Democrat Who Accused GOP Members Of Giving “Recon” Tours Of Capitol To Rioters Backs Down… A Little

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats are totally desperate to take the riot at the Capitol as far as they possibly can in the targeting and “punishing” of Republicans and Trump supporters.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) has accused GOP Congress members of escorting people through the Capitol on January 5 on some kind of “reconnaissance” mission before the big day of the “insurrection” on the 6th.

Of course, this is completely bogus and if anyone had prior knowledge of the riot before it happened it was Nancy Pelosi herself. Fortunately, Sherrill seems to be backing off, at least a little.

In a video posted online, Sherrill said that she intends “to see that those members of Congress who abetted him” by giving supposed “reconnaissance tours Jan 5, be “held accountable.”

Truthfully, it’s kind of scary now when Democrats make accusations. They have already proven they don’t need any evidence or proof to move forward and turn accusations into charges and successfully convict.

The second impeachment process against President Trump lasted all of 7 hours and included absolutely no evidence or proof that President Trump actually incited a violent insurrection against the US government. No matter. Democrats voted to impeach anyway.

When they come for you with their accusations, rest assured, it will also be a quick trial as evidence is unimportant to them.

Naturally, at the time Sherrill made these claims she did not give any indication as to why she felt GOP members were engaging in “reconnaissance” in an effort to aid in a violent insurrection to come the following day.

She offered no proof at all and Republican Rep. Pat Fallon calls the accusations “baseless” and claims that there is no evidence to support them whatsoever.

Now, Sherrill’s backing down only a little and calling for an investigation into these allegations rather than just moving on to the conviction phase. How considerate.

She has changed her tune and told CBS that “There is a possibility that they did not realize what some of these groups were doing, that they were groups of constituents” she further asserted that they “should not have brought them into the Capitol complex.”

She claimed that she thought there was a “suspicious group” and cited the group wearing “MAGA hats and Trump things,” as her reasoning for saying the group was “suspicious.”

Now all you have to do is openly support the President to be considered “suspicious” by Democrat lawmakers.

The worst part is, Sherrill isn’t alone in her accusations that GOP colleagues possibly helped rioters by giving them “reconnaissance tours.”

She backs her claims by saying that many members of Congress had received security briefs Jan. 3 in which they were told there were no tours allowed. She contends that no groups should have been there.

This makes it even more unlikely that GOP members were giving “recon” tours of the Capitol. After being told no tours allowed, it would be awfully brazen to go ahead and give “reconnaissance” tours anyway.

Sherrill declined to name any specific Congress members because it’s an “ongoing investigation” but then said “I don’t really want to get into who it was at this time.” So she could but doesn’t want to? Or she can’t because it’s an “ongoing investigation?”

Either way, Democrats are showing no signs of slowing down with their radical behavior and fully capitalizing on the Jan 6 riot which was likely actually incited by Antifa and BLM.

Washington DC is truly a circus.

Copyright 2020.


  1. Why is it that Democrats can accuse, investigate, convict and punish anyone and everyone for what ever, in their opinion, they believe to be wrong or contrary to their agenda with no evidence and the Republicans can’t? The Republicans just sit on their hands and accept the consequences. Dems act Republicans do nothing. When will those who wasted years on impeachment based on false accusations and a grand attempt to overthrow the Trump presidency be prosecuted? Bring them to justice!!

  2. I am preparing my popcorn for the (paid for by Democrats) attacks show come Jan 20th and the five days of celebration. Knowing the Democrats, starting with Nancy Pelosi, they know what is coming. This representative from NJ is just typical of the attitude of the elected officials of that state. Especially given that they are giving SMOKERS first access to the vaccine, given that smoking is a VOLUNTARY action.

  3. Pile on you stupid bytch, then walk away with your foot in your mouth because you didn’t wait for the facts. This is representative of what’s gonna’ be running our lives. Revolution, sooner than later.

  4. Democrats politicians can now say anything they want with no consequences. This lady got air time because of her lies which is exactly what she wanted. They want to get noticed so they will say outrageous statements because national media will say nothing to contradict them. Why doesn’t this site do what Twitter does, this statement is disputed!

  5. If anyone, this young lady should talk to Nutsy Piglosi!! We have Nutsy’s Laptop where SHE IS COORDINATING THE CAPITOL INCURSION VIA HER LAPTOP COMPUTER!!! Piglosi, Schumer, Schiff-for-brains and some other DEMONRATS knew ALL about the planned incursion after coordinating with their Antifa & BLM friends, and even CNN was invited along, with an embedded reporter!! DO SOME RESEARCH, YOU LITTLE COMMUNIST!!

  6. A Facebook article was a reminder for people of German Ancestry, a memorial at the Reichstag in Berlin dedicated to the 96 members of the German congress who spoke out against Hitler, but failed to stop him as he thundered into power in 1933. While promising to build Germany better, Hitler set up his dictatorship. Hid first days bore witness to the beginning his atrocities.
    This time we are seeing people posing as Americans hoping to their will imposed on Americans using lies, healthcare, and money to control the population.

  7. Another champion of the little people of New Jersey. Kind of like the good witch of the North, said no one at any time ever! Just another democratic tool, trying to out do those other female tools from the north.


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