Disgusting: Monica Lewinsky Issues Call To Followers To Send This To The White House

(Liberty Bell) – If you’ve ever wondered how Monica Lewinsky stays sane after being taken advantage of by the most powerful man in the world at just 21 years old, becoming the laughingstock of the country, and earning the guile of the most dangerous people on the planet, Hillary Clinton, well, now you have your answer.

She’s not sane at all.

Lewinsky, who famously had sexual relations with President Bill Clinton the Oval Office while serving as an intern, has offered her thoughts on the global coronavirus pandemic.

And they’re bat sh*it crazy.

Nearly literally.

This week, Lewinksy asked her 750,000 Twitter followers to mail their own feces to the White House.

As if this were ever even remotely appropriate or funny, encouraging people to mail their bodily excrement in the midst of a nationwide effort to control the spread of a virus seems particularly low.

“They’ve now decided they will test EVERYONE for the Covid-19 Virus. Please send a stool sample to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500,” she wrote.

As of Saturday morning, the post had 7K retweets and 43.5K likes.

As someone who probably shouldn’t make jokes about the White House, she was subsequently slammed on Twitter.

“Should we send it to the Oval Office oh wait you are the only one that gets samples there,” wrote one user.

“Not funny Monica. One family has lost 4 family members and your [sic] using this sick humor is not funny,” another reminded her.

“You know, I have always taken up for you, been on your side. But people who take joy in political jabs during this time of world wide crisis are despicable. I will never take up for you or have any sympathy for you ever again. I hope you realize you’ve lost at least 50% of USA,” wrote a third.

Since this is 2020, however, there were some hateful leftists who loved this sick move.

“You just made my day,” wrote one.

Meanwhile, The Daily Wire notes, “President Donald Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force remained hard at work, announcing additional actions on Friday as part of the ongoing, government-wide response to the global pandemic:”

  • To help American families and businesses, the Treasury Department announced that Tax Day will be moved from April 15 to July 15. No interest or penalties will be charged for filing during this extended window, but any American expecting refunds or credits may claim now to get their money sooner.
  • To minimize impact on our nation’s students, the Department of Education is temporarily waiving all interest on federally held student loans. Secretary Betsy DeVos has also directed federal lenders to allow borrowers to suspend their student loan payments without penalty for at least the next 60 days.
  • Early, decisive travel restrictions helped slow the spread of Coronavirus to our country. Today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States and Mexico have agreed to restrict non-essential travel across their border.
  • More help is on the way. The Trump Administration worked with Congress last week on a bipartisan deal to deliver economic relief and support for American families, which the President signed into law on Wednesday. More legislative action is expected soon.


  1. Shut your f—ing mouth up Monica. You suffer from lack of attention syndrome and that’s your problem. Nobody talks about you anymore – are you wondering why? Because you are not worth a piece of?? We don’t need to hear the shit that comes from your mouth. I think your plumbing system is messed up – shit comes form the a-s in normal people, not from the mouth like yours, and you definitely need a plumber to fix it. You may ask Bill for help, he knows all your details.

  2. Yet another waste of space. And breath. Even the ones she held in, with tadpoles. Bubba’s tadpoles. I’m pretty sure the best part of bubba was left on her 👗, I’m not sure where she left the best parts of herself but they certainly don’t travel with her

  3. Monica, my sweet pumpkin, why don’t you slide under my desk and do what you do best, SWALLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m actually not in any way angry at Monica Lewinsky, though I am and I will continue to be a REALLY big fan of President Trump. I think he is likely the hardest working, most indefatigable, quickest thinking and reacting, genius President to ever occupy the White house, with the possible exception of Abe Lincoln.

    But one person her said it best: the suffering and trauma that ML has gone through has most likely actually driven her off her rocker by a wide margin. If she were clinically examined she would very likely be declared to be insane. Her suggestion, whether made in seriousness or in jest, drive home the point. Her social antenna is way out of kilter.

    If we be truly Christian and we can hate the sin but love the sinner, why can’t we hate the wack but love the wacko?

  5. And who really believes what Lewdtwinkie says is even remotely worth contemplating. Way to sink below the Clinton standard.

  6. The fat, ugly, immoral whore still hasn’t learned her lesson, still hasn’t left the gutter. Par for her. She was just as guilty as Bubba.

  7. Monica you DS!!!!! You need more attention don’t you. Well why don’t you call up Bill I’m sure he will answer. Your Nasty!!!! We all need to find out where she lives and send it to her address!!!!!

  8. I really don’t think all this shaming of Monica Lewinsky is necessary or relevant. This is what the liberals do. They try to create a persona or profile of someone and they run it into the ground. Yes, we know what her and Billy C did and most guys would be liars if they said they wouldn’t like to be pleasured by an attractive girl, so let’s stop shaming her for that. Same for women who call her a slut. Those who point fingers are often guilty of worse.

    I feel, that like George Zimmerman and many others whose lives are ruined and reputations stained by the relentlessly cruel media are not deserving of continued and perpetual hatred. In other words, let’s all get a life of our own and stop acting all high and mighty and trying to look like puritan angels. Social media bashing is a childish and sloppy way to protest negative behavior. It serves no good just like holding an impeachment trial based on lies and accusations.

    I think her post or message was meant just to be a joke and not a call to action. I mean really, why would she create trouble for herself. People have said worse to and about President Trump and the administration, but it’s so easy for the “perfect people” to critique Monica Lewinsky. And so we again get caught up in attacking one social media victim to make ourselves feel superior and not deal with relevant issues at hand.

  9. Just when you actually had most of the country on your side from your ignorance 25 yrs ago, you’ve now REALLY “blown” yourself, pardon the pun. Guess when the tattoo parlors reopen, you can get STUPID inked across your forehead.

    • Backwards so she can read it in the mirror. Remind herself often what the American people have know for a few decades

    • Unfortunately you are correct. The white house is still 💩 compliments of the dearly departed rat that was in office before the greatest president this country has ever known moved in. Treason sure leaves a 💩 smell behind

    • Classy? Not so much. Slut? Probably not so much there either. Hoe. Fitting. Nasty in body, mouth and obviously mind. She fit in well with the Clintons

  10. It appears that Lewinsky and her followers are nothing more then angry monkeys resorting to throwing their poop. What a class act.

  11. A real c_ck sucking piece of trash. Nothing changed over the years. Shameful, disgraceful individual for sure. Keep using cigars as your sport. Need to gargle with a disinfectant (Lysol?) to remove the HPV in your throat. Oh, it may be too late….

    • She never knew that’s what he was offering when he said he had an Italian salami in the oval office she just had to taste

  12. Karma slaps pretty hard to those that deserves.I love Jesus and pray for people that needs God the most.I have witnessed God slapping or karma which ever you believe.Lord Jesus loves us All so be kind or you Will be slapped very hard.Read the Bible and see.God bless us all in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen

  13. Deeply disappointed. I still believe that Bill Clinton took unfair advantage of her.

    But that was Bill Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    I would respectfully remind her that a “White Christian man” may have just saved our Country.

    Most have NO IDEA who he is. His name is Hans Andersag, PHD.

    He was a White Christian man. He invented Chloroquine in 1934.

    People like Monica Lewinsky need to know his name, as does everyone.

    White Christian men are not evil.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  14. ML I always felt bad for you and took your side but after this horrifically disgusting and very dangerous statement I now know that you are sick and classless and will no longer stand up for you. You need help and I hope you get it.

    Was this second 15 seconds of fame worth your honor?

  15. NO mail goes directly to ANY of fedzilla’s recipients – it all goes to one or more of the mail processing centers – so all that would be ‘accomplished’ by sending such samples to any fed would be to needlessly expose the low level employees at those centers to unneeded risks. Get a grip people.

  16. Monica was as much at fault as Billie boy back in the day. Guess she felt like she needed some recent public attention as so many other fading broads, i.e. Cher, Rosie O’Donnell, Bette Midler.

  17. I wonder if she swallows. Then again, if she did there wouldn’t have been any evidence against bubba. Maybe the secret service will ask her in person when they visit….

  18. KNOCK KNOCK!!!, Who is there at my door , exclaims Little Monica. It is I, the HEAD of the FBI! Are you dressed to go to the Ball? Miss Monica? The color is Orange . Doesn’t that SUCK?

  19. Monica you can’t spell Class without Ass. Now you are officially the biggest one around. Hope you don’t crap on a blue dress too.

  20. Same joke going around about Pelosi.
    Lewinsky just changed the addressee to the Whitehouse. After the treatment the kommiecrats gave her, you’d think that she would be a Republican by now. Give that gal a cigar.

  21. This isnt surprising. First she sucked off Billie Bob Clinton. Keeps a dress with Billies sperm for how long. This in itself should tell how this cum guzzler is.

  22. You should have sent the samples to Bill and Hillary’s home. After all, they are the producers of your reputation, not to mention your performance.!

  23. And to think I blasted “Wild Bill” after he seemed to portray himself as being a victim a week or so ago, after all these years he brought up his affair with Monica, many adults today were not even born during that scandal in 1995, which means millions of people hit the web to learn the story of Bill and Monica, hard to believe they’re 25 years old, or soon will be. I suppose I owe Mr Clinton an apology, maybe he was a victim after all. 2020-1995=25 years ago doesn’t seem possible


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