Editor-In-Chief Of Conservative Site Daily Caller Just Revealed Experience With Google Suppression; Here’s What He Had To Say

(Liberty Bell) – One of the big revelations that has come out over the last several weeks is the true extent of Big Tech’s suppression of the conservative point of view, as they have removed Breitbart News from their search results, and have stuffed other right-leaning news sources down deep in the results page in order to prevent folks from being able to find information from a different perspective than the progressive one they openly support.

Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll recently came out and stated that his company has experienced the suppression carried out by Google firsthand. Folks, this is an absolutely dangerous game that Google is playing. They are actively attempting to destroy the conservative message by keeping people from seeing the other side of the story. All of this is part of a concerted effort to oust Trump from office, whether by voting him out in the 2020 election or through impeachment.

Something has to be done about this. Perhaps it’s time to consider an Internet Bill of Rights?

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll has said that the conservative news website has experienced Google search suppression similar to that reported by Breitbart News yesterday. Based on Google’s defense that it manually blacklists “violent extremism,” Ingersoll pointed out: “We are not ISIS.”

“Specifically we struggled with search slowly dwindling until May 4 exactly. We broke down the analytics. The May 4 flat line is clearly the result of the human hand in the process,” said Ingersoll in a series of tweets.

Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai was grilled about Google’s search bias at the antitrust committee earlier today, with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) pressing the CEO to explain leaks revealing that the Daily Caller and other sites were added to search blacklists.

Pichai responded by saying that sites were sometimes added to manual blacklists, to comply with law enforcement and tackle election interference and “violent extremism.”

A lot of folks will ask what the big deal is since Google is a private company not owned by the government, therefore, their suppression of information is not a violation of the Constitution. However, Google is a huge part of the dissemination of information as part of the public square of the modern day, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Google is a search engine people rely on for information, and therefore, that makes them a critical component in publishing material. They have an obligation to provide both sides of the story so people can decide for themselves which side of an issue they stand on.

“In order to comply with the law in every country we operate in, for example there might be an actor or a website identified as ‘interfering in elections’, and we then have to put that site on a list so that [it] doesn’t appear in our search results… other examples would be violent extremism…”

Pichai neither confirmed nor denied that the Daily Caller and other conservative news sites added to Google blacklists are considered by Google to fall under these categories.

“The idea that we ended up on some blacklist because of some compliance partnership with law enforcement to stop extremism or election interference is just absurd. We have accredited personnel all over Washington, DC. We are not ISIS.” said Ingersoll.

The Daily Caller editor revealed that like Breitbart News, the Gateway Pundit, and other conservative websites, Google searches for the headlines of original articles frequently failed to return results from the site.

“There were even instances in which we broke national news, and would not show up in the first page of search results for that particular topic,” said Ingersoll. “In fact not in the second, third, fourth or fifth. Meanwhile, outlets that aggregated or syndicated our work did.”

Freedom of speech is a foundational pillar for our nation and the very idea of liberty. If we do not uphold that principle, which allows individuals to express thoughts and ideas in an exchange of free flowing debate, we cannot truly make progress forward. It’s critical we fight against the efforts of Big Tech to silence our voices.

Source: breitbart.com/tech/2020/07/30/daily-caller-experienced-google-suppression-says-editor-in-chief/


  1. It should be no surprise these large communication companies – along with most other media outlets – are biased in favor of the Progressive’s agenda. They’re located in Silly-CON Valley for God sakes. They wield way too much influence in what people see/hear/read and in-so-doing THINK. Support by donations and votes politicians who will fight for we conservatives.

  2. Our politicians need to investigate the big tech companies for infractions of freedom of speech, which are evident every day


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