Epic: Texas Salon Owner Absolutely Annihilates Nancy Pelosi Over Visit To Salon During Coronavirus Lockdowns

(Liberty Bell) – Leftist politicians have made it clear over the years that they believe they are elites who know what’s best for us, and that we are nothing more than dolts who should do what they tell us to do.

Granted, they don’t really come out and say that plainly, because, well, that wouldn’t go over too well with Americans who like to at least pretend they have some sort of autonomous control over their lives. However, their actions definitely speak louder than words.

Take for example, the recent security footage that revealed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited a hair salon during the coronavirus lockdowns. Pelosi knew that going to this establishment would be a violation of the restrictions for all citizens of California, but she opted to ignore them believing herself somehow to be above the rest of us. Obedience for her is not required, though it is for you and me.

A salon owner from Texas called Pelosi out for this and stated clearly that politicians today think “they are better than us.”

Via Breitbart:

Dallas, TX salon owner Shelley Luther, now a candidate for a state senate seat, was fined and jailed for re-opening her salon during the coronavirus lockdown, despite a court order requiring her to close down her business. Luther, on Thursday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” joined those critical of Pelosi, saying politicians these days think “they are better than us and they can do whatever they want.”

“This doesn’t surprise me at all. I mean, this is what we’ve come to expect from politicians these days — thinking they are better than us and they can do whatever they want,” Luther advised.

Luther, who said she defied the court order earlier this year to provide for her family, said Pelosi’s claim she was “set up” is “disgusting” and “a joke.”

“That’s a joke, and for anyone that believes that, they’ve got to be kidding themselves,” she declared. “And what frustrates me even more is everyone in her party backing her or not saying anything, and that’s what’s wrong with politics these days. They all back each other, no one comes forward and says, ‘You know what, she shouldn’t have done that. … It’s embarrassing.’ Or maybe apologize, but to put this salon owner on the spot and say it was her fault is disgusting.”

Luther went on to say Pelosi “should have taken a personal responsibility” to wear a mask if she is “the one keeping people from working.”

This is the kind of elitist mentality that conservatives have been trying to warn the vast majority of American citizens about for a very long time. We recognize that when people get power, they often times end up diving into corruption. Power is a big temptation to withstand. Many abuse it to get what they truly desire, even if it hurts other people.

Pelosi is demonstrating this mentality here. She’s been busted abusing her authority and now she’s trying to make excuses for it, like saying she’s been “set up.” Set up or not, she still did what she wasn’t supposed to do.

If Democrats really want to help people, they have to stop behaving as if they are better than the rest of us.

Video: Salon owner joins Tucker, pushes back on Pelosi’s claim she was ‘set-up’

Source: breitbart.com/clips/2020/09/03/tx-salon-owner-on-pelosi-politicians-these-days-think-they-are-better-than-us/


  1. Open the country! I too am elderly with low immune system and I can take care of myself. Stop the madness by ruining so many lives and businesses!

  2. I think the other half of the voting public is finally getting the pure corruption of the elitists in the democrat party! Yes we need the country opened now!

  3. Nancy is just like every liberal BLM and antifa member who gets on video burning and looting a store of sneakers and tv’s, they set me up stealing merchandise! She is an embarrassment and should be ashamed that she now has caused death threats to the salon owner and she will be closing her shop in SF. So Nancy now has to find a new salon to go and ruin their business! Every salon in America should boycott Nancy from getting her hair done. She than can fly to her favorite country China and get her hair done.

  4. Democrats elite pledges in thought, word and deed: “Lockdowns are for thee but not for me”

    The Cancel Culture: “The first amendment is for me but not for thee” .

  5. Of course Pelosi thinks herself above the American people . These politicians are a disgrace to America and a disservice to the American people . She’s been obstructing the President in everything . She’s for abortion, open borders, benefits for illegals, the BLM to her it’s just “ peaceful people” “ and “ people will do their thing” type of attitude- she’s also the main obstruction helping the American people with the stimulus because of her own personal agenda of giving money to entity’s that don’t need the money like for example the millions the Kennedy Center received and now the USPS . Maybe she’s getting money from these same places she adamantly want money allocated to. She’s a corrupted old woman and many more like her are nothing but traitors to our country . Also she claims she was set up ? Okay if she was not that corrupted and follow the rules and accepted her own personal responsibility she should have said no in the set up or better yet they should never had made that appointment at all . Bottom line Nancy don’t deserved and don’t deserve to be in her position – she should had been voted out decades ago .

  6. She thinks she is better than anyone else and her party plays to her whims. One will lie and the others will swear to it. Just being an “Elite” politician. I am very glad someone had the guts to show the American people the true side of her. She has gotten away with a lot of things that are just wrong. Wants open borders, defunding police, says riots are “peaceful” demondtrations, holds up money for the American people because of her wish list. Well as far as I’m concerned she can take her wish list and roll it up and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. Quit politicising help for the people who need it now. I’m glad she got caught….

  7. Comment? Yes!! Everyone has suspended commenting because we might just offer another viewpoint. Thank you 🙏 for making me feel like I’m still in the USA. Pelosi is an embarrassment to any party. It’s apparent Biden isn’t listening to her anymore either. Who’s he matching too now??

  8. O wow ! We can leave a comment? Yahoo has cowardly suspended commenting. Anyway, Orwell said it best: “Some animals are more equal than others!” Pelosi is the #1 pig (and if you think I am being nasty, read the book…”Animal Farm”)

  9. Wouldn’t be hard to annihilate Pelosi. One hit with a sledge hammer and her face would shatter like glass. That’s what happens when a person doesn’t use any rebar the add strength to the cement.

  10. Open up the whole country and let the Leftist Governors make the choice to do likewise or look like the bastards they are by refusing to open up everything. Trump needs to issue an Executive Order to open up everything…restaurants, schools, salons, all businesses. Then, we shall see who are the mice and who are the men.
    As for us elderly and those with health issues, we can continue taking precautionary measures, but we don’t want to sacrifice our US of A that everyone wants to migrate to and become citizens, ride the gravy train. Fauci is a Dem and he is part of the problem.
    Our kids are depressed and need to return to school to continue developing into strong adults. The unions don’t want schools to open….more Lefties! The teachers want to return, so do the kids and their parents. Enough already.

    • Well said Jackie – I agree with you 100% . It’s time to open our country . I am to an older American with immune issues and take lots of precautions for my health . Our health is our own personal responsibility not others neither the government . Democrats want to steal the elections and will do anything to sunk our nation not caring about the entire country but their own agendas of socialism.


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