Exposed: How Much Money National Arm Of Black Lives Matter Has Spent On Travel, Consultants

(Liberty Bell) – If you’ve ever wondered how much money is behind Black Lives Matter, the well-organized activist movement that the left is currently falling all over themselves to virtue signal their support for, well, now is your chance to find out.

The national arm of Black Lives Matter has reportedly spent millions on consultants, travel, and compensation for members of its own staff between the periods of July 2017 and 2019, according to financial statements prepared by its fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents, and reported by The Daily Caller.

BLM Global Network spent $899,000 on travel, $1.6 million on consulting and $2.1 million on personnel costs during its 2017, 2018 and 2019 fiscal years, the financial statements show, together comprising 83.3% of its total spending during the three year period. BLM Global Network granted $328,000 to outside organizations, which include local BLM chapters, during that same time frame, a figure that represents about 6% of its total spending.

“The numbers you have for the prior years do not reflect, for example, the in kind support for chapters and fundraising directed to chapters and programmatic assistance to chapters, that would not show up as direct grants on the audited financials,” BLM Global Network Managing Director Kailee Scales told the DCNF on Tuesday. “That work was carried out by employees and consultants to BLM.”

But Scales did not answer when asked how much of its spending during that timeframe reflected the in-kind assistance she says BLM Global Network gave to its local BLM chapters versus the development of the various art projects the organization advertises as program areas on its website.

Additionally, Scales said her organization is not responsible for preparing the financial statements, noting that they were prepared by Thousand Currents, a California charity that has acted as a fiscal sponsor for BLM Global Network since 2016.

“The numbers you cite from the annual information return form [sic] our fiscal sponsor reflect IRS-required reporting categories that bear no relationship to how our programs have actually been run,” Scales said. “These are not numbers developed by BLM Global Network Foundation and we cannot speak to how they were calculated.”

Scales also said BLM Global Network has upped its grant-making activities substantially during its current fiscal year, granting “over $770,000” to outside organizations between the beginning of June 2019 and the end of April 2020. Financial statements for BLM’s current fiscal year are not yet available.

On June 11th, however, BLM Global Network announced that it was launching a $6.5 million fund to support its local chapters with grants of up to $500,000 following a flood of donations that came after the high-profile death of George Floyd.

And on Wednesday, BLM Global Network announced an additional $6 million grant to support black-led grassroots organizations.

According to the AP, the group told them that they’ve received more than 1.1 million donations since Floyd’s death. The average donation was $33.

The Daily Caller concludes:

A spokesperson for Thousand Currents, which was formerly called “IDEX,” confirmed in an email to the DCNF that it was approached by BLM Global Network in 2016 to create a fiscal sponsorship arrangement, which enables the activist group to use Thousand Currents’ charitable status to receive tax-deductible contributions.

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  1. If only education was a priority for black children with mothers and fathers in the home and the same for other races as well. To be raised with a sense of responsibility, the gift of Faith, and the premise that “if you don’t work you don’t eat” and that things are not just handed to you might prevent some of this from happening

  2. Why don’t they use that money for education and better there cities instead of wasting money. Why because they don’t give a damn about helping themselves.

    • That is absolutely correct. Black Lives Matter is in fact Communist Lies Matter. Let’s face it. This is a Coup, a violent attempt to overthrow our government no different from the 1917 Bolshevik Russian Revolution. It is all orchestrated and heavily financed by the United Nations and domestic traitors of God, Constitution and country.

  3. Looks like the police killing a black man is good for BLM business! If BLM really wanted to help black people they would go into poor neighborhoods and tear down run down homes and build new ones that would give some pride to the people that live in poor run down neighborhoods. Ask the black people in Baltimore if they wouldn’t like a new house. BLM instead of lining your pockets sped the donated money on rebuilding communities, rebuild the burnt down buildings in the neighborhoods that BLM burnt down and vandalized! Remember the black woman crying because she no longer had a grocery store to shop at because BLM burnt and looted her local store, HELP HER!!!!

    • Jeff, I am old enough to tell you that this had been tried using Gov. money and most entitled people/ area most often destroyed property if didn’t earn it, you will not appreciate it

  4. FTM = Follow the money! The trail will indubitably lead back to George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, and quite possibly the Clintons! Imagine that!

    • Another delusional republicunt conspiracy theorist, I see. There is no “Soros”, and Obama and Clinton have been out of office for years.

  5. BLM is nothing more than a group of organized thugs who are intent in aiding the communist its democrats achieve their goal of turning this country into another Somalia, something that they can completely control! Our marxist indoctrinating education has helped out a lot too! All these you dumb white clowns who think Biden will create a utopia need to go to Miami and ask Cubans why they would risk their lives getting from the utopia there to the US! I doubt that our schools teach anything about the Berlin Wall, and how East Germany was such a wonderful place that guards would kill you for trying to leave!

  6. Well here’s a novel idea 💡…BLM business and economic recovery initiative: how about taking a large portion of those donations and make them available to all the minority owned businesses (throughout the country) destroyed by rioters and looters in the black communities.
    Oh wait that would be something Constructive NOT Destructive…BLM can’t have that now can they! Dispicable, deplorable.

  7. Maybe if they actually cared about BLM instead of only caring about how much MONEY than they get. Power hungry HYPOCRITES is all they are.

  8. It sounds like BLM is an evil corporation. I thought ALL dummycrats hate evil corporations. But at least now everyone knows BLM can be sued for damages since we all now know BLM can afford to pay for the damage.


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