Even Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Children Aren’t Safe From The Media Attacks

(Liberty Bell) – We all remember how the left treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing.

It was sick and disgusting. The left sought to ruin this man’s life all because he was nominated to the court.

He’d gone his whole career enjoying bipartisan support for his judgeship and by all accounts was a very reasonable judge.

Yet, because he was Trump’s second nominee, the Democrats launched a shameful, full-on assault that history will not remember fondly.

That is, unless the left’s attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who by all accounts will be Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, overshadows the shame that was their assault on Kavanaugh.

So far, even Coney Barrett’s adopted children are not safe from the left-wing media vitriol.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats began smearing Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Friday night before President Donald Trump even nominated her to become the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, which he is expected to do on Saturday afternoon.

Dana Houle, a Democrat activist who was once a chief of staff on Capitol Hill to a Democrat lawmaker, tweeted Friday night that he hopes Barrett is investigated over the children she and her husband adopted from Haiti. “I would love to know which adoption agency Amy Coney Barrett & her husband used to adopt the two children they brought here from Haiti,” Houle wrote.

“So here’s a Q: Does the press even investigate details of Barrett’s adoptions from Haiti?” Houle wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Some adoptions from Haiti were legit. Many were sketchy as hell. And if the press learned they were unethical & maybe illegal adoptions, would they report it? Or not bc it involves her children.”

In a third follow-up tweet, Houle added: “Would it matter if her kids were scooped up by ultra-religious Americans, or Americans weren’t scrupulous intermediaries & the kids were taken when there was family in Haiti? I dunno. I think it does, but maybe it doesn’t, or shouldn’t.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Houle is a former campaign manager to several top Democrats like former Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) and current Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT). He also was Hodes’ chief of staff in Congress. On his website, Houle describes himself as an effective Democrat operative who has taken out sitting Republicans.

He describes his career as follows:

In Michigan I worked in organized labor, as a policy analyst in the legislature, and managed campaigns from state representative up to statewide office. Despite my love for Detroit, in 2005 I moved to Washington DC to do national politics. I’ve managed two winning campaigns against incumbent Republican Congressmen in New England, served as a chief of staff on Capitol Hill and managed races in Minnesota, Kansas and Louisiana. I’ve also been blogging about politics at various places since 2003.

His tweets did not escape the notice of top Senate Republicans, who slammed Houle’s sick smears of Barrett and her family.

Houle appeared to try to walk back his smears of Barrett’s adopted children, admitting he probably shouldn’t have said such things.

He apparently wasn’t above just turning around and bashing Barrett and her family all over again in later tweets, however.


  1. I wonder if this low life attacking Haiti adoptions has even ever helped there, worked there? The age of the children suggest they were adopted around the time of the major earthquake that destroyed Haiti; children and babies died, parents died, disease was everywhere. We tried to help a little girl of 6 with cataracts..in children if not immediate surgery..they go blind. We could not find help in time..she went blind..her mother became mentally ill..she and the young girl disappeared. I doubt the little girl is alive. So dont makes stupid comments on Haiti and adoption..OR GO THERE! See the situation..Oh and Houle..did you know your Democrats made MONEY from AID projects? Or Clinton ripped off the population too. YOU are awful, Mr. Houle.

  2. The democratic controlled news media doesn’t give a RAT’S REAR END to the damage they do to children or someone’s reputation. The children were adopted to give them something that may never have had in an earthquake devastated Haiti. What difference does the adoption agency make if the adoption was done in a legal and ethical.
    Many of the news personal are so screwed up mentally, they couldn’t hold a legitimate job.
    There are two jobs I would not have:
    (1) a politician, I can’t look someone in the eye and lie to them
    (2) a news media person, they are almost as bad as a politician

  3. I don’t think Haiti has a law that FORBIDS their kids to be adopted out to FOREIGN countries like IRELAND has and “who” BROKE the Irish’s Adoption Law = chief justice roberts….We/America should really concentrate on the FELONY roberts has committed…!!!

  4. The American people are real tired of the Democrats and their lies. Many Democrats are converting to the Republican Party without any difficulty!

  5. I hope that G-d holds this sinner accountable for attacking adoption. I guess the Democrats are still in charge of the plantation mentality. Would he even make this comment if a Democrat adopted a wite child only a black child matters? Where is BLM in supporting the adoption of black, brown, Asian white children?
    Anyone who adopts a child and tries to make their life better should be commended. Guess that says a lot about Democrats attitude of what happens to Black children. Use then to sling mud, BUT don’t consider them as people !
    Terence Jesmore
    GYSGT USMC Retired

  6. There is no lower scum on earth today than today’s POS DUMMYRAT’S. They all need to be Aborted, quite possibly 100,000,000 of them. But maybe just maybe after the first 50,000,000 or so are Aborted the rest might realize how useless they are and some will kill themselves and some will deport themselves and 1 or 2 may even realize they are POS and try to change.

  7. all ways a scam all ways another likely lie anything to try and put on undo pressure i believe in our current commander and chief , and mentally attracts like i continue to honer the fine choices this commander and chief has made compared to other commanders and there fake baboons in high heals and there acts of attempted sabatage ,i continue to honer our new adopties as well as long as every one is living harmoniously


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