Enough Is Enough: What Rioters Did To Elderly Woman In Portland Suburb Is Totally Appalling

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the riots, looting, and destruction of major cities began with the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa thugs following the death of George Floyd, the mainstream media has been desperate to create a narrative of these events being part of “peaceful protests.”

Or worse, they’ve actually attempted to justify the actions being taken by these people by saying idiotic things like “who says protests have to be peaceful?” Well, for starters, the law of the land known as the Constitution says so. Not to mention just basic human decency.

However, we’ve been allowed a chance lately to see what kind of people really make up these “protests” and they are interested in anything but peace.

Rioters recently attempted to burn a police precinct in a Portland suburb to the ground and assault law enforcement officers along the way. Well, those same “peaceful” individuals showed back up in this neck of the woods, this time throwing paint on an elderly woman.

Because that’s the kind of people these protesters really are.

Check out the details via The Daily Wire:

Once again, the Portland Police Department was forced to declare a supposed protest an “unlawful assembly” after assessing that the intent of the rioters was “to vandalize or attempt to burn down the precinct.”

The Portland Police Department tweeted out a photo of the elderly woman whom the rioters doused with paint and noted in a subsequent tweet that they incorrectly stated that she was the woman using a walker, when in fact it was another elderly woman who was present.

Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling took videos of the incident that showed the rioters aggressively confronting the two women and showed the woman covered in paint.

Woman with BLM sign on walker is trying to stop Portland protester hitting wooden barricades on east precinct.

Journalist Andy Ngo further highlighted the hostile actions towards the two women, writing, “An older woman tried to stop #antifa rioters from continuing their attack on the Portland Police east precinct tonight. She stood in the front and they dumped some white liquid all over her & curse her out.”

Ngo added, “Antifa militant stops an elderly woman from putting out a fire they started at the Portland Police east precinct.”

The video showed the rioter touching the elderly woman as she tried to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher.

How do people not believe that Antifa is a terrorist group? They are using violence and aggression as a means of forcing their political will down on the people of this country. Isn’t that precisely what a terrorist does? They are burning cities, assaulting old people, and wrecking whole communities, all while Democratic leadership in places like Portland stand around and do nothing, terrified of being labeled racist.

They care more about their political careers and futures than they do the well-being of individuals in the community they are supposed to serve.

The incidents follows the rioters attacking the same police precinct the night before and attempting to light it on fire before law enforcement officials forced them out of the area.

“Several people in the group began to ram a large 2 by 4 piece of wood in to the front glass doors in an effort to shatter them,” the Portland Police Department said in a statement. “Other members of the group slammed different heavy large objects into the glass doors as well. The objects included large rocks.”

“By 9:50 p.m., those who had been destructing the East Precinct glass doors successfully cracked them, causing significant damage,” the department continued. “Since serious ongoing criminal behavior continued, a riot was declared at 9:56 p.m. At 10 p.m., the front doors of East Precinct were barricaded and a fire was started using plywood and an accelerant.”

When officers moved to disperse the rioters, they “were hit with projectiles and commercial grade fireworks,” the department said. “Because of life safety issues created by members in the group, CS gas and crowd control munitions were used. While dispersing efforts continued, a truck associated with the group attempted to run over several officers.”

The police officers were also attacked by rioters who threw large rocks at them.

Enough is truly enough.

This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Individuals like this shouldn’t be getting away with acts of violence and clearly defined assaults. It’s time to send in federal resources to help put an end to these protests and reestablish law and order. The left has given us no choice at this point.

Source: dailywire.com/news/rioters-storm-portland-suburb-throw-paint-on-elderly-woman-harass-another-using-walker


  1. Ant-if-a is nothing more than the devil’s acolytes.
    They have no morals, no empathy for others, no soul.
    They are the spoiled woke white kids who wouldn’t give up what they demand of others.
    It doesn’t matter what they do to their surroundings, and other people’s property. They are willing to live in filth to keep their sin.

  2. The coward and selfish jail wardens emptyed their jails using COVIT as the excuse and those former inmates lead the destruction and violence everywhere. And the 80 year old Pelosi is delighted by the civil unrest she helped create by insisting on high payouts to maintain high unemployment so jobless people can participate in the “peaceful” protests and destructive civil disobedience. She’s a criminal with blood on her hands!


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