Exposed: The Secret Identity Of Adam Schiff’s “Whistleblower” Revealed

(Liberty Bell) – It has been clear all along that the CIA “whistleblower” who filed the complaint which gave the Democrats ammunition to launch their sham impeachment inquiry is entirely a creature of Adam Schiff and the Deep State.

There’s ample evidence that this “whistleblower” was in contact with Schiff’s office before he filed his complaint.

If Schiff actually had the agent spy on Trump on his behalf, they could both be held accountable for conspiracy and treason under the Espionage Act.

Chanel Rio on OAN had a great piece detailing the “whistleblower” and leaker Eric Ciaramella and Adam Schiff. Both could be guilty of ‘seditious conspiracy to overthrow a sitting President’, which comes with no light penalty:

As the Gateway Pundit notes, “there are many connections to the Deep State’s actions in the Ukraine and Obama during his tenure. The picture below shows numerous individuals connected to Obama and the Ukraine. Charles Kupchan is identified below and he has been suspected of being connected to the whistleblower as well. He was reportedly Ciaramella’s boss for a time:”

Kupchan is a personal friend of Hillary Clinton’s “fixer,” Sid Blumenthal, based on Blumenthal’s own words in an email which was released by WikiLeaks:

Greg Rubini has dug up more information on Ciaramella and Kupchan.

Now, a consensus is growing that Ciaramella is this mysterious “whistleblower.” After all, Ciaramella was quite close to VP Joe Biden:

Charles Kupchan was once Ciaramella’s boss. Kupchan was the “Senior Director for European Affairs” for Obama’s National Security Council, and also once held the title of “Special Assistant to President Obama”.

This fancy title does not actually specify what, exactly, he did for Obama.

Kupchan also worked for Bill Clinton:

Both Kupchan and Ciaramella worked for Susan Rice:

And their link to John Brennan is also apparent:

Ciaramella was retained by General McMaster to work in the White House:

McMaster was, of course, a terrible National Security Adviser for Trump. It remains unclear why Trump even hired him.

It was Mike Cernovich who outed McMaster and Ciaramella:

Ciaramella was a holdover from the Obama era.

The Deep State doesn’t want to out him, because his identity would put all the puzzle pieces together and expose that Obama was spying on Trump:

There were other Obama moles, after all, who were kept on by McMaster, and now work for none other than Schiff:

Three moles in Trump’s White House are now working for Schiff (including the whistleblower):

From McMaster to Schiff…these are crooked people to have around:

Of course, everything leads back to Brennan and Obama:

Charles Kupchan, the Gateway Pundit notes, made an argument against nationalism in a September article:

His bias against President Trump’s politics is clear:

To be sure, our moment remains one of great peril for liberal democracy and pluralism. Johnson, Italian hard-right leader Matteo Salvini, U.S. President Donald Trump, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and their many fellow travelers have revealed just how susceptible North America and Europe are to base political instincts. It remains shocking that the British prime minister seems determined to inflict upon his country a no-deal exit from the European Union—an egregious, destructive act of self-isolation. Or that the U.S. president regularly insults immigrants, has called Haiti and African nations “shithole countries,” and took a liking to neo-Nazi marchers in Virginia. Or that Salvini, Italy’s most popular politician and former deputy prime minister, has called for a “mass cleansing” of immigrants from the nation’s cities in defense of a Christian Europe….

Yes, Democrats did take back the House of Representatives last year, and have been trying to check the White House ever since—most recently through efforts to examine documents that would shed light on allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine to produce political dirt on former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, a top Democratic contender for the 2020 presidential nomination. But Trump continues to do enormous damage at home and abroad as he tramples on democratic ideals and practices.…

But the Republican Party’s abandonment of its traditional stance on issues such as the deficit, trade, and immigration, as well as its abdication of its duty to govern responsibly, come at a high cost. Trump’s foreign policy is setting the world on edge. At home, his white nationalism, anti-immigrant rants, and flouting of republican ideals threaten U.S. democracy and the pluralism that sustains social cohesion amid racial, ethnic, and religious diversity….

Kupchan’s agenda is impossible to miss. He clearly hates President Trump for destroying all of Obama’s policies and actually working in the best interest of the country he clearly wants to seen destroyed.

TGP concludes:

It’s clear why Kupchan was close to Obama and why he’s connected to the ‘whistleblower’ – he hates President Trump. A man with a mind like this would be happy to be involved in a treasonous plot to undermine US democracy and a President (Trump) who stands for the American people.

As each action by President Trump provides more and more prosperity for the American people and peace around the world, people close to Obama, like Charles Kupchan, hate President Trump and his followers more and more.


  1. So why, WHY are these “people” not in jail???
    How about Struck and Paige and Comey and Vidman? When will they be held accountable for what they put this country through and the TAX DOLLARS that were WASTED!

  2. in watching the video of kapchan running his mouth to the lady doing the interview, he lied over and over about russia intervening in the 2016 election, he was rude and kept lying. today we all have seen the evidence that was made up about russia, this prick knew it at the time of the interview, yet along with the piece of shit obama he just sat there and lied over and over. how do they stay in power

  3. Looking in my Crystal Ball I see some very BAD TIMES in the Very Near Future for quite a bit of the Demoncraptic Socialists and a Very LARGE number will be facing some Very Serious Charges, some even carry the DEATH PENALTY. Time to Celebrate, and the real Celebration will begin in YUUUGE Fashion after the 2020 Election has Finished and Trump wins by HISTORIC LEVELS.


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