Exposed: The Mainstream Media’s Relentless Claims Of “Baseless” Election Fraud Allegations Are False

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media has incessantly and loudly claimed that any accusations of election fraud or irregularities are “baseless”—regardless of whether or not this is, in fact, the case.

To anyone who has scrutinized the support for such claims, there is absolutely a compelling case to be made that the 2020 election was rife with fraud, in fact.

As WND explains, there’s a reason over 100 state legislators from the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia issued a last-minute request to Vice President Mike Pence last week asking for 10 additional days to investigate the election.

The lawmakers lack the confidence that Biden legitimately won their states.

Just the News reported that their letter came with “a massive index of evidence of irregularities, some of which have been validated by court rulings, official government documents or sworn affidavits.”

The news outlet, founded in part by investigative journalist John Solomon, says it worked with more than three dozen journalists across the country for eight weeks to examine the claims of irregularities.

Among their findings were:

  • Wisconsin’s illegal allowance for large number of residents to evade voter ID laws
  • Fulton County, Georgia officials “prematurely moved data cards from 36 voting machines” before voting had ended, which has rendered the “chain of custody” unclear
  • Jessy Jacob, a career Detroit employee, testified that she along with other poll workers were told to “manipulate” and alter ballots, voter rolls, including falsely backdating ballot requests and ballots themselves
  • Republican election observers in many states report being isolated and prevented from properly overseeing poll counting
  • Wisconsin refused to follow state law which would have resulted in 200,000 outdated voter registrations being purged
  • Officials in Georgia have admitted there are 250 open cases of alleged voter fraud
  • State officials in at least three states allowed clerks to fix invalid ballots and count them

On Wednesday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said that there will be a “cloud” over Joe Biden’s presidency with such obtuse treatment of allegations of election fraud.

“If they [Democrats] truly believe this election was absolutely done with integrity, then they ought to be the ones standing up and insisting that there be a full audit,” he said, according to Fox News.

“I think too many of our politicians take the easy way out. They don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want to be controversial, but they were elected to make tough decisions and a tough decision would be to call for a full accounting and absolute transparency.”

Over at Just the News, Solomon explained that we can either believe that the 2020 election was hijacked by fraud, or it was so clean of fraud that any allegations are “baseless.”

“But if we’ve learned one lesson in the era of incessant cable TV and social media, it’s that the truth can’t be hurried — and the sensationalized early headlines are often deceiving. Remember, Trump colluded with Russia … until he didn’t. And Jacob Blake was declared shot unarmed … when in fact he was armed with a knife. And let’s not forget that Hunter Biden’s business scandal was Russian disinformation … until he admitted he was under criminal investigation,” he also wrote.

Wisconsin State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo told the outlet that “we know the laws were broken,” and that this is “indisputable.”

What we don’t know, he added “is whether the breaking of those laws affected the outcome of the election.”

I’ve got a guess.

Copyright 2020.


  1. “Quote to wit”! Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 10-24-2020 A. D. “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “This “selection/election” has been well coordinated by every corrupt Individual that stands to dismantle the Constitution and the Freedoms (which few exist) Of Family America”! “BIG MONEY” cannot silence
    “FACTS” that this is/was the “MOST DISGRACEFUL” “Tyrannical Act” ever organized by “CONGRESS” as the executioners of a duly elected President of the United States”! The only difference between the JFK removal is that “Live rounds were used on JFK” and “Paper Bullets were used on President Trump” and “still continue to want to RUIN HIS LIFE”! “I Pray that GOD STRIKE YOU DEMONS DOWN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Quote Me” for this statement is Protected by “THEMIS”!

  2. Why didn’t Senators Hawley and Cruz (as well as many Representatives in the House) object when the clerk and VP Pence said there was only one set of electors’ certified in Arizona, Pennsylvania, etc. when at least five state legislatures sent two? They had spines and guts up to that point. Why did they lose them after that?

  3. IF Republicans don’t grow some spines and guts, and push back aggressively against the dems and their lame stream media bed partners, it will be time for a new party. Perhaps the “America First” party. We need more Jim Jordans and Ted Cruz’s and fewer Romneys and McCains!!

  4. Disgraceful conspiracy of states and judges on election fraud.
    Media is deprived of Trump’s tweets without which they are tongue tied and have nothing to report.
    NBC this morning had to quickly return to regular programming at a loss for words.
    Also glad Twiiter stock is down. Karma!

  5. R Phillipson can’t see the forest for the trees and is blinded probably can’t read , doesn’t care about other half of Americans . Democrats are hypocrites ,don’t care either . America will fail under current leadership ,unclear how to stop this , certainly not spineless politicians!

  6. R Phillipson needs to drill a hole in his head and let the sap run out. He is a refugee from the former Soviet Union, disciple of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, and wishes to bring the same here. They don’t get any dumber.

    • The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming. Basement Biden who didn’t campaign and has dementia admitted himself on TV that his campaign put together the most comprehensive fraudulent campaign in history. His entire family are criminals.

    • The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming. Basement Biden who didn’t campaign and has dementia. He admitted himself on TV that his campaign put together the most comprehensive fraudulent campaign in history. His entire family are criminals.

  7. Election officials, recounts, State and Federal Judges (Republican and Democrat) have all declared and shown these claims to be nonsense. Yet you continue to spread these lies. You lose, you accept you’ve lost, and you set about planning to win next time, you don’t whine and lie about the result.

    • Wow! Group of people that have absolutely no idea how to evaluate evidence!
      “Wisconsin’s illegal allowance for large number of residents to evade voter ID laws”
      Duh! Hello? Anyone alive in there? Ever hear that maybe a pandemic was going on and that maybe voter ID laws were discriminatory to begin with?

    • Are you really this pitiful R Philipson? My guess is you got a trophy for waking up everyday as a child. Probably got told everyday just how truly special you and your ideas are. Let me tell you a little something bud. You and people like you are either brainwashed or so fucking stupid you actually present a danger. You are a danger to my freedoms and through your beliefs, ultimately a threat to my very life. The same people you and your idols on the left praise as great leaders, killed millions of their own people. The idiots you choose to lead you are ushering you down a path you are too blinded by ideology to see. I hope you wake up bud.

  8. Will every future election be subject to fraud?
    Or are we going to launch a major national over-haul and standardization?
    The confidence required for a democratic republic to continue is critical!
    Everyone should support clean and lawful voter registrations.
    Everyone should support legal & limited mail-in ballots.

    • The answer is YES ! UNLESS we go after the steal, and it goes as it is now we can expect all successful elections to go to the Democratic Communists. What we have experienced as of date, is sedition plain and simple. They’re pointing fingers at the protests, knowing full well that the Antifa soldiers they’ve hired had infiltrated the protest. The Trump protesters were met with armed resistance from Hired guns from the Democratic Party. The Air Forse Vet was unarmed, yet shot by a plainclothes person that they claimed was a policeman. Just like the Voter fraud, how can they call the fraud unsubstantiated, if they didn’t look?

  9. I left the democrat party halfway through Obama’s reign of deceit and now it looks as though I no longer have a place in the complicit spineless Republican Party because both parties have conspired with the MSM. Where to go now? Could a new relevant party be formed to get this country back to the Constitutional Republic that it once was?

  10. I wish that republicans in congress would have voted to send the election of president to the states and let them do their job, that is what the Constitution says they were to do.

    • Correct….the Congress should have sent the electoral college votes back to the states and let them certify again after finishing their investigations. Everyone was complicit and defaulted like the spineless pukes that they are.


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