Ex-FBI Operative: How Obama And Others “Turned Their Back On Our Country”

(Liberty Bell) – While the Democratic sycophants in the mainstream media have done a formidable job distracting the American public from this fact, the Obama administration was plagued with scandal and corruption.

They made crooked deals with our enemies and sought to gain famously themselves through these deals.

And, when it came time for Obama to leave the White House and the party to install someone in his place who had the most to gain from making sure the incoming administration didn’t, you know, figure all this out, Hillary Clinton was more than willing to make it happen.

In fact, it was her lifelong dream.

But Trump wasn’t supposed to win. That wasn’t part of the plan at all. They’d have to take him down.

They never showed any loyalty to our nation, but only their own self-interest.

Former FBI operative William Douglas Campell says that the Obama administration “turned their back on our country” in their dealings with Russia, which make every single accusation the left has ever hurled at Trump look like child’s play.

Speaking with reporter John Solomon on his podcast Tuesday, Campbell explained that during his time undercover he became privy to Russia’s ambitions to make the U.S. dependent on their uranium.

This concerned him when he watched the Obama administration carry out deals with a Russian nuclear firm that seemed to be carrying out sinister activities.

“They were extorting, they were money laundering and they were violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while the United States government was allowing them to go ahead and sign large United States energy contracts for delivery of Russian uranium into the United States to large utility entities,” Campbell explained.

The former operative was a key figure in the recently-released book, “Fallout: Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies, and the Washington Lies that enriched the Clinton and Biden Dynasties.” He said that figures including President Obama, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein all “turned their back on our country because they believed … that Secretary Clinton would be elected.”

He also noted that the Russians were quite proud of their ability to influence us and that our own nation was weak.

“The Russians bragged about the influence, they bragged about the Clinton influence, they bragged about the weakness of this country, they bragged about the weakness of our president and referred to him twice with racial epithets, which were very troubling to me,” he said, noting that there was a meeting in the fall of 2010 with key Russian figures nearby the capital.

Just the News notes:

Campbell worked undercover for nearly seven years helping the FBI build a case that executives tied to Russia’s Rosatom nuclear firm were engaged in wrongdoing. His work helped secure at least four convictions of players in the scheme.

He later emerged as a witness of interest to congressional committees investigating why the Obama administration provided billions of dollars in nuclear fuel contracts and U.S uranium assets to Rosatom between 2009 and 2014 when officials were warned the company’s executives were engaged in malfeasance.


  1. So, when will any of this make the nightly news…even FOX doesn’t seem to “see” this story! Where is Katherine Herridge when we need her. Turn her loose on this story and along with info that John Solomon has and will continue to gather she WILL show the people the truth. Will it lead to any more indictments…who knows. Like to see Hillary Clinton get her comeuppance!!!

    • You must not watch Lou Dobbs Tonight, The Evening Edit, Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, or The Ingraham Angle . . . The Russia ‘collusion’ narratives, in many facets (that include Hitlery, Obama and all their demon-followers) has been aired each and every time something pops up; including all of John Soloman’s reporting. Katherine Herridge left FOX for a desk at CBS, who have shown their leftist-leanings in full-bloom since before Trump was elected. I thought she was an excellent reporter, and was dismayed she went to CBS.


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