Explosive Project Veritas Video Reveals How Radical GA Senate Hopeful Warnock Really Feels About The Police

(Liberty Bell) – If the two Republican Senators running in the state’s run-off elections Tuesday fail to win, it will mean America will be heading in a very bad and very dangerous direction.

As if we needed anymore evidence of this, Project Veritas has shared undercover videos of Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock’s staff admitting that Warnock is all about defunding the police, though he says publicly he is not.

Warnock is a Marxist and is aligned with the radical leftist agenda. If we thought the left was out of control over the last four years with a Republican President and Republican Congress for two of those years, just wait until the Dems control both chambers.

“Police officers are not all good, you know what I’m saying? Most of them are bad, WE know that,” Raphael Warnock’s campaign staffer Sasha Williams can be heard saying during one of the undercover videos.

In another video, a different campaign staffer admits that Warnock avoids using the phrase “defunding the police” so that he won’t be attacked by Republicans but that his goal really is to defund the police.

“He avoids using defunding the police…in reality his whole platform is along the lines of the same people saying defund the police,” the staffer says.

On Warnock’s campaign website, it says he supports criminal justice reform because he thinks there are too many people in prison.

Instead of saying outright that Reverend Warnock wants to defund the police, the site dances around the issue using fancy wording to make his intentions seem a lot more benevolent than they truly are.

It says he is in favor of “responsibly” funding the police while “reimagining the relationship between police departments and the communities that they serve.” That’s really just a done-up way of saying, defund the police.

The site goes on to talk about “accountability” and building trust through investing resources into police training and into “building genuine bonds of community rather than sowing the seeds of distrust.”

Clearly, Warnock does not have a positive view of the police and one of the top targets of any diligent Marxist is always law enforcement. Well, that is, the police for the poor.

Loeffler has slammed Warnock for wanting to defund the police though he has denied this accusation every time it’s come up.

The scary part is that Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said that the Democrats are going to “take Georgia” and then “change America.”

That is truly frightening sentiment and with the left’s affinity for defunding the police, it really has to make us wonder what kind of changes they intend to make should they take the Senate.

The scariest part of the entire ordeal is that, as of right now, can we even trust the election process in Georgia?

What happens if both Republican candidates lose? Do Georgians really want to flip the state blue? We find that highly unlikely, especially with all that is at stake here.

Featured image credit: facebook.com/reverendwarnock

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  1. Hmm, a highly underwhelming video from our good friends at Project Veritas.
    Yes, “Defund the Police” has always been a highly problematic slogan because it suggests leaving communities helpless against crime. Actually, it means taking the model that’s currently used for suburbs and applying it to urban areas. Use multiple institutions to address multiple problems rather than trying to use police for everything.
    The really funny part here though, is that Project Veritas is using the exact same thing that the Georgia Secretary of State just used the other day. They recorded their opponent! Funny how that’s seen as okay in one case but not in another!

  2. It’s early morning, January 6, 2021 and the Georgia election nightmare scenario appears to be reality. God help us all.


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