Dr. Fauci Pours Cold Water On The Latest Hysterical Claim From The Left About Trump’s Coronavirus Response

(Liberty Bell) – Over the weekend, President Donald Trump held his first official campaign rally to kickoff the 2020 campaign season.

Of course, it was quite late for him to do so, but the whole nation has been on virtual lockdown since March, in no small part thanks to the quick response his administration had to the threat of the novel coronavirus.

In the course of many typically Trumpian quips and jokes, the president commented that our nation’s coronavirus testing numbers, and subsequent cases, were so high, that he’d asked his people to slow the testing down so the number of confirmed cases wouldn’t be so high.

Anyone who was watching could easily guess he was joking, but because this is the era of virulent, anti-Trump media coverage, naturally, the MSM pounced.

Now, the fact that coronavirus cases increase as testing increases is something worth pondering, as well. The more confirmed cases without corresponding increased deaths from the virus, the lower our national death rate becomes.

The United State’s coronavirus testing programs are the best and most impressive in the world, and this is thanks to the Trump administration’s efforts.

He’s got some of the best minds in the country working to defeat this crisis.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, however controversial, is one of these minds. And while many of the decisions he’s made and the direction he’s given to the White House has attracted quite a lot of criticism, this time around, he’s setting the record straight about Trump’s comments in Tulsa.

WUSA 9 reports:

American infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says neither he nor any members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force have been asked to slow down testing.

The question arose after U.S. President Donald Trump said at a weekend political rally in Oklahoma that he’d asked his aides to slow down testing because it was turning up too many positive cases.

White House officials insisted the president had been joking. Trump said Tuesday that he wasn’t kidding when he said it.

Other top health officials also told the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday that nobody has asked them to slow down testing.

“We will be doing more testing,” Fauci told a House committee.

The U.S. has tested more than 27 million people, with about 2.3 million – or 8.4% — testing positive.


  1. Testing for Covid-19 is a complete WASTE OF AMERICAN DOLLARS! Testing is only 49% of the time correct!? This means that testing is a complete JOKE and used only for the purpose of controlling the people. If I can’t trust the testing, how can I possibly trust the immunization?

    • The majority of those testing positive never get sick. Are the test results valid or is all of this a big hoax?

  2. What also needs to be considered when seeing these numbers is to only people being tested are people that have been exposed or think they have or had the covid virus. They would not test me only because I wanted to be tested.

  3. God can and does heal those who are his and ask.. unless it happens to be their time to go home. It is not for us to know the mind of God. And that being said it also does not negate the prayers of his children to be granted miracles. This virus was harvested/created in a China Lab and released on the people of China. Who knows if for the reason to eliminate some of the population? And spread to the rest of the world. The world needs to hold China accountable for the death and economic losses of the rest of the world!

  4. When the elections roll around in November, remember then the ever-extended shutdowns imposed by Democrat governors upon their States and by Democrat mayors upon their cities as a result of this semi-bogus novel corona virus! Then VOTE REPUBLICAN, the ONLY choice!

  5. I think the leftist media will just switch back and forth between Covid and riots to try to tear our beloved country apart from now until Nov. 3rd. And then after that who know what will happen. Probably only George Soros knows!
    He was a destroyer then, he is a destroyer now and he will be a destroyer later, as an evil communist.
    Shame on him and whoever get his dirty money to try to destroy America.

  6. If hospitals quit lying of the cause of death we wouldn’t have this problem. Interest are the stats reported on cdc. Compare the start and end of influenza vs covid. It’s an eye opener

  7. The tests have a 49% accuracy rate. My mother-in-law had the virus. After she had it she tested, positive, then she tested negative then again she was tested inconclusive. Then she was tested again as positive. That isn’t all. She had two more tests and those were negative. They are counting tests given to get the numbers up. Well my mother-in-law was tested 5 times and that is not including the tests given before she come down with the virus. On top of that she is 92 years old and in a nursing home and has been under quarantine since the beginning of March. She has not left her room since. She got the virus and had pneumonia and they didn’t think she would make it. She went to the hospital and they sent her back to the nursing home. The home decided to give her the chloroquine and Zpac. Within 5 hours she improved and within 3 days she was completely better.

  8. It’s far past time we returned to normal life. It’s obvious that some folks are using this for political reasons. So convenient to try and freighten people. Americans are better than that. Look at what this country has been thru and survived. It’s time to MAN-UP and move forward. There’s a country to make great again! TRUMP 2020!

  9. When all else fails, we must turn to God for help.🙏 He said he would restore us if we would turn to him for help. With out him, we are doomed to destruction!.✝️☹️

    May God Have Mercy on America!🇺🇸

  10. If we don’t let cases rise we will be years getting to significant herd immunity (~45% of the population with antibodies.) We can’t wait for all cases to be gone. Let’s face it, Bubonic Plague still happens in the world, and in the USA. If we waited to go back to work until all cases were eradicated we would be waiting since 1346, or about 700 years.
    Let’s deal with reality and get this over with.
    –Seongdeok (M.D.)


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