Do Americans Feel Like The Media Understands Them? Shocking Poll Reveals The Truth.

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media has had a stranglehold on our national narratives for too long.

The left is influenced by whatever whim the vast majority of like-minded legacy media outlets decide to perpetuate each news cycle, and the right has long abandoned any reliance on the corporate media complex to get their news.

Here’s the kicker though: it appears that the vast majority of Americans, regardless of ideological leanings, feels abandoned by the mainstream media complex.

What is supposed to be the “voice of the people” has turned into an elite group of pundits and journalists who sit in their ivory tower and tell us plebs what to think.

According to Newsmax, most Americans of all racial backgrounds and political persuasions say that news organizations just don’t understand “people like them.”

A Pew Research Center poll released on Thursday reveals that nearly 6 in 10 Americans say that news outlets don’t understand them.

Poll results show:

  • 59% of Americans say news organizations don’t understand people like them.
  • 37% of Americans say they feel understood by the media.
  • 34% of Americans say their political views are misunderstood by news organizations.
  • 30% of Americans say the media doesn’t understand their social or economic class.

Pew’s poll states that Black Americans are more likely to feel misunderstood by the media based on their “personal characteristics” at 34%, while white Americans say it is their political views that are the reason they are misunderstood at 39%.

Hispanic Americans are more likely to think that their personal interests are what is misunderstood most by the media at 26%, compared with 16% of Black and 17% of white adults.

There is also a political divide in how people feel the media understands them.

“Republicans who feel news organizations misunderstand them are far more likely to say their political views are most misunderstood, while Democrats are somewhat more likely to cite their social class, personal interests and personal characteristics,” the report says.

The poll was conducted among 10,300 Americans between February 18th and March 2nd.

The margin of error was plus or minus 1.5 percentage points.


  1. TRY reading The Hunger Games-It describes an America run by the Capitol, Hollywood and the media. It’s NOT a pretty picture but it’s where we are headed if we (the silent we)don’t stop acquiescing to the swamp, the stars and the fake news.

  2. People used too be happy to buy the News Paper, but now , they have become like the old “Comic Books”, you go there for a LAUGH, not the News ! They all have gone away from the news to push their own idea’s on the Public . They have become straight left mouthpieces and biased toward anything that is straight news!

  3. I am thoroughly disgusted with the “media.” They’ve managed to convince my friends and loved ones that Trump is dividing us when it’s them.

  4. Has the media and their allies ever given President Trump credit for anything he has done to improve people’s lives or apologized for all the times they got proven wrong with their “We got him this time” Noooooooo

  5. The MM moved sharply to the left in the sixties but didn’t entirely fall off the cliff. As the left in this country has moved further to the left a new vanguard of leftist have overtaken the MM and are pushing out the old “liberals” who are not deemed sufficiently woke. There now appears to be very little difference between Hollywood and the MM which now seem joined at the hip. Even worse, however, imo is that freedom of speech is now threatened more than ever. Our country is beginning to look like 1917 Russia. Expressing the “wrong” viewpoint at first got you criticized but you were allowed to apologize, later a forced reeducation (sensitivity training), then loss of your job, then the Gulag, and eventually, along with your family, shot and all history of your existence wiped out, a nonperson. Of course that could never happen here. Right? Right?

  6. The biggest problem I have is “WHO” is controlling all of this? Now almost every cable news network has the same story verbatim, newspapers the same thing! It’s all Wash. Post,USA America,Assoc. Press articles even in the local papers.

    • True. They all parrot one another using the exact same words and phrases simultaneously like a Greek chorus. Hmmm….maybe they are all bots connected to an all powerful mainframe. John Carpenter’s “They Live” is starting to look less and less like crazy (but fun) scifi.

  7. The media started lying during Vietnam along with the demorats at the same time took advantage of this. They have brainwashed our kids slandering the US in all our colleges. Then Watergate they became embolden because they made a president step down. Then Dan Rather lied to us every night on TV until he got caught during the Bush Administration. But they have felt their power and have been pursuing any Republican in office who doesn’t have a socialist agenda with slander and lawsuits. They are discussing bunch of people who are going to destroy our great nation and cause a civil war.

    • Yes!!! The media does not present news but panders their agenda and uses select events to further and reinforce their views and agenda.

  8. You people are either STUPID or DEAD. This media has never been with the intention of practicing Journalism. PERIOD.


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