Disgraced Ex-FBI Agent Peter Strzok Whines About Trump’s “Attacks”…You Won’t Believe What He’s Saying!

(Liberty Bell) – Peter Strzok is whining to the mainstream media about how hard it is having been called out by President Donald Trump for using his position as an FBI agent to try to influence the outcome of an American election.

Poor Peter Strzok.

“Being subjected to outrageous attacks up to and including by the president himself, which are full of lies and mischaracterizations and just crude and cruel, is horrible,” Strzok told The Associated Press in an interview. “There’s no way around it.”

In a new book (because of course he has a book deal) “Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump,” which is due out Tuesday, Strzok pours out his life story with plenty of Orange Man Bad.

By the way, this is the guy who was caught texting his extramarital lover, ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, about how much he hated Trump and the “insurance plan” they had should he win the 2016 election.

On a government phone, by the way.

“I deeply regret casually commenting about the things I observed in the headlines and behind the scenes, and I regret how effectively my words were weaponized to harm the Bureau and buttress absurd conspiracy theories about our vital work,” Strzok writes.

The AP glowingly explains:

Before becoming a virtual household name, Strzok spent two decades at the FBI toiling in relative anonymity on sensational spy cases. He helped uncover Russian sleeper agents inside the U.S., worked the Edward Snowden case and led the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information. (She did, he writes, but not in a way meriting prosecution).

After the Clinton case concluded in July 2016, Strzok opened an investigation into whether the campaign of her Republican opponent was coordinating with Russia, conceiving the “Crossfire Hurricane” codename he says proved prescient.

Strzok says that he’d like his book to give insight to the Clinton investigation, Russian election interference, and “first and foremost, the counterintelligence threat that I see in Donald Trump.”

So basically, this is “insight” into the biggest political scandal of US history, as the Clinton probe and Obamagate all link together, make no mistake, and the fact that this guy worked on both is a huge part of it, as he is a key player in this massive political scandal.

What preening garbage!

“To do that” (shed insight into the Trump “intelligence threat), he told the AP, “I wanted to show the reader what happened but also why they should believe me.”

“I hadn’t wanted to investigate the president of the United States,” Strzok writes, apparently hoping we will have forgotten that he ranted and raved to his paramour about how much he hated Trump before he got elected. “But my conviction on that point had been eroded by Trump’s continued suspicious behavior with the Russians and his ongoing attacks on our investigation.”

Oh, right.

This is all about Strzok’s “convictions.”


  1. Being consumed with so much hate for President Trump, as he appears to have, it would be next to impossible for him to be objective and honest in any investigation involving the same, especially when his loyalty is to Obama. President Trump and the American people have been short-changed by this individual and a price must be paid.

  2. What goes around comes around. Check that mug out it looks like he’s trying to pass a missle. The guy is repulsive and a blemish on our Great Nation and the Governmental Offices he hid within for so many years and sucking up a salary that most would give their right arm for.

  3. Just admit you got caught, I have read the letters you wrote to your lover,’ once a Liar , always a liar. And you got caught lying. So please go away and be thank-full they did not lock you up , I would have and trow away the key

  4. Strzok conveniently forgets that the FBI began their “investigation” without a valid (as Wm. Barr very properly terms) “Predicate”. Their investigation began with a suspicion of corruption, and when they could not find any evidence, they manufactured their own ‘evidence’! They began their investigation with their own CRIMES! This is the occupational hazard of being an FBI agent. It does not take long for them to make the transition from being an investigator to becoming a prosecutor that manufactures their own evidence out of ‘thin air’! This is who Peter Strzok truly is!

  5. Appears to me that this is just an attempt to minimize the vast agency that carried out this insurgency.

    They want to define the Fisa issue as minor mistakes by over worked agents.

    Not the combined efforts of mulitple agencies and foreign intel to destroy a candidate then a transition. It was Strzok who made sure the Flynn case was not closed and conspired with others to go set him up.

    It was Strzok who interviewed Chillary but let Huma and Mills sit in and made no 302 report.

    Justice is about a system of rules that orotect everyone’s interests.

    A member of the court must be honest and forth right. Yaking ill gotten infirmation to a court for a warrant is criminal and a violation of the obligations of a court member. Period.

    Comey represented the Steele dossier to The Fisa court as verified. He represented it to Trump as unverified. He violated the court and his exec.

    If he could not find guilt on the Weiner laptop he was covering up for Chillary.

    He is a very suspect source of information re writting history to serve his fate.

    I only hope his fate arrives soon and sets an example.

    We can not have the FBI creating lies and misinformation in a presidential campaign

    Can not have the FBI validating Russian mis information to the fisa court to spy on a campaign.

    This guy is out in the weeds talking like he is saving us from the Russians.

    Hey Pete, what about the 1.5 billion given Hunter by the Chinese?

  6. Well, it’s Labor Day; and the Durham report still isn’t out.

    When it does eventually become public, I hope it shows just how wrong all these media reviews are of all those involved in the coup.
    The mainstream media work overtime to discredit anyone who wants the truth, and prop up those who do evil.

  7. Liars cannot be trusted! They soon loose the ability to discriminate between the TRUTH, and their OWN LIES! This results in the total loss of their self awareness, as they progressively spiral down into becoming totally corrupt in thought and deed! Lie, Cheat, Steal, Murder — All the same to a liar!
    This is the sewer in which Peter Strzok has willfully caste himself. He has become totally compromised. He has progressed from being an intelligent human being to being a criminally impulsive and defiant demon. He has caste himself into his own solitary hell. He is no angelic choir boy!

  8. These are the type of people our governments hires for lawyers. I see why our country is such a mess!!! No wonder trump wants to drain the swamp!!!


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