”

“It doesn’t matter who gets elected,” the tactical gear outlet’s founder Roman Zrazhevskiy told Bloomberg as he’s been seeing his products flying off the shelves, “They think that no matter who wins, Biden or Trump, there are going to be people who are upset about the result.”

I’m not so sure Trump supporters are necessarily concerned about “people who are upset about the results.” Liberal angst is rather humorous after all. What is most likely compelling conservatives to buy up tactical gear and weapons is the oft-repeated sentiment that if Biden wins, the left needs to “round up” Trump supporters and “re-educate” them or worse. This is something that has been expressed by numerous radical leftists and something that should strike fear into the hearts of freedom-loving Americans everywhere.

The Bloomberg report, however, depicts the rush to buy survival gear as “right wing extremism” and attributes it to a new form of patriotism that sees the “survivalist look” as part of a lifestyle that centers on the possibility of coming political unrest. Some of the most bought items include high end body-armor plates costing hundreds of dollars, military grade gas masks, tactical clothing, and gun accessories like laser sights and scopes.

The report notes that stores all around the US that sell guns and ammo are seeing surging sales that come along with record prices, like a staggering $.50 per single round, as well as massive shortages.

The report says business is booming for these types of stores right now.

“A retail chain called 5.11 Tactical, which traces its roots to a friend of President Donald Trump’s adult sons, is even trying to turn the survivalist look into a fashionable national brand. It’s racking up annual sales of almost $400 million with stores in places including Tulsa, Oklahoma and the US Army’s Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.”

Despite the fact that the majority of the people buying up these types of survival gear and equipment are likely primarily conservatives and Trump supporters, the article acknowledges that the record sales are not defined solely by political affiliation.

The prospect of a contested election and the possible violence that could bring is most certainly putting Americans on the edge of their seats. Frustrations and anxieties certainly seem to be at an all time high and the fear of another civil war looms over the heads of many voters.

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  1. I can’t believe you follow those Russian Bots that are trying to provoke a rise out of you. I guess the gun companies are happy and their stock is up too. What a bunch of non independent thinkers that will probably shoot themselves in the own foot in the end. You will be fighting your own people who are trying to defame democrats just like Trump said it COVID19 was a “Dem Hoax” and now everyone knows the truth from Trumps own words on a taped interview back in late January 2020 he knew how serious and contagious this virus all you had to do was just breath to get infected…..But boy you Trumpee crazed supporters were all out there repeating his lies as facts with hate in your voice towards your fellow man. You need to get a reality check not a reality show fix.

    • It’s just more propaganda lies being perpetrated by the right to gear up their own base to buy weapons this is how they operate by acting like their Democrats to stir the pot and get their base riled up like master puppeteers. Unfortunately, Trumps base buys anything radical like Trump himself and then go out and do something stupid which is exactly how trump and his people manipulate them. They treat them as stupid people at their beck and call ready to do their deeds.

  2. “Self-preservation is the first rule of survival”. On my first day of Boot, they told us that. It still rings true today. I have been armed and stocked for a long time-I have expected this as prophetic-and so it is… Myself, my dog, my family, my property; then I will worry about everything else.

  3. Remember to give due respect to and gratitude for the perspicacity of the Founders for the Second Amendment! If Biden steals the election, it may not mean an awful lot anymore! Meanwhile, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

    • “Steals” that’s Trumps spin again. What you really mean is if Biden…no actually when Biden wins, you parrot your occult leader’s lack of good sportmanship that somehow it an election could be stollen unlike Trumps campaign which includes foreign interference by our enemies that Trump owes money to and does personal business with. The Trumps base lack of thinking for themselves makes me just shake my head!

  4. While my company makes AR-15 Uppers in 12 calibers, mostly for hunting. I say a 12 gauge is best for ‘turning’ and ‘scattering’ a Flash Mob of rioters intent on burning down your business or house. Best ammo is 4-Buck. 2in.3/4 has 27 pellets with each trigger pull and 3″ has 41. Ech pellet is .25 caliber. I also have rubber pellets for non-lethal first.

    • I can still shoot a quarter at 100 feet, but I ever learned how to use either one of those other things . . . Guess I’ll have to ask a dummycrat how it’s done.

  5. Yep, same here. I’ve been stockpiling ammo, and the pantry.
    I do expect more the ‘strife’ to occur if Trump wins. The demons have been promising to continue their rioting and ‘protests’. They actually said they will “burn everything down”.
    What I don’t understand is, the typical dummycrat is terrified of guns; but they think they’ll succeed in any civil war? Any cognitive individual should know that the average conservative is much more likely to OWN guns, and be prepared to USE one.
    The way they scattered in Kenosha went guns showed up tells me a lot.


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