Democratic Sheriff Says He’s Fed Up With Anti-Cop Sentiment; What He’s Doing Now Will Horrify Liberals

(Liberty Bell) – Liberals have been using the anti-cop sentiment and racial divisive narratives they’ve crafted over the last decade to help foment civil unrest, violence, looting, and rioting, all the while they sit back and watch in pure glee.

You see, in their warped and twisted thinking, allowing this chaos to go unchecked — which is what Democratic leadership in cities where Black Lives Matter and Antifa are carrying out these acts are doing — they believe that folks will become so scared by the fact Trump hasn’t usurped power from the states and just rode in on a tank to stop it all that they’ll vote for Biden in November.

But it seems their plot is having the opposite effect. Tons of Democrats are jumping ship and joining the GOP to vote for Trump in order to send a message to the party they feel betrayed them.

A great example of this is a longtime Democrat sheriff who has said that the anti-cop sentiment has become too much for him, so he’s ditching his party to join the GOP.

Come on in, buddy. The water’s fine.

Via BizPacReview:

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding accused Democrats of supporting flag-burning, anti-God and anti-law enforcement sentiments being touted by the left as he announced his departure from the Democrat Party in the past week. He spoke with Fox News Wednesday about the radical decision and how recent “shocking” events across U.S. cities under Democrat leadership helped him make the switch.

“What I have witnessed across the United States is shocking as a law enforcement leader. I can’t imagine 101 days of rioting and it’s condoned by the Democrat leadership. It’s unbelievable that they can do that to law enforcement profession,” Wedding, a lifelong Democrat, told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy Wednesday.

“As a sheriff, I cannot imagine putting deputies on the front line of these riots night after night with no relief in sight. And if you are a parent of a law enforcement officer that’s going out there, subjected to these riots, I think they would be appalled as well,” the sheriff of southern Indiana’s largest county added.

Wedding slammed the direction of the party in his announced switch, speaking with Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch in attendance at the event.

“I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets,” he said, according to WFYI. “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.”

“Watching the daily burning of American flags, failing to be able to use the word ‘God’ in any sentence at most Democrat-led functions, denouncing law enforcement as if we’re the evil people. I am very proud of my profession in law enforcement and when people attack us, it’s pretty insulting,” he said.

His party change was slammed as “political opportunism” by the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party.

“Democrats love their country and that’s why we are fighting so hard for the preservation of democracy,” county Chairwoman Edie Hardcastle reportedly said. “We are fighting for our flag and the rule of law as long as it is applied to all Americans, and the freedom of religion so we can all worship as we like in the United States.”

Being a police officer is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. People just naturally hate you because you are an authority figure that stands in the way of their desire to embrace total chaos and lawlessness, a drive that many of us face down, but are equipped enough with human decency to stuff it way down and ignore it.

These folks put their lives on the line, never knowing if they will make it home that evening to kiss their kids goodnight. Can you imagine living with that? And yet they put up with it all anyway, just to keep us safe. And the thanks they are getting now?

Calls for defunding departments. Death threats and physical assaults. It’s horrifying and shameful.

But Wedding told Doocy on Wednesday that recent moves by Democrats that have aligned themselves with anarchists and rioters cannot be ignored, noting how some have helped “raise funds to release rioters from jails after they have committed serious crimes.”

“That’s shocking in and of itself,” he said.

“I have been on the national conference calls with President Trump and he pledged his support for law enforcement. I’ve seen it in action because he has offered these cities that are under siege federal aid and they are not smart enough to take that aid to try to end siege on their city,” Wedding added, saying he just “can’t explain that.”

“I would be rushing that federal aid to help us end the violence,” he said, criticizing Democrats for not even mentioning violence in cities like Chicago.

But Wedding, who was twice elected sheriff as a Democrat, is apparently not alone. Mayor Brian Snedecor of Hobart in Indiana’s Lake County announced he was switching from Democrat to Republican last month, citing concerns that the national Democratic platform has moved “more and more to the left.”

“The efforts of the progressive left have driven many people, moderates and conservatives, away from the Democratic Party,” Snedecor said in his public announcement in August. “I must be true to my God, my family, myself and those that have supported and believed in me.”

The ranks of the Republican Party are beginning to swell exponentially, all thanks to the idiotic plots of progressives like George Soros who thought for sure they could fund this chaos and people would fall to their knees in fear. That’s not happening.

People are empowered by Trump and his message of fighting and resisting the progressive nature of our current culture. We’re not willing to give up our values. We’ll fight for them. It’s the American way.



  1. Ephesians 1:18 Praying for the eyes of their understanding be enlightened. . .
    particularly, in seeing the hypocrisy of this political party.
    At last some people are beginning to see and hear rationally again. It’s as if their minds have been clouded.

  2. My parents would not recognize the Democratic Party of today and neither do I,
    the Loyal Opposition has turned into the Socialist/Communist party. Please
    remember to Directly Vote in November. Do not use Mail in Ballots.
    But Wedding, who was twice elected sheriff as a Democrat, is apparently not alone. Mayor Brian Snedecor of Hobart in Indiana’s Lake County announced he was switching from Democrat to Republican last month, citing concerns that the national Democratic platform has moved “more and more to the left.”

  3. This HAS to be the most optimistic and hopeful article I have read since subscribing to! It’s NEVER too late, Democrats! If you’re dissatisfied with the status quo in your present party and want a change and/or at LEAST a return to sanity, come on over to the Republican side of the street (OUR side)! You won’t be disappointed!

  4. And the Vanderbergh Dem party said Weddings party change was “political opportunism “. No, sports figures kneeling in disrespect of our flag and national anthem is “political opportunism”. We need more people who possess the deep rooted American spirit. The dems in every state where chaos, crime, looting and deaths have occurred are NOT representing all the people. Any dem who has stood by and done nothing should be ousted. They are not upholding their oaths. And please tell me how an occasional bad cop equates to thousands of lawless rioters, looters etc. and BLM is ok with that.

  5. I was democrat for alot of years, former Marine 74-78 and the way the treatment started going towards with democrats in office against our military was shameful, then they make fools of themselves by defunding the law enforcement officers just plain stupid,

    • Know what you mean, Donald. I was in the Army from 75-79 and I thought all the anti military sentiment would end when the Viet Nam War ended. Boy was I wrong! Twice when dummycrat Jimmy Carter was president, the dummycrats tried to weasel out of paying the military their wages. After that always voted republican for president but was still independent on senate and representative choices. When the dummycrats put Bill Clinton in the white house, I voted straight republican party ever since. And the anti sentiment toward the military and police just keeps getting worse and worse. The dummycrat party is hopeless.

    • You are wrong, it is always the Republicans that cut money for the vets. During the Vietnam War the only prominent Vietnam draft dodger that was Democrat was Clinton. the Republicans had countless war wimps like Rove, Cheney, Trump, Tom Delay, Gingrich, Trent Lott, John Boehner. Do your mind and google Republican chicken hawks. They like to talk tough but are cowards.

  6. I really believe the DNC is pushing for Civil War, they want it! They no longer are protecting the American Taxpayers, but instead standing behind these Rioters and Antifa, and BLM. I would bet if you’d follow the money, George Soros, would be connected too these Mayors and Governors, which would prove why they aren’t protecting their Citizens, they are bought and paid for!

  7. Good for him! God bless him and keep him. The shift is on… people are not stupid and the days of Jack & Bobby’s Democratic Party are OVER! It’s nothing short of Abject Lunacy trying to disguise itself as Socialism. They give Socialism a bad name! At least “it” claims to “care” about the people! These idiots OBVIOUSLY DON’T or we wouldn’t HAVE (going on) what’s happening in the streets of most of our largest cities RIGHT NOW! People are suffering & dying and “the party of the people” are… well… doing what they’ve ALWAYS DONE (the past 4 years) “blaming Trump!” My God! How stupid they think WE ALL ARE! It’s hysterical because, in doing so, they SHOW just how idiotic THEY REALLY ARE! So funny!

  8. Thank you Sherriff Wedding for STANDING UP FOR AMERICA! I’m 81 – started out like the rest of my family STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT and within less than 12 years I WOKE UP, SAW THE LIGHT AND BECAME A REPUBLICAN. I have been able to tolerate the Democrats up to President Obama and his downplaying OUR COUNTRY AND WHAT OUR COUNTRY HAS STOOD FOR SINCE ITS FOUNDING. THIS YEARS DEMOCRATS ARE EVEN MORE EMBARRASSING AND RADICALLISTIC SOCIALISTS THAN ANY OF THEIR PREDECESSORS!

  9. Anybody who is looting and committing violence, or riots, is a criminal. Any policeman who steps over the line and commits a violent assault is also a criminal. Apparently militia members are the ones that set the police station on fire in Minnesota and threw bricks through the AutoZone, and irresponsible criminally liable adults convinced a 17 year old to engage in a confrontation that ended in murder. There are 2 sets of people who are taking advantage of this. Thieves and instigators.

    • I think you need to rethink your use of the word “Militia” when referring to ANTI-AMERICAN thugs and Rioters.

      The “MILITIA” were those that rose in opposition to the actions of those who ruled OVER WE, THE PEOPLE.

      Citizen Militias are Enshrined in the US Constitution.

      Violent mobs intent on overthrowing the government ARE NOT.

    • Looters and Thugs committing crimes should be shot on sight. Anyone not shot and captured should be put on a chain gang. Go home or protest peacefully. Trump 2020


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