Democrats Block Funds For Coronavirus Relief Bill; Take A Look At Whose House Angry BLM Activists Visit As A Result

(Liberty Bell) – Black Lives Matter protesters have proven over the last several months that they are indeed a Marxist organization with the sole purpose of their existence being to serve as foot soldiers for radical leftists within the Democratic Party and sow chaos and violence far and wide.

With each passing day these miscreants are allowed to sow discord in our nation, it becomes more obvious what they are up to. For example, BLM activists were ticked off about funds for a coronavirus relief bill being blocked, so they show up outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house to “protest.”

The problem here is that the funding was blocked by Democrats.

Via Daily Wire:

“If we don’t get $600! [Crowd: No peace!] I said if we don’t get $600! [No peace!],” one of the activists with a bullhorn screamed. ” I said if we don’t get $600! [No peace!] I said if we don’t get $600! [No peace!]”

“No $600! [Crowd: No peace!] No $600! [No peace!] No $600! [No peace!] No $600! [No peace!],” the activist continued to scream. “No healthcare! [No peace!] No healthcare! [No peace!] No healthcare! [No peace!] No healthcare! [No peace!]”

“I can’t breathe!” the activist screamed. “I can’t breathe! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!”

“I need that money, and until I get that money, I’m going to be right here on C Street everyday until I get it,” the man continued. “No justice! [Crowd: No peace!] No justice! [No peace!] No healthcare! [No peace!] No healthcare! [No peace!]”

Can you say self-entitlement? That’s what these chants are really screaming at us. These folks truly believe they should be handed free money for not working. I get it. The shutdowns from the coronavirus have wrecked our economy and it’s been a slow recovery. Yes, many of these individuals probably really do need help.

So go and chit-chat to the people responsible for shutting down the funding to the bill. That would be Democrats. Why are they not at their houses shouting angry phrases? Probably because that’s not the orders they’ve been handed down from those who are controlling the movement.

Other footage from the incident showed the leftist activists demanding to know where their money was.

Far-left activists have showed up to harass McConnell at his home in Kentucky before, which Twitter attempted to censor. The Daily Wire reported on August 7, 2019:

On Monday night, dozens of left-wing activists converged on the Louisville home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to protest for gun control. Video of one of the protesters, Black Lives Matter activist Chanelle Helm, calling for violence against McConnell — initially posted on Facebook and then tweeted out by congressional staffer Ben Goldey — quickly went viral, retweeted by the McConnell re-election campaign and Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra. By Tuesday, Twitter had locked all three accounts until they pulled their posts featuring the video.

In the since-pulled video, which was first live-streamed on Facebook, one of the protesters says about McConnell’s recent shoulder injury that maybe someone is using a “voodoo doll” against the senator. Helm responds, “Just stab the motherf***er in the heart, please.” She went on to say she hopes he suffers “one of those heart attacks where they can’t breath, and they’re holding their chest and they fall backwards.” Instead of nursing a “broken arm” after his fall, she said, “he should have broken his raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck.”

McConnell has repeatedly ripped Democrats for playing games with the coronavirus spending while American families and businesses have suffered.

On Thursday afternoon, McConnell appeared on Fox News where he addressed Democrats’ latest decision to kill stimulus spending to help Americans, which he said was part of their goal of providing “no help for American families before the election.”

“What part of this bill are they opposed to?” McConnell asked. “What we tried to do, Dana, was to craft a package that underscored the things that we supposedly agree on — kids in school, replenishing the popular small business loan program, which is out of money, more money for hospitals and covering unemployment insurance for another six months. What’s to not like about that?”

“What they’re saying is, we won’t pass things that we are even in favor of, unless you give us trillions more. The national debt is already the size of our economy for the first time since World War II,” McConnell continued. “We’re not going to squander funds here. We want to narrowly target the needs of the American people. That’s what this vote is about.”

Folks, the truth about Black Lives Matter is that many of them are likely paid disruptors who are being well compensated to cause chaos and havoc, to force folks to feel so scared they will pull the lever for Biden come November. It’s psychological terrorism.

Now more than ever we as Americans have to stand firm on our beliefs and be willing to face the darkness head on if we want our nation to survive this tumultuous time.



  1. It appears to me that if these Leftists/Marxists put in as much effort into working as they do into protesting, they’d have their $600.00 a week.

  2. Somehow I’ve lost the ability to stomach listening to PAID PROTESTERS yell at anyone, anyone at all, “where’s my money!” — when it is clearly NOT their money, but unearned piracy, at best. These so-called humans should have been cleared out by the D.C. police at first yelp.

  3. This $600 nonsense is the sole responsibility of the Republicans. This figure, contrary to the Administration’s BS, wasn’t the result of some study or economic calculation, it was a Democratic scam which worked perfectly. Do the math – $600, at 40 hours a week, is…oh, gee, that’s $15 dollars/hour. Coincidence that this is the left’s social-justice minimum wage? Hardly. And once the hook is set, they are reeling it in. This, with the average State unemployment of $378, is $50,000 a year – most, if not all, tax free. This means, in essence, if you make less than $50K a year and are still working, you are stupid. And the Dems know it.

  4. I used to think that BLM was an acronym for Black Lives Matter until I found out that it stands for Bowels Lack Movements! In other words, they are all full of 💩!

  5. I believe what Sher Paul said. I don’t believe they went to the wrong house, they went to the house they were paid to go to. It shows just how stupid these people are don’t they realize that after the election and these people have failed they will go away and leave these folks who think they are helping with nothing. And they seem to want nothing but money! Don’t they know or even care that the money they want comes from working people!! People have to have jobs or there is no money!!! Do they really believe they will continue to get paid after the election? They better pray Trump wins or they are domed.

  6. It seems these professional protesters are simply preparing for election day when they will show up at polling places to intimidate peaceful voters so that the peaceful voters will be afraid for their safety to cast their vote. Meanwhile, these violent protesters will have already cast their mail-in ballots so that their leftist votes will count, while the peaceful voters will be harassed to not vote. What a plan to steal the election!

  7. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group led by 3 women trained by full-blown Marxists. These people are paid thousands of dollars to incite black democrats , even some white, to create riots and violence against conservatives who can’t give money when Pelosi , Schumer and Soroscontrol the “purse strings!!”

    • The fed is following the money trail. Eventually we’ll know for sure. Hundreds of arrests have been made, and there will be a few of the demon acolytes who will sing. There’s no such thing as a loyal demon. The demonrats who pay for these rioters will get found out. We may not see them hang, but their political careers may be over.
      People are tired of the riots and nonsense from the extreme leftists. There are more and more ‘former democrats’ today than ever before.
      The only way to guarantee the demons get caught is to vote for Republicans in any and all positions at every level. Don’t vote for a demon no matter how nice they seem.
      Don’t touch that mass-mail-ballot! Go to your local polling place. The blue-state governors will try, but they can’t shut down the polls.


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