Even Netanyahu’s Political Rival Is Putting Distance Between Himself And The Lincoln Project — Might Cancel Contract!

(Liberty Bell) – It seems that the scandal currently rocking the extremely anti-Trump Lincoln Project is about to smack those involved with the group in the eye once again, as the political rival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now putting some big distance between himself and the group after hiring four of its members to help advise him in his campaign against Netanyahu.

According to a new report from BizPacReview, just last month Gideon Sa’ar, the current challenger of Netanyahu for the position of prime minister, hired Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens, Rick Wilson, and Reed Galen, but is currently having some serious second thoughts about using their services after all the allegations that have come out against group co-founder John Weaver.

Weaver (pictured at top) is in hot water after it came out that he had been sexually harassing young men, a few of them minors, allegations that the rest of the group likely knew about but did nothing to stop or address.

A spokesperson for Sa’ar seemed to engage in political spin and double-talk concerning the contractual status of the “Never Bibi” group of individuals that had been hired to help the campaign.

“We have never worked with the Lincoln Project. The party engaged four senior consultants who were connected with the project. The individual in question is not known to us, we have never had any contact with him and certainly have not worked with him. In any event, due to financial considerations, the contract with the consultants is under review, and in the coming days, we will examine the possibility of further cooperation,” the spokesman stated.

Sa’ar himself has insisted that he never had plans to use Lincoln Project-style “nasty” attack advertisements against Netanyahu that would have been in a similar vein to the negative ads the group produced against Trump and pro-Trump Republicans in the 2020 election.

The man then went on to disavow Weaver saying, “We didn’t work with him and don’t know him. We are not responsible for him. Right now we’re not working with them. It is strange to transfer this to us across continents.”

In December of last year, Sa’ar left Netanyahu’s Likud Party and formed the New Hope, one of several different groups on the political right in Israel. However, it seems that hiring the Lincoln Project might have backfired against Sa’ar for a number of reasons, chief among them the supreme popularity of Trump in Israel.

An insider that is not a big fan of New Hope “noted that Sa’ar has been falling in the polls consistently since he hired them.”

“Israel goes to the polls on March 23, 2021 to elect a new parliament; it’s fourth election in two years. Israel is the only functioning multicultural democracy in the Middle East. It is a messy one, however, because no one political party dominates, for better or worse, thus requiring complex negotiations with multiple small parties with different agendas to form a government under the country’s parliamentary system,” BPR’s report says.

How much more do people need to see to understand that the Lincoln Project is complete and total poison? Seems pretty obvious at this point.

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