Eight Brazen Lies From Biden, Democrats, And China That Twitter Did Not Fact-Check

(Liberty Bell) – For the first time, Twitter added a “fact-check” to a tweet from President Donald Trump about concerns that POTUS shares with many about the risk of fraud with mail-in voting.

It almost goes without saying, however, that they have not applied this standard to Trump’s prospective Democrat rival in the upcoming 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden, nor a host of other political opponents to the president who are apparently allowed to freely deceive the masses using their platform.

Also, as Breitbart notes:

Unlike Facebook, which gives itself plausible deniability for fact-checking bias by relying on “third party fact checkers” (almost all left-leaning) to pick and choose what to fact-check and what to ignore, Twitter made the decision to fact-check Trump’s tweet itself, linking to an official “moment” curated by Twitter employees and containing numerous articles from the mainstream media calling the president a liar.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Twitter said there was no way for the President even to appeal the dubious “fact-check.”

Meanwhile, as the outlet goes on to detail, Twitter has let falsehoods slide from Democrats, Biden, and legacy media that has been freely circulating on the network without any fact-checking.

1. NOT FACT-CHECKED: Media outlets falsely claim that Trump went golfing on Memorial Day

Several members of legacy media claimed that President Trump was out golfing on the Memorial Day holiday.

It’s not hard to scrutinize this claim. As Breitbart explains, “Trump was indeed golfing this weekend, but on Memorial Day itself, he attended a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary [sic] with Vice President Pence. Twitter nonetheless allowed this claim to go viral without any fact-checking labels applied to it, on the same day it fact-checked a perfectly valid concern from the President about voting fraud.”

2. NOT FACT-CHECKED: Biden and other Democrats claim they called for shutdowns a week before POTUS

Biden regularly claims to be in the right about the coronavirus, and has falsely claimed that he called for a shutdown one week before President Trump did.

This is entirely baseless.

“There is no evidence that he made any statement of the sort — on the contrary, he is on record vocally opposing Trump’s early travel ban on China. His claim of an early call for lockdown, which took place during his now-infamous interview on The Breakfast Club, (2:34) has not been fact checked by Twitter,” Breitbart explains.

3. NOT FACT-CHECKED: China claimed the coronavirus was created by members of the US military

For some insane reason, the American media seems to frequently take claims pushed by the Chinese Communist Party to heart, or simply ignore the audacity of their claims outright.

Breitbart explains that, “In March, Chinese government spokesman Lijian Zhao tweeted that ‘it might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan.’ Beijing propagandists have also spread the false narrative, highlighted by U.S. lawmakers in a March letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, that China did everything possible to control the global spread of the virus — even though the communist government initially tried to cover up reports of the burgeoning outbreak in Wuhan, where the virus emerged.”

Even when presented with the opportunity to address Chinese misinformation, Twitter publicly declined to do so.

“In March, Twitter announced it would not take action against Chinese misinformation posted to the platform by official government accounts, such as those shown below. China has doubled the number of official accounts tweeting since January, and they have tweeted 90,000 times since April. Luckily for the communist country, China doesn’t face the same scrutiny on the platform as President Trump,” Breitbart notes.

This is sheer insanity at best.

4. NOT-FACT CHECKED: Biden claims that Trump has “no comprehensive plan” to address the coronavirus or fix the economy

I mean…really? On the very same day that Twitter fact-checked Trump, Biden claimed that the man he believes he can beat in a general has “no comprehensive plan” for the virus and the economy.

It almost makes one feel dumber to even have to point out that this is false. The White House has released a step-by-step plan to reopen the country, which includes guidelines for how states can determine when and how businesses should reopen.

5. NOT FACT-CHECKED: Biden claims he wants records of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations to be released

While Biden is feigning transparency in the accusations made against him by former staffer Tara Reade, he himself is blocking the release of his Senate records.

The mainstream media has been more than happy to support this narrative…and Twitter has happily ignored this false claim.

6. NOT FACT-CHECKED: Media claims Trump was warned about the virus in November

In April, ABC ran a poorly-supported story that the National Center for Medical Intelligence, which is an arm of the Pentagon, had briefed the White House on the coronavirus. The NCMI, which does not typically comment publicly on intelligence matters, was forced to refute this dubious claim in a rare statement.

Nonetheless, viral tweets containing the article are still up on Twitter as of Breitbart’s writing on Wednesday.

7. NOT FACT-CHECKED: Kamala Harris claims that 100,000 coronavirus deaths “didn’t have to happen”

While such a hypothetical would be impossible to prove or disprove either way, Breitbart explains, this figure “is at the low end of what CDC officials predicted in March. Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that if the U.S. took no action, deaths could have spiked to the millions. A low estimate, in the view of Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, was between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths, meaning that Harris’ claim that the deaths ‘didn’t have to happen’ are in reference to the lowest fatality rate estimated by CDC officials.”

8. WHO claims “no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus”

Speaking of deaths that didn’t have to happen, in January, the World Health Organization parroted the claim made by Chinese investigators in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, that it could not be transmitted human-to-human.

“The claim, repeated in a tweet from the official WHO account, was that there was ‘no clear evidence’ of human-to-human transmission of the virus. The claim, now obviously proven false, remains without any on Twitter without any ‘fact check’ label from the platform,” Breitbart notes.

This is hardly the end of it, of course. Twitter has long been allowing false claims to thrive on the network while feigning concern about halting the spread of “misinformation.”

It’s not exactly news at this point, but President Donald Trump is held to a completely different standard when it comes to legacy media and big tech alike.


  1. These VERMIN twits are NOT your friends folks, I have done very well without the twit, utube, google, facebook etc. for years now, it’s NOT hard!

  2. This is why I stopped using Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don’t give Big Tech the ability to track you, sell you stuff and while their at it force Democrap liberal. leftist agenda. America deserves so much better – Trump!

  3. This is all predictable, the left will do anything to destroy President Trump; even if it means destroying the economy and our Constitutional Republic! We are in a War right now and I pray the “ good” guys win🦇

  4. President Trump is signing an executive order today that will push them as a publisher for their continuous censorship of conservative views. Then the lawsuits mount and if they are smart as platforms, they will cease the censorship immediately and let the billboard run its content. That’s what we were led to believe and that is what we as freedom of speech Americans expect. If it’s different, we’ll then they need to be shut down because it’s obvious they are anti-American and pro-CCP/ Soros. While he is at it, he should challenge the ability of superPACs to line their pockets with foreign influence. We have to stop the CCP from taking over America. It has to happen now before they obliterate all we hold dear.

    • Their legal teams are paid by everyday shareholders just like big Corporations not out of the compensation of the directors

    • Trump is the demon in bed with Russia and Putin and corporations Kathleen. You have to educate yourself. Twitter is sick of seeing Trump lying and insulting and using violent language on Twitter nearly every post.

  5. My biggest question about the “PLATFORMS” like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even Google and Apple for that matter is that they say they are equal access “PLATFORMS” and claim all the rights and protections as such….
    A government shield that keeps them safe from lawsuits they would be hit with by thousands of American citizens (not even counting the foreign ones) who would flock to the courts with liable suits worth billions of dollars….
    Hell, the cost of defending themselves in court alone, win, lose or draw would cost them 10’s of millions of dollars just in attorneys fees, so their status as a platform as opposed to a “PUBLISHER” is the cornerstone their business models depend on….
    One of the key differences that defines what you are is whether you act as a public billboard, just providing the space for any and all to comment, without passing judgment on anyone’s positions or beliefs and therefore not responsible for them either…..
    Then you’re a “PLATFORM” protected as such by law.
    But if you claim the right of censorship over who gets to use the public billboard you created or what they can say or the political beliefs they may talk about, then you have crossed over to the definition of a “PUBLISHER” and with the power of CENSORSHIP comes the liabilities of being RESPONSIBLE for every word that passes through your business on it’s way to the public…..
    So if someone posts something incorrect or just outright lies about someone “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE” for that content, and may be taken to court and held liable….
    I remember years ago before cable when TV Stations went off the air every night they would all tell us who they were, and who owned them and then in that mission statement somewhere would be the phrase “We are the “Brand XXX broadcasting company and are totally responsible for our content.” then they would play our National Anthem, then show the test bars and then end transmission until about 6am at which point come start the new day with the “Stock Report” (The local price of beef and corn) and the news that happened between the time they shut down (usually about 2am) and their start-up at 6am. But the funny thing is that the more and more time they spent on the “Air” the less and less responsibility they took for their content they fed us over that air.
    Air they lease from US “We the People” through our government❓ YES…..
    But it still belongs to “We the People” and WE allow OUR government to manage it for US…..
    These tech companies and those in the government keep forgetting about that part of the deal….
    If Twitter and Facebook and YouTube want the right of censorship what I say❓
    Then they MUST take the RESPONSIBLY of a “Publisher” and give back the protection they have been afforded as a “Platform”, pick your lane.
    It’s your choice to make, but it’s one or the other, NOT BOTH❗‼❗

    • Very good explanation of the difference between a platform and a publisher. Thanks for the info.

  6. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and blah-blah-blah are ALL on the payrolls of the likes of Beijing or George Soros, and more than likely on BOTH! Either SHUT THEM ALL DOWN or else HIT THEM WHERE THEY LIVE (in the pocket book)! Cattle may come and cattle may go, but the BULLSHIT rolls on FOREVER!

  7. This country is headed down a dangerous path, one that is all too similar to communist Russia, and Nazi Germany! The American people are being “re-educated,” and they need to start start thinking the “right” way! If the American people are not smart enough to see through all of the BS that they are being fed, and they are dumb enough to elect that pathetic Joe Biden, as president, this country will become one that I don’t even want to live in anymore!

    • They start at ripe age of kindergarten. The teacher union is ripe with the democrat liberal trolls pushing their twisted agenda.

  8. Facebook is just as bad! They are all run by liberals that are trying to control our free speech ( or lack of) and just push their liberal agenda!

  9. Nearly every thing here can be proven wrong by actual video footage available in the internet. When Biden called for shut down 28 Mar when Trump called for shutdown 30 March. Now anyone with 2 brain cells which work together can see that this is just apolitical add with nothing to prove any of in facts of evidence.
    With Trump supporters anything that can say anything that hurts Trump is a lie, when the actual facts prove differently.

  10. OBAMAGATE IS REAL! With the exception of few media outlets – the EVIL DEMS OWN THE MEDIA! Wake up Americian – start doing your own fact-checking! Get yourself educated – as if your life depends on it, cuz it just might! This is not simply “no one is above the law” quote – it is PURE EVIL! This has been, and remains horrible news for your country! The good news is: YOU CAN NOT HIDE FROM GOD! He knows all things and He knows what’s in your heart! Whether on earth or in HELL – YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your evil acts! God Bless President Trump, VP Mike Pence, AG Bill Barr, General Michael Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell, Judicial Watch Tom Fitton, Just the News John Solomon, and many, many, many others who right for our freedom and justice every single day! TRUTH DOES MATTER!

    • I don’t know why people are so in with all these social media forum. All they do is track you and sell your info. For them your their commodity to make money from and then trash.


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