Democrats Are Well Aware That The Constitution ‘Was Violated’ But, They ‘Don’t Care’ — Fiery Speech By Jim Jordan Is A Must Read!

(Liberty Bell) – If there’s one thing the folks in the Democratic Party are good at, it’s violating the Constitution. Then again, they don’t really seem to care about the founding document of our country, viewing it as a nuisance since it gets in the way of the massive power grabs they so desperately want in order to enact their sickening vision of the United States.

This is a reality we’ve all known about for a long time, but it became even more brazen during the Obama era, where the former president was busted 72 times violating the Constitution. Obama and many other leftists believe the Constitution is a “living document,” meaning that its laws and definitions need to change with the times.

In reality, what the Constitution meant to our founders is exactly what it means today. The original intended meaning of a piece of writing doesn’t change. Sure, words can change meanings over time, but that’s not the same thing. If we really want to understand an old piece of writing, it has to be studied in its original context. What the words meant back then.

This is called being an “originalist.”

An originalist is a leftists worst enemy.

According to WND, Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio, took the Democrats to the woodshed, saying in a speech given on the House floor that Democrats were well aware that the Constitution had been violated in the 2020 presidential election, but they simply do not care.

Given how much the radical left hates Donald Trump, this is a totally believable statement. As said above, the left has never respected our Constitution, but even less so due to the president.

“Democrats don’t care. They don’t want to look into it. They’d rather just belittle 60 million of our fellow citizens, call them names, say it’s a conspiracy, make fun of the very people we’re all supposed to represent,” Jordan said.

The Ohio congressman went on to promise that the challenges that occurred in Congress on Wednesday would present a “chance to hear the truth.”

“During the campaign, Vice President Biden would get 55 people at an event. President Trump got 55,000 at just one rally,” he went on to say. “President Trump increased his vote with African-Americans, increased his vote with Hispanic Americans, won 19 of 20 bellwether counties, won Ohio by eight, Iowa by eight, Florida by three, got 11 million more votes than he got in 2016. And House Republicans won 27 of 27 tossup races. But somehow, somehow, Joe Biden, the guy who barely left his house, won the election?”

“Maybe. Maybe. But 80 million Americans, 80 million Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, have their doubts and 60 million Americans think the election was stolen. 60 million people, over one-third of the electorate. But no one in this town seems to care. Democrats don’t care. Media doesn’t care,” Jordan added. “Eighty million of our fellow citizens have their doubts about the election two months ago. And the media and the Democrats say ‘nothing to see here.’ Of course, this town has been out to get the president since July 31st, 2016, before he was elected the first time. Four years and forty million dollars on the Russia hoax, but we can’t look into an election?”

Jordan went on to state that Republicans are on a mission to uncover the truth. And that’s spot on too. All we want is the truth. All we want is to defend the integrity of our election system. If Biden won by a fair and free election, then so be it. That means we have a lot of work to do with individuals in the culture. But if it was stolen, then voices were silenced. That is unacceptable.

“Not one investigation, not one hearing in the House of Representatives. We asked for it. We asked Chairwoman Maloney. Mr. Coleman, I asked for it. We asked Chairman Nadler. Nope, not going to do it. We welcomed an inspector general investigation for goodness sake. Over 200 affidavits and declarations of wrongdoing, but no investigation in the Congress. No subpoenas, no depositions, no chance for question, or cross-examination of witnesses. Why? Why won’t they look into it? Why no hearings? Why no investigation? I think it’s because deep down, deep down, they know there were big problems with this past election. They know the Constitution was violated. Article 1, Section 4: ‘Time, place, and manner for holding elections shall be determined in each state by the legislature thereof.’ Article 2, Section 1: ‘Each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature may direct,'” Jordan said.

The Ohio representative then went on to list the election irregularities that occurred in various key battleground states.

“Pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots by eight o’clock on Election Day. Election Day ends at eight o’clock. Mail-in ballots have to be in by eight o’clock on election day. Democrat State Supreme Court said, nope. We’re going to extend the election day to Friday, to five o’clock Friday. Pennsylvania State Law says mail-in ballots require signature verification. The Democrat Secretary of State said nope. For 2.6 million ballots, she said we’re not going to follow the law. Pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots can’t be processed until Election Day, but some county commissioners, some county commissioners says no and allow ballots to be cured, to be fixed, to be changed before Election Day. And you can imagine which counties allowed that. You can just imagine. Democrat counties allowed it. Republican counties didn’t. The legislature determines the time, place, and manner of elections, not State Supreme Courts, not secretary of state, not county commissioners. All of those entities took actions that directly violated the law, the law that state legislatures enacted and thereby violated the Constitution,” Jordan concluded.

These words are true. These words are right. We need more men like Jordan who are willing to fight against big government liberals — peacefully, mind you, which is something that should go without saying, — doing battle in the marketplace of ideas. Truth is, we need more civil dialogues. We need to acknowledge that people deserve to be heard.

If our ideas are absolute truth, and they are, then when we unleash them in passionate debate, they cannot be defeated, whether we make good cases or bad ones.

Here’s to hoping our nation returns to the Constitution one day, in all of its glory.

Copyright 2020.


  1. “All Positive Law is Null and Void in this Country”! “ The Democrat’s have succeeded in turning the White House into an “OUT HOUSE” with paper ballots on the rolls”! Quote me, I am The Real Deal!

  2. The Republican Party is finished! I’ll back Jim Jordan for president of America’s party. This is the party of 70 million people now that the Republican Party is finished with a meek following. I implore all Americans who backed president trump to form the America’s party. If anyone knows how you start a new voting party In The United States of America I’m interested in helping to form a true party of the people who actually care about America and aren’t about receiving free everything like the new socialist communists party. Forming America’s party needs to
    Happen. The independent party and the Green Party are a joke. I know if formed that we can defeat the worthless Republican Party and the socialist communists democrat party. Let’s make it happen!

    • The problem with forming a new party is that the democrats and the China government will never let the elections be fair and honest So what good will it do ….??? the only party that will ever win any election will be democrat….once they steal a presidential election, there is no stopping them…EVER !!! the only way to stop this takeover of our country, would be for Trump to declare martial law , like Lincoln did ….but for some unknown reason, Trump hasn’t done that and I am very disappointed …..Martial Law would Immediately stop the Biden takeover…investigations could been done to prove voter fraud and the outright abuse of our elections…and our constitution…without Martial Law there is nothing to stop the end of our country and the end of all we hold dear…our country and every other country around the world will be affected by this abuse of power….if we go down , the world will never be the same…There will be no where safe or prosperous….the good days will be in the past…the future will be bleak…and sad…very sad…Trump needs to do the right thing…Martial Law…what in Gods name is he waiting for ????

  3. Nancy Pelosi is evil. The Democrats in Congress will hear our voices in 2022 and there will be a lot of republicans that will be done in 2022 for there part in not allowing the evidence to be seen. We need term limits. Thank you to those like Jim Jordan who stand up for truth.

  4. Sadly, great congress people like the 6 that contested the vote have been overrun by those owned by communist globalists. What it will take is time – time for the republicans to be censored and time for the dems to suffer the same fate, which they will. Tech will be used to put the thumb on the people as we will all become slaves to the NWO.

  5. We the people are the rightful masters of both the courts and the congress,
    not to to over through the constitution
    but to overthrow the men who would provert the constitution.
    Abraham Lincoln

  6. Simply hoping that our nation will return
    to governance by the Constitution will NOT make it happen. We the People need to become involved and make our voices heard above the din of the crazy, unconscionable Democratic Party. I make that statement as a former, very involved Democrat who has been a Republican since the 2008 election. I could not be associated with the deception and outright manipulation of the law that has become the hallmark of the Democrats. I plan to become more involved at least by speaking out, as I am doing here, and protesting the current decimation of our Constitution behind the cloak of Democratic deception. Maybe those Democrats don’t care about the bashing of our Constitution as perpetrated by the Democratic Party in this election, but I CARE! The FRAUD occurring in this election must NOT be ignored! The truth must be told and known now, before another election, because there may not be another election if the travesty of this election is not addressed. We need to hold officials accountable! Write your legislators and demand that future elections must organized and controlled by the legislators as demanded by the Constitution! Specify that acceptance of fraudulent elections by responsible legislators will bring trouble to them in the form of lawsuits and other lawful remedies like VOTING Them OUT OF OFFICE!

  7. Thank you, Jim. Thanks for being the Champion you are. You’ve fought the good fight from the beginning, from your very first day there. My boys wrestled too, and it’s in the wrestler’s heart- look for the advantage, wrestle continuously and never quit! We are lucky to have you! The best of the best! God bless you!

  8. Are you people stupid or just ignorant? With thinking like this, do you really think that you should not be assonated? Each and every one of you? Really? If I was Soros, a demented human being, I would want a target on each of you. you know, each of you would be dead if Soros wanted it. You are all pussies. The oath you took means nothing. When you die, which you all will eventually, all will be evoked into hell. I hope this is a hell which you can never recover from. One which torment you throughout time.

  9. Time for all these Rhinos to go. Remember, two years from now, we will let them know that we remember. You cowards to support the Constitution.

    • Two years from now won’t change a thing….what makes you think they will not steal that election too ??? Don’t you understand that voting will no longer be the voice of the American people….it will be a fraud…a fake election…our voices will be silenced ….our freedoms gone….our country has been taken over by evil, power hungry demons….Trump could stop All of it , if he would declare Martial law but that takes great courage…I don’t think he will do it and I don’t know why….I think he has given up the fight…

  10. Biden should be impeached for voter fraud, he has said many times on tv that if he has a disagreement with Harris he will fake an illness and resign, so the people that voted for him were really voting for Harris without knowing it, if they knew they probably would not have voted, so they were duped.

    • 100% agree. What is astounding is that it seems like there is a complete sense of denial among half the population that this is happening right in front of their eyes. It is like they cannot see the truth right in front of them.

  11. it was truly stolen buit the democrats knew it from the beginning reason Joe was not let out of his basement and he probably doesn’t even realize that he is only temporary and then Nancy and schumer will oull the 25th amendment on him.

  12. What a distorted piece of nonsense rhetoric. If people believe that the election was rigged it is because this man, and others like him, have said it over and over again without proof. Lies are a potent thing and this man has lied constantly with his factual distortions.

    • What a distorted piece of nonsense rhetoric. If people believe that the 2016 election was rigged it is because of members of Congress, and others like them, have said it over and over again without proof. Lies are a potent thing and this Democrat Congress has lied constantly with his factual distortions.

    • Bear, NO ONE believes the 2016 election was rigged. Trump won the election because 1. The NY Times kept going on and on bout “Her emails and 2. James Comey came up with what was alleged to be more of “Her emails” at the last minute. Lots of other factors, but those two were the big last-minute ones.
      Also, Clinton got twice the combined total media exposure of Senators Sanders, Cruz and Rubio combined. Trump got twice of what Clinton got.
      No conspiracies, no “Deep State.”

    • Why don’t you ask the hundreds of people who submitted sworn affidavit? Why don’t you look at the data analysis and the statistical impossibility? It’s people like you who just say conspiracy theory and evil Trump that make this country compromised. Why don’t you go and hang out on Twitter or something?

    • Laura l – All of the “evidence” you refer to was examined and found to be so deficient that none of the 60 or so cases that Rudy Giuliani et al presented ever got past the first stage. In ALL the cases, the judges threw out the cases because of lack of evidence.

    • You are so wrong….but you will know the truth when you and your family are eating out of garbage cans and your homes no longer have heat or electricity…when you have nothing left, you will look back at your ignorance and pray for forgiveness…

  13. Harold
    I can’t believe that the millions of people that voted?? for Biden are that dense in their thinking that they can’t see what’s really going on. They have a plan to push Biden aside and really go to the far left; if pamala pushes ahead with her plan to take our guns, there will be another civil war. They have no idea what they are sturring up.

    • Harold, taking away people’s guns is the LAST step dictators take before they establish a tyranny. Lots of Black people had guns before Reconstruction was ended and Jim Crow began. Didn’t do them any good.

  14. It seems that every one is forgetting what the Supreme Court judge Roberts said that Trump supporters would have to roit like BLM did before anything would change.

  15. So, Democrats think the Constitution is a ‘living’ document and should be changed whenever they wish, to suit their views. Do they think the sun rises and sets on them alone? If they no longer think 2+2 is 4 will that be changed, too?
    The documents of our four fathers are the very strength, the foundation of our Liberty. Changing them with every whim irreparably damages our Republic !
    Democrats see this as power. ‘Government knows best and we Democrats are the government !’, so they wish. The win at any cost, any any method, Democrats would cut off their nose to spite their face. There is no long-term upside, no win at all, to Liberalism. None.

    • Well they do believe that is your born a woman that you can be whatever you want. On that logic I think women get cheaper car insurance and being a man maybe I’m starting to feel like a woman. Saving money baby!!!


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