Doctor Puts Hysteria Over Coronavirus To Bed With This Explosive Statistic

(Liberty Bell) – When the world watched in horror as the initial coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China began to spread through the rest of the globe, it was unclear how nations should react.

There was good reason to believe that the Chinese Communist Party was being anything but forthcoming about the damage caused by this novel virus on the population of Wuhan.

We knew very little about the virus and how it spread and, in fact, this is exactly what China and the totallty complicit World Health Organization had kept from the global community.

Now that the virus has spread around the world and has been running through the US population for months, however, we know far, far more about this novel virus.

There was a time when being wary of an unknown disease was prudent.

But the fear has been weaponized politically for some time now, which makes it all the more important to examine the plethora of data we did not have before on the virus.

Dr. Dan Erickson, the owner of Accelerated Urgent Care, reminded the American people that “99.8 percent of people get through this with little to no progressive or significant disease.”

Erickson was speaking at Monday’s “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill, where he seriously undermined the predominant narrative on the increasing cases of coronavirus within the U.S., Breitbart reports.

“A case is a person, healthy, that tested positive. The vast majority. But the public hears cases and thinks, ‘Oh my goodness. These are sick people!’ No the vast majority — 99.8 percent of people get through this with little to no progressive or significant disease,” Erickson said.

We should not focus on the number of cases, he continued, but rather on the hospitalizations and deaths that “are appropriately coded on a death certificate,” he said, putting the emphasis on the words “appropriately coded.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen quarantining healthy,” he continued. “I don’t know if you guys think that’s normal. I find that very strange.”

Noting that it was good for our nation to be prepared for the worst, Erickson explained that we must be “realistic with the response.”

“Who showed up? Most of the patients that were showing up for me were very mild illness,” he said, explaining his own desire to “give reality to the situation on the ground and sort of help dispel some fear that people have had.”

He also had some interesting comments on mass lockdowns across the nation, which he described as “very successful”…in all the wrong ways.

He said:

Was the lockdown successful? I say yes very successful. Successful in things like this. Anxiety hotline calls up 1000 percent. Child abuse both sexual and non up. Financially, emotional distress, Suicide. Alcohol. 150,000 Americans a month not receiving cancer screening. It’s been effective alright, in all the wrong metrics — in all the areas we didn’t want it to be effective. Delay in medical care. We talked about that. Orthopedics, nonessential. Suicide calls up 600 percent. Suicide calls. We heard other doctors mention this. So was the lockdown effective? If that’s the effect you were going for, then yes but it was trying to flatten the curve but it had these secondary consequences that I think are devastating. People staying indoors. No exercising as you mentioned. No Vitamin D.

“I’m watching people in their Prius by themselves driving with a mask on. There’s no sense to it,” he added. “It’s fear.”


  1. Democrats hate the USA. It’s been obvious for decades, but further proof in the rioters who are destroying American cities and police are told to stand down and watch. The liberal governors and mayors in nearly every one of these major cities should be ashamed for not requesting federal agents to help. They’re a disgraceful lot and Republicans need to wake up and support President Trump who’s actually doing something to help these places that are badly in need of help. Open schools and life your life. America’s not under liberal rule yet; not communist. Masks are a controlling force of abject fear over a 99.5% survival rate. Vote for freedom!

  2. So what happened to supposedly healthy Actor Nick Cordero. Why did He have so many medical issues that weakened Him and why did He have to die?

  3. I know liberal heads explode upon recitation of fact, but here goes. Obama did not lift a finger with the H1-N1 flu until 1,000 Americans died and 20,000 were hospitalized. President Trump in January halted flights from China and started proactive steps against the coronavirus while democrats were in the midst of their sham impeachment. The likes of diBlasio, Schumer, Pilosi and other democrats ridiculed the President for his proactive stance and even went so far as to hit the streets inviting people to join them and party. Unfortunately for the left, their antics were memorialized for the world to see.

  4. Don’t forget it was the Obama administration that depleted the federal emergency stockpile of N95 masks, ventilators, gloves etc… during the H1N1 pandemic and did not restock even though he was advised to. He chose to spend the money elsewhere i.e. give sways.

  5. So, do you still really think the virus was accidently released? 🤔😲 Do you think China, Russia, Iran & No. Korea are sitting back rubbing their hands together as the 🇺🇸 self-destructs with Marksist anarchists leading the ignorant.

  6. I cannot agree more. The left wings wants Trump to succeed if combating the Covid virus & then allowed the rioters to loot & killed innocent people on the streets. Abandoned the police to be harm & killed by the rioters who are exercising their duties to enforce law. They feel demonize & lost courage to do their jobs. They silence the doctors who are the front liners to save lives using the hydroxychloroquine pills. They knew it will work but they rather embrace their political agenda. These group of doctors are graduate from Yale, UCLA, etc. but when they send their message to Twitter & got 18 millions tweets, they took their message off the website. Very very sad,

  7. We see stories about how long the virus can last on a stair railing or a doorknob, right? And that’s without any nourishment, supportive environment, or moderate temperature. Well if they can tell us that, then why can’t they tell us how long it will last on a protective face mask surface with breath, CO2, and everything a virus requires to survive and perhaps multiply? It’s the world’s most friendly environment.

  8. This doesn’t seem to address the facts of the people dying and those on ventilators for over a month or more. Many who get sick, say they have been to hell and back. I don;t think this doctor should make light of the situation.
    Obama acted fast on Ebola, etc. and it was contained fast. Not this time, with this President.

    • Obama waited OVER 6 months before he did the first thing. Please get your liberal head out of your a$$ and research before you spread more lies.

    • Who approved funding for this project?
      At the April 17 White House news conference, a reporter mischaracterized key details about the project, stating that “the NIH, under the Obama administration, in 2015 gave that lab $3.7 million in a grant” and asking Trump, “Why would the U.S. give a grant like that to China?”
      Trump continued that erroneous depiction, answering, “I understand it was a number of years ago, right?” Then he added, “2015? Who was president then, I wonder.”
      In fact, while the first grant for the project was indeed given in 2015 (for $3.25 million over five years, of which nearly $3.1 million was ultimately disbursed), the $3.7 million was approved last year as a five-year renewal.
      Also, only about 10% of the grant — about $76,000 per year — was slated for the Wuhan Institute. This was provided in recognition that the Wuhan lab was doing the bulk of the on-the-ground sample collection and analysis, says EcoHealth Alliance’s Daszak.
      Daszak adds that NIH approved the five-year renewal unusually quickly. “When you submit those grants, they get reviewed independently by scientists, and they’re assigned a score,” says Daszak. “We received a really extremely high priority for funding.”

    • Are you serious? Obama WAITED MONTHS!
      You cannot rewrite history with tis newshound.
      People died of the flu as well, and while this was nastier, the number speak for themselves. The massive falsification is beyond a doubt. The REAL effect of the Wuhan Virus is the number of deaths above and beyond the normal. 250,000 Americans or more die every single month. When you listen to the other deaths the doctor mentioned, you would have to be functionally illiterate not to see that what occurred because of a highly politicized CDC had grotesque side effects which is TOTALLY PREDICTABLE anytime government “experts” make the rules. They simply do not have the ability to weigh all factors which business and professional people have to do every single day to survive.

    • • FLASHBACK: The Obama-Biden Administration Scrapped WH Health ……
      Mar 23, 2020 · After Barack Obama became president in 2009, he eliminated the White House Health and Security Office, which worked on international health issues. But after grappling with the 2014 Ebola epidemic,…

      After Barack Obama became president in 2009, he eliminated the White House Health and Security Office, which worked on international health issues. But after grappling with the 2014 Ebola epidemic, Obama in 2016 established a Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense at the NSC. A directorate has its own staff, and it is headed by someone who generally reports to the national security adviser.
      In fact, there was no dedicated anti-pandemic unit at the NSC until one was created in the final months of the Obama-Biden administration–seven years after the H1N1 pandemic started, and two years after the Ebola epidemic. Barack Obama’s response to the H1N1 pandemic was slow, and plagued by vaccine shortages. His response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak was also plagued with problems–which apparently convinced him to re-open the office two years later.
      The National Security Council (NSC) is the President’s principal forum for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and cabinet officials.

  9. Was this ACTUALLY AN ACCIDENT??? This seems to me to be the CCP’S finger to the world not just the US. “See what we can do to you”!!! Are we avoiding call them out??? They have certainly disrupted the entire world haven’t they!!!

    • from what i read, was obama shut the lab down in NC and then Dr. F open lab in Wuhun which is a dumping ground for labs and 5G and history of labs. this one was build by the french, (?) and Dr. F got funding from Obama Adm in for continuing this research.
      it was a 5 yr payout plan and to be and was renewed. but trump then stopped it after this break out. from what i read, they were developing a Virus and needed to then use the bats as their experiments and then get a Vaccine to cure them…. which is odd . lke they were creating a virus which was consider dangerous via Obama ( not on my watch , go someplace else.) and then create a vaccine…now why.was it ..another way to destroy the world population and use this instead of Bombing…. whats you thoughts. ?

  10. Fear is exactly what the demons want. The ‘pandemic’ was proliferated as a weapon against Trump, and nothing more.
    While it may be true the original extent of the virus’ calamity exposure, or outcome, they never did it under Obama, or any other President in modern times. All past ‘pandemics’ were allowed to pass through the population with little or no concern, other than news casters warnings of potential outcomes.
    They promised 14 days, and it’s been more like 140.
    The tyrants got a taste of illicit power, and loath giving it up.
    The demons NEED the virus scare to assure their goals of locking down a demonrat election through mail-in voting (because it’s in your best interest! It’s the “safe” thing to do).


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