Ever Wondered If Antifa Thugs Are Above Attacking Families? Well, Here’s Your Answer

(Liberty Bell) – Sunday morning saw a troubling slew of news stories that Trump supporters had been attacked at the Washington, D.C. “Million MAGA March” when Antifa and Black Lives Matter decided to show up.

Well, it gets worse than simple attacks on individuals.

A young family with children—one of whom was in a stroller—were reportedly attacked by one of these ruthless, completely amoral mobs.

Much of the footage of attacks on Trump supporters came from the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura, who posted videos to his Twitter page.

In the attack on the young family, thankfully, the police quickly intervened, but not before the poor children were so terrified they were screaming in fear.

A biracial couple and their children appear to have been walking through a gaggle of Black Lives Matter supporters after leaving the completely peaceful and law-abiding pro-Trump march.

The man, who was white, and one of the children’s daughters was walking ahead of the black mother, who was pushing their son in a stroller with another daughter in tow.

The poor girl had her ears covered to block out the hysterical screams and bullhorn din that the shameless thugs aimed at them.

The mother, who had her own bullhorn, was trying to shout down the Black Lives Matter activists for harassing her family.

Then, one of the thugs walked up behind them and attempted to steal the pro-Trump mother’s bullhorn.

The man, who had a Don’t Tread on Me flag on a pole, was able to protect the mother of his children as they attempted to continue to walk away from the mob.

At this point, the BLM woman hurled herself at the man, screaming hysterically.

He used his flag pole to try to fend her off, but to no avail. So when he pushed the flag pole a little harder, to more forcefully keep the woman at bay, a man got involved and also tried to charge at the father.

At this point, the flag-wielding man was forced to whack his male assailant on the head as his terrified daughter hid behind him.

The two of them fell down and hit a barrier in the road.

At this point, police intervened. It’s chilling to think what would have happened with father and daughter on the ground had law enforcement not been present.

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  1. It is past the time to no longer accept the actions of Antifa and BLM. In my community they are not welcome for any type of gathering. Even with their so called obtained permit to gather. It is past time to say no to these modern day Brown Shirts Nazis.

  2. Antifa and BLM will have to be EXTERMINATED for the allegedly “human” VERMIN they are! There is no middle ground with them, no compromise, all or nothing at all! What happened to peaceful coexistence? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Peaceful coexistence only counts in international politics, never at the individual level. It seems that we can get along better with foreigners than we can with so-called fellow Americans! Is that because we don’t HAVE to live with the foreigners! That being said, familiarity breeds contempt!

  3. Stop the communist! Don’t let them destroying this country! I grow up under the communist dictatorship and know very well what happened!

  4. I do agree that is was a poor decision to bring children to this MAGA rally. I think it would have been on the back of everyone’s mind that BLM/antifa would probably be there exhibiting bad behavior (all they ever do) and trying to terrorize the crowds.I would not have brought children just to be on the safe and not put them in danger. It is ashamed we have to have this communist filth in our country. I hold out hope that Trump will stay president and take out the garbage.

  5. The joke is that the name “Antifa” or anti-fascist is the exact opposite of what Antifa stands for, and does!

    They are, in fact, Very Fascist, by attacking people what don’t agree with them! Nothing can be more Fascist than that!!!

    Antifa is nothing but a Big Lie! They are the ones, along with Black Lives Matter, trying to take down Our Country!!! They must be taken down!

  6. As usual theBLM/ Antifa thugs started harassing this family and then wined because they were”Hit on the head with a stick!” These thugs are nothing but criminals and Socialists bent on destroying our country. They are the RACIST!!!

  7. Thank You Barak Obama. This is your legacy! In modern times, none of these things happened. Thanks to your Communist parents and grandparents (verifiable) and 20 year indoctrination in reverend wright’s church, you got elected by lying about everything in two terms. Did I mention George Soros’ money for everything anti american?


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