Excited Liberals Claim That Teens On TikTok Sabatogued Trump’s Campaign Numbers. There’s Only One Problem. Well, Several…

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday morning, the left celebrated what they believed to be the great victory of teens on TikTok who managed to claim Trump rally tickets by the thousands, resulting in the rally appearing to be poorly attended.

While there was indeed a TikTok campaign to do just this, the truth is, it’s unlikely to have had the results they believe it did.

Red State explains:

So let’s start out with the fact that while the arena wasn’t completely full, it was still a big crowd, about 3/4 full during a pandemic, with people waiting days to get inside and millions watching on Youtube. If you listened to liberal media, you’d think it was empty. Joe Biden has trouble even filling a room and has to have “private speeches” so no one can talk about the lack of enthusiasm for him.

But some were boasting they had a hand it the turnout being lower.

Their claim actually reveals more than they realize.

First of all, leftists unwittingly just admitted they’re perfectly happy to cheat and try to interfere with the election to try to beat Trump.

Not news to anyone on the right, of course, but rather humorous that they let their excitement get the best of them and failed to realize they’d just shown their hand.

Red State notes that this “just reveals how empty they feel their own candidate, Joe Biden, is. They’re not even embarrassed about trying to cheat, in fact, they think they’re clever. They also coordinated using Tik Tok, a Chinese service, so literally trying to interfere with Chinese assistance. It’s especially ridiculous that you have a sitting Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), cheering on their actions.”

However, there’s also something quite technically wrong with their claim, that doesn’t take much brainpower to realize.

Any quick perusal of last week’s news would establish quite easily that Trump supporters were lining up for days to get a chance to sit in that arena.

The tickets were first-come, first-served, so regardless of how many tickets were claimed, they would have just let these zealous supporters in if they were there.

Clearly, leftists didn’t realize that this is how the system works.

They put all this energy into using teens on a Chinese-owned network to try to somehow rig the president’s rally attendance…and it would never have even worked.

However, MSNBC seems to have stumbled across another reason why the rally appeared to have been poorly attended.

Red State explains:

Notice how the reporter is trying to jack up the expectation for violence as they have for days in advance of the event. He even claims there are armed folks in Hawaiian shirts there, implying there are “boogaloo boys,” an extremist group. But when the camera pans, there is no such thing.

The real test might be in venues down the road when we are more clear of the pandemic and hopefully they are able to keep the BLM and other leftists from blocking the area.

But this really just shows how desperate they are and what a lack of enthusiasm for Biden there is.

Ain’t that the truth…


  1. Having this many show up when many are now unemployed due to state Covid policies is amazing. Biden struggles to fill a high school gym and Trump nearly filled a stadium during a “pandemic” and violent riots. It really is elder abuse on behalf of the DNC to push Biden into continuing but so much of what the Dems claim to fight against is exactly what they do if they think it brings them an advantage. This is evidently no different.

  2. If dems can cheat and try to be disruptive doing this … why should we think that won’t tamper with election ballots using paper ballots. I say, if it’s not important enough for you to do to a polling place to vote .. then don’t vote. If you can get out there and protest BLM and riot and loot then you democrats aren’t that worried about Covid. Get off you asses and go to a polling place.

    • Corruption was defeated last election.
      Virtual landslide of living, breathing, citizen voters at polling places not automated to change all votes.
      Could lightening strike twice?
      Lessons learned from the last corruption failure will not be lost. The gauntlet will get tighter.
      Hopefully, more old-time Dems that are Americans will turn on the progressive-Communist Party and save the Republic.
      The lock-steppers are a lost cause.

  3. And it just confirms that probably many who wanted to go couldn’t get tickets and that could be the reason that it wasn’t completely full!

  4. Am always surprised by the amount of hatred leveled against George Sonos – There are many more billionaires (like The President himself) that support Republicans than support Democrats.
    Why such hate?

  5. What’s really funny the radical, liberal left has no idea whats going on. Trump now controls the Fed rather than the Fed controlling the US. Our Republic was changed by Lincoln from a republic to a corporation and Trump is in the process of reinstating the original congress seats while have remained unfilled ever since the corporation took over. Once the original Republic is restored we will once again be a nation run by the people instead of the corporations

    • Thank you for saying that. I know people from high school days whom are constantly putting negative meme and photos with negative comments about Trump but stuff that has nothing to do with his good agendas. I’d love to see something so great and historical come to materialize due to this President, something that can’t be denied unless your IQ is double digit.


  7. Those who are playing these tricks on Mr. Trump and on the American people, better watch out–most of those doing the dirty work had your pictures taken-and when they appear in court–it will not be the local court–It will be a Federal Court in Indiana or some other state that does federal court actions–From what I hear–all those who did the bad items –had their pictures taken–and their driver’s license will tell them who they are–and the people here by way of a visa–the same and those not there willl have their pictures seen around the world. If you are a member of the commie-socialist party–you will get yours–and it could be some hard labor in Cuba-or South America By the way that could include media people.

  8. I know first hand how the MSM lies. I attended a Trump rally where the capacity was 12,000. We waited for several hours to get in then we were we told they were at capacity.
    I looked back at the length of the remaining line it was at least half (5,000) as long as the line that had gotten in . I went home to watch the rally on TV and was not surprised when it was reported that Trump could not fill all the seats. they showed the nosebleed seats which are usually vacated to get closer by standing. They NEVER showed the crowd standing outside watching on the Jumbotrons outside the venue. The MSM tells you a story NOT THE story. Don’t be fooled.

  9. Those Marxist bastards have indeed tipped their hand! As a result, the 2020 elections will be the most scrutinized and supervised (as well as the most important) elections in the nation’s history! No vote-by-mail! No voter ID, no ballot! #Trump-Pence 2020 #MAGA #KAG

  10. The arena was less than 60% filled and they canceled the outside speech because hardly anyone showed even though no tickets were required. Trump has lost a ton of credibility over encouraging fans to congregate during the Pandemic. Many of them know someone who has become ill or died because of it.

    • So your blaming trump for the virus not China and not the governors who put people with the virus in nursing homes so I guess it’s trumps fault that these scumbags are destroying statues of history the democrats are the ones losing credibility for promoting communism 😤

    • Keep drinkin’ that DemoRat Koolaid, Bob!! The only ones losing crdibility are the DemoRats and the Liberals, and all of their Marxist buddies!! It wasn’t about Covid, either – it was about fake manipulation of the crowds by shutting down entrances, barring entry to the overflow area, and many other evil tricks by the Left. But don’t let the fact that over 11 MILLION people watched on their phones, computers & TV’s stop your childish “joy” of thwarting our President’s rally plans!!

    • No Imbecile They Canceled the Outside Events, because of The BLM & ANTIFA A-Holes causing Trouble! The Arena was at 3/4 Capacity as Counted by the Metal Detectors, so You Need to Shut the Hell Up and Suck Up the Fact that Democrats SUCK!!!

    • Even if the arena was less than 60% full, Trump’s smallest crowd was still larger than Hillary’s largest crowd. She was lucky to fill an arena to 6%. And for the last 3 months uncle Joe has only been able to get 3 people (counting himself) in his room. I think you miss spelled your name, Boob.

  11. The people who purchased tickets and with the acknowledgement and intention to keep other supporters from attending is a crime in itself. That is called election interference. If I were Trump or NRC I’d sue each individual for the cost of those tickets they intentionally stole. The campaign rallies are not free. It costs big money to rent an arena, sanitize, provide security, ect. Those were lost fundraising dollars. What about the people that missed out on the opportunity who really wanted to see their President live? They needed a morale boost. Those criminals stole that opportunity from
    them to share in the AMERICAN experience. My grandmother held the position as a Democratic Chair for Bullitt County, KY for decades until she passed away. She always kept everything on point, followed the rules exactly and was respect to every candidate. My grandmother was what I’d like to define as “classy, elegant, responsible and respectful.” She would have been ashamed of the Democratic Party today. I believe she would not have supported the current events because she was a law abiding citizen. What has happened to our morals and values as a society? What has happened to ethics and lack of boundaries? What has happened to an intellectual debate instead of force, dirty tricks, cheating and violence? If these people who are committing crimes want socialism so badly, I believe they should go live in socialist country for a minimum of one year. Then they will see why there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants trying to escape their socialist or communist countries to gain access to capitalism USA. If you work hard you can achieve the American Dream. It’s getting harder and harder to do it, but under Trump, I personally know two immigrant families that have gained legal citizenship and have worked for decades and have just purchased their first home. All during the coronavirus. So hats off to our President, for making our economy strong enough for allowing law abiding citizens to work to obtain the American Dream.

    • Juliana, How articulate you are and how blessed you are to have had such a wonderful grandmother. All of the people I know are afraid to put a Trump Pence sign in their yards because of the young rabid spoiled kids from surrounding neighborhoods. These kids now have nothing to do all day long since the schools and most sports are closed down. They have joined riots to destroy even minority owned businesses in our city. Their parents just want to get them out of the house. The people I know have decided to again be just part of the “silent majority” which elected President Trump in 2016.

  12. Pretty sure Soros is p1ssed off knowing how much $$$$ he has sunk into these leftist morons and they just can’t get the job done.. keystone cops!! America has woken up and we’re not gonna be led around by the nose like good little comrades…
    Why won’t those Americans just do what I want them to do???!

    F You Soros – we’re taking our country back.


  13. InterferIng in the election is a Crime and the Stupid Bartender AOC was laughing because she is a weak without brain sold to Soros for dirty money like she is a Dirty Rat who laughs later laughs better and win

  14. The Left has indeed tipped their hand: They will do ANYTHING, lie, cheat, etc to defeat Trump. Why are we not surprised?

  15. BLM, Antifa, and whoever are mentally deficient and become a good reference for those still on the fence on who to support! It isn’t Biden! Trump is perfect for us and our nation!

  16. Interfering in the election process is a crime IT was not a small crowd. There were thousands there. Biden can only wish for a crowd that size. Sitting in the basement means he doesn’t have to try to get a crowd or answer reporters questions. He will have to debate tho. He refused to have 4 debates after 3 were planned. Trump wanted 4.


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