Even While Battling COVID, Trump Makes Time For Supporters. Where’s Sleepy Joe?

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday, President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance in his presidential motorcade outside Walter Reade Medical Center, where he has been receiving treatment for the coronavirus.

Hundreds of supporters have been rallying outside the hospital, cheering, chanting, and praying for POTUS’ swift recovery.

We also learned on Sunday that Trump had in fact suffered rather concerning symptoms on Thursday evening, when he was first admitted, but that the doctors appear to have gotten him through the woods already with a regiment of experimental drugs to treat the virus.

Nonetheless, he’s been hard at work through the whole ordeal, taking full advantage of the office suite in the military medical facility.

He teased the surprise appearance on Twitter first:

Then he did a quick drive-by, waving and giving thumbs up to his loyal supporters.

Of course, the left was triggered to tears:

Even while Trump is battling coronavirus, he has more energy than Joe Biden!


  1. Sleepy Stinkfinger Joe knows if he gets the Chinese Virus his decrepit old ass is dead. He already has one foot in the grave if not two.


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