Disturbing Assault Of A Trump Supporter As Dems Spin Out Of Control

(Liberty Bell) – The left has a serious rage problem. As we have seen over the past 4 years they are prone to toddler-like tantrums both in the streets and on social media platforms but their hatred for President Trump and conservatives doesn’t stop there.

When they’re in the real world, outside of their “safe” spaces and padded echo chambers, liberals seem to earnestly believe that a person holding an opposing or differing political or personal viewpoint constitutes as an act of aggression and violence against them. As if it weren’t bad enough that they think and feel that way, they also act on those feelings which oftentimes results in physical attacks against others.

We’ve seen these violent outbursts time and time again and Antifa and Black Lives Matters are a perfect illustration of the unconstrained hatred that fuels the left’s wrath. When they make outrageous demands and don’t get their way, they destroy.

They have filled their heads with Democrat propaganda for far too long and, sad to say, many of them are now too far gone. They truly believe only those on the left are permitted to free thought and demand everyone else’s compliance and conformation. The irony is, they don’t engage in free thought at all but rather are told exactly what to think and feel by Democrats and the media.

Democrats have managed to convince leftists that they are “right” in their political beliefs and inclinations despite the fact that there are millions of conservative Americans who disagree. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that they truly represent America and their progressive ideas and visions for the future of this country are “correct” and what Americans as a whole truly want.

Their mentality comes with a complete and utter disregard for literally anyone except themselves. While they parade around as the party of “love, acceptance, and inclusion” the truth is they are anything but. The left is driven by hatred and when Americans refuse to fall in line with their political agenda, they violently attack both in word and deed.

Once again, two unhinged anti-Trump leftist zealots have been accused of physically assaulting a pro-Trump American. The alleged attack against the Trump supporting woman who was in her car with her daughter, happened in Fall River, Massachusetts on Oct. 8th.

The victim claims the two female assailants pulled up to her vehicle and started verbally attacking her over the Trump flags she bravely hangs from it. When the victim rolled her window down to better hear the deranged leftists, they physically attacked her, punching her through her open window.

Fall River Police Lt. Jay Huard reported to Boston news station WHDH that the victim “tried to de-escalate the situation by telling the two females to get away from her car. She put her window down to communicate in a better fashion and at that point, she was punched through the open window.”

This isn’t the first time a deranged leftist has physically assaulted a Trump supporter in Fall River, which is probably unsurprising considering Massachusetts is a very blue state.

The first attack occurred back in June when Aiden Courtright, a 24-year-old crazed liberal man, attacked an 82-year-old Air Force veteran for holding up a Trump sign. Charles Chase, the elderly veteran victim who has actually fought for our right to free speech, did not provoke the attack at all.

Chase was literally doing nothing but holding a sign that showed support for the President of the United States and that was, apparently, all the justification Courtright needed to rip the sign from his hands and proceed to beat him, knocking him to the ground and kicking him in the ribs and legs.

The Boston Herald reported, “Police said the 82-year-old was standing at the rotary at North Main Street and Airport Road shortly after 5 p.m. when a man — later identified as Courtright — put his car into park and confronted the man.”

Chase recounted the attack saying, “The guy when he came at me, I have never seen a horror story that the face was so filled with hate and anger as his was. I was just frozen.”

The hate and rage within liberals is truly a frightening thing. These people are so filled with abhorrence and animosity towards conservatives for daring to think for themselves and have different opinions that they literally can’t even control their own behavior and resist committing physical assault against other humans. They’ve lost all ability to censor themselves or exercise any kind of restraint.

It’s even more detestable when their physical attacks are perpetrated against elderly victims which seems to be a shockingly common occurrence. Just this month an older, white-haired Trump supporter was attacked with a shovel in Pueblo, Colorado, by an enraged, masked man for committing the offense of waving an American flag and wearing a MAGA hat.

Last month a 26-year-old crazed leftist was arrested in Red Bluff, California for committing assault against a 77-year-old for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Elsewhere in California, last month, a 33-year-old man was arrested for attacking an entire group of Trump supporters in which he assaulted three women ages 55, 74, and 84.

So much for respect for the elderly. As a matter of fact, this entire generation of young 20-something liberals have no respect for anyone but themselves and those who cave to their demands, conform to their agenda, and surrender their American right to freedom of speech and thought.

They are vile and despicable bullies.

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  1. We can clearly see that “justice fort rump” has big social media balls, but he is s a democrat butt licker with no balls or brains. Grow up kid

  2. Trump’s white supremacists are the violent ones, biker gangs, alt right, militia groups, survivalists, Aryan Nation groups, Nazis, anarchist right wing bombers like Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh, many gun nuts, MAGA hatted mass murderers like Dylan Roof.

    • Wow! What a deluded, sad and demented little person you are. I think you are a paid Chinese bot trolling for lunch money.

    • Greasy Creasy is still hoping is master Trump wins and he might through his gift of thievery. The GOP is doing all kinds of acts to suppress the votes including putting up fake drop off boxes for ballot. Ben Sasse said what everyone who knows Trumps says.

  3. I have always wondered why the democrats are so violent. If a republican see’s something for witch they disagree, they do not violently attack that’s person or persons unless they have a very clear advantage. A young 25 years old democrat will attack a 75 year old person, but 75 year old democrat will not attack a 25 year old republican. Why is that?????

    • These thugs in their 20s are nothing but pyschopathic, self-centered cowards who think they own this country, well I got news for them, there are American people who are tougher than these kids and they won’t take their crap lying down! This is going to have to stop at some point!

    • These snowflakes have been indoctrinated by liberal teachers/professors across the country. When Trump wins November every Trump supporter needs to lookout for each other because these snowflakes are going to explode. Be Well Stay Safe God Bless America


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