Epidemiologist Slams Lockdowns…This Is Sure To Ruffle Some Feathers

(Liberty Bell) – While many of the proponents of widespread lockdown measures cite the “experts” when it comes to keeping the economy at a standstill for the sake of preventing the spread of a virus with a 99% survival rate, some of the “experts” disagree.

An epidemiologist known for challenging the global response to the coronavirus pandemic has declared that the lockdowns are based on bad science and that countries could, in fact, “open up again and forget the whole thing” if they so desired.

Knut Wittkowski has joined a growing group of scientists, epidemiology experts, statisticians, and other intellectuals who claim that far-reaching lockdown measures are doing far more harm than good.

The argument for the last three months has been that widespread lockdown, stay-at-home orders, and “social distancing” mandates are vital to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system and millions of deaths due to the virus.

However, Wittkowski argued in an interview with Spiked this week, these steps “most likely made the situation worse.”

“Firstly, we have the direct consequences: suicides, domestic violence and other social consequences leading to death,” Wittkowski said of the lockdowns. “And then we have people who are too scared to go to the hospitals for other problems like strokes or heart attacks. So people stay away from hospitals because of the Covid fear. And then they die.”

The doctor explained that the primary fear of most governments have not come to pass.

“Germany had 8,000 deaths in a population of 85 million,” he said. “They had 20,000 to 30,000 hospitalisations. In Germany, that is nothing. It does not even show up as a blip in the hospital statistics.”

In the hard-hit New York City, he claims, “hospital utilisation was only up a bit,” and emergency field hospitals like the Javits Center never filled more than a third of its beds.

He asserted that a more reasonable strategy would have involved allowing the virus to run its course, building up the immunity of the general public while protecting the elderly and the vulnerable from the pandemic.

“[S]hutting down schools, driving the economy against the wall — there was no reason for it,” Wittkowski said. “The only reason that this nonsense now goes on and on, and people are inventing things like this ‘second wave,’ which is going to force us to change society and never live again, is that the politicians are afraid of admitting an error.”

Wittkowski, who was head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at the Rockefeller University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science for twenty years, went as far as to claim that people should not even bother with social distancing, although in this particular interview he did not provide evidence for why it might be unnecessary.

“People need to ask the government for an explanation,” he said. “It is the government that has to justify what it is doing.”


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