Dems Have Insane Agenda For Illegal Aliens During COVID-19 Outbreak

(Liberty Bell) – You can’t go a single day without hearing the haughty voices of liberals — both in the real world and in the digital one — bragging constantly about how “tolerant” they are and how they are just so full of compassion and blah, blah, blah.

However, it seems the vast majority of the compassion and tolerance they possess is reserved for those who are lawbreakers, particularly those of the illegal alien variety. It’s no secret that Democerats take full advantage of this demographic of individuals, promising them all kinds of free goodies and a free pass for breaking the law in exchange for voting Democrat and helping them retain power.

Their latest crusade involves attempts to release convicted criminals, including sex offenders, back out onto the streets to keep the coronavirus from spreading within prison populations. So they love the nasty criminal, but could care less about his or her potential new victims?

Deplorable. Truly.

Now a movement is picking up that is calling for the federal government to release illegal aliens from detention centers.

Here’s more from WND:

The American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups are advancing several lawsuits to have illegal immigrant detainees be released from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment because of their risk of contracting coronavirus.

The ACLU of Pennsylvania bragged about their success on Tuesday.

“A federal court in Harrisburg has ruled that our clients in immigration detention must be released today, to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19,” the organization’s statement on Twitter read. “The message to ICE is clear: release people now who are at risk of getting sick or dying.”

Over the weekend, the Trump administration was ordered by a federal judge to either release illegal immigrant minors in their care or otherwise argue why they must be kept in custody during the pandemic, as well as demonstrate that certain facilities that detain families are suitably hygienic, according to the New York Post.

True to form, Democrats have been issuing a call for what they deem to be “vulnerable” illegal aliens to be released from prisons right away. Now, we’d all like to assume that basic care for the individuals really is what is at heart in this issue, but with it being an election year, you can guarantee the main motivation for all this is to appease left-wing voters and to hope that these individuals will cast a ballot for the Democratic nominee instead of Trump.

“ICE is not equipped to deal with the complex medical needs of vulnerable migrants during the coronavirus crisis,” the Twitter account for the 38-member Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which is composed solely of Democrats, asserted. “DHS must release all low-priority detainees NOW, before another person dies due to their negligence.”

Now, it’s important to note that conservatives aren’t saying that having so many people packed closely together in detention facilities isn’t a problem that needs to be addressed. It most certainly is, especially with a virus like this that is devastatingly easy to pass around. However, there has to be another option that will protect both the general population and those in prison. This isn’t an either/or thing, it’s a both/and thing.

Why in the world are people so drawn to extreme positions on this issue, rather than trying to walk the middle road and find solutions that work for everyone? It is because doing so is a lot more work? Sure, it’s more work, but almost anything worth doing is going to be difficult and require massive effort.

If we truly value human life, we need to focus our attention on these matters in a balanced way.



  1. Does anyone out there in the blog world have direct communication with the upper corp group around Trump to get this blog to him? 100% agreement in this blog to NOT let them out and to send them back.

  2. Yes, I agree that all the illegal immigrants should be release NOW! They should be release to the country they came from. If they came in from our southern or northern borders they should be return to that country.

    • I agree. These people, when released from prison, would use up all the subsidized housing, and other things our unemployed citizens are going to need when they can no longer pay market-rate rent. Our citizens would suffer homelessness for an extended length of time. The inmates who are left over, who don’t find housing, would wander the streets, committing crimes, and would spread the virus, anyway. It’s better just to leave them locked up.

  3. This insanity by our court system must be stopped at ANY cost. Releasing 10’s of thousands of illegals is extremely dangerous for the citizens of this country. Many are bad criminals, felons. Where are they supposed to go with no money, no place to live, no food, no transportation, and no job prospects?????? Most will have to resort to crime to sustain themselves, crimes against US citizens. It isn’t worth it whatsoever to just release them to potentially save their life when they broke OUR laws in coming here IN THE FIRST PLACE.. Keep them in detention or send them back ASAP before anymore liberal fruitcake judges decide to play God with the citizens of THIS country. Whatever it takes POTUS, do your elected job and stop this by executive order and/or declare some kind of “war powers act” against these liberal “brain dead” judges to stop their decrees on this matter.

  4. I worked at a state max security prison, if you want to prevent the spread them temporarily suspend visitations, and so a facility lock down so you don’t have to worry about riots. This limits staff contact with convicts and their visitors. The convicts get to much anyway, medical( most of our own citizens don’t have this), dental, psychological help, stores (cheaper than what we pay) as so on. It won’t kill them think of our military some of them don’t see family for months cons are definitely not better. As far as letting child molestors out they should have been shot upon conviction, but the Dems are the same they support abortion!!!

  5. It much deeper than just this issue! “Never let a crisis go to waste”! Read Rules for Radicals. Obama taught these as does many college Profs today. They want to use chaos to implement their radical far left, socialist policy changes like eliminating certain Bill of Rights items like;
    -Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the right to assembly (Just the conservative)
    -Right Bear Arms
    As well as income re-distribution through “Global Warming” and many other methods and then install their Socialist policies!

  6. Hmmm – send them to every sanctuary state and city with the overflow sent back to their own countries. Lock up the ones that support and have allowed them here.

  7. Just load them onto buses and deliver them to every democratic district and sanctuary city and let them deal with whatever consequences that comes with it instead of us having to deal with the results of all their idiotic ideas.

  8. I want to see the data! How many cases and how many deaths from Coronovirus have they had in these detention facilities? They are safer there than they would be on the streets And the majority of the detainees are not in vulnerable catagories!!! Ship them all back where they came from!!!

  9. This country is sick of these illegal gutter rats, they cost the tax payers 300 BILLION $$$ a year in free stuff and commit 67% of the crime in this country !!

  10. Democrats only care about votes and they look to illegal aliens for that because they know they don’t stand a chance of winning in November. But here’s the bigger question we need addressed. Why are they only addressing illegal immigrants? Are illegals the only people in our jails and prisons? What about American prisoners? Do they get released as well? Nope, and they shouldn’t be released none of them, not one. Democrat members of Congress should build prisons on their blocks designed to ensure “Social Distancing” instead of letting them into OUR neighborhoods where they (Dems) are not affected. Every Dem in support of this insanely stupid idea should be voted out QUICKLY!

  11. Thank you for your sanity. Democrats & Hollywood want open borders but they have walls around their homes to protect them from the same element they want to be released.

  12. Choice of back to the home country or a tent city and chain gang of they stay. Plenty of deep cleaning needs to be done. If they want to stay, they can do it. BTW same for the early releases of regular prisoners advocated by the Democrats. Want early release, clean those subways, buses, and help in the nursing homes. Tents at night. It’s warming up, even in the northeast. (Oops, I forgot. The unions and civil service “workers” will object. The prisoners might do a better job.)

  13. The President of the Philippines came out on TV the other day and said “anyone” violating their quarantine–stay at home rules, will be shot. It had the effect of people obeying the law. Donald should do that, with illegal aliens. Due to our national emergency anyone crossing the border illegally will be shot.


    • Ben, I call B/S on your quote from President Rodrigo Duterte, or Big D as my family have nicknamed him. The Pres does sometimes say outrageous things but I can NOT find any evidence of him saying what you quoted. I am an American EX-pat with over seven years and counting in the Phils.

  14. I don’t see the issue. A stay in place order has been issued along with curfews and social distancing. It seems to me that they’re safer where they are. Giving them a free pass and allowing them to mingle with our Citizens is counter productive. Sending them Home or keeping them isolated are the best options. Letting them loose into Our Country to infect and leech off us would create an open season on Illegals.

  15. Deport them back to their country, who the HELL needs them here?
    Just more mouths to feed along with the litter they spit out.

  16. Paul Hebe when he will be on his death or hurting they all call out for God but he said i will lnot hear you ,you worker of evil

    The evilcrats will do anything to try to win the election let vote them out in November

  17. Close the border! Finish the wall and keep out those who are not here legally and send back to their country those who are here illegally! Every other country protects it sovereignty it’s our RIGHT to protect ours!

  18. The fact is they are all free to leave the detention facilities. All it takes is for them to go home where they came from. One fact he libs never talk about. We should just send them back. Get all these libs out.

    HopefullyTrumo can mange what he stated yesterday. Photo ID Voter verification.


  19. Sad when our so called Democrat politicians don’t care about our own citizens and yet hand the world to illegals!

    • If they would send them back where they came from it wouldn’t be our problem send them back and vote to throw the democraps out

  20. Better yet. Put them on the next boat plane or train back to their home country.
    What mode of transport is not important. Just send them back home. They may be economic refugees, but at this time, aren’t we all? Unless they have pretty compelling reasons for claiming refugee status, they need to be sent home now.


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