Democrat Senator Says Pelosi “Did The Right Thing” By Withholding Articles Of Impeachment…There’s Only One Problem

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats are adjusting their halos and pursuing their “prayerful” and “solemn” impeachment this week as they attempt to throw every wrench in the gears of the constitutional process they possibly can to ensure whatever it is they’re playing at somehow helps them get what they want.

They won’t.

But it’s fun to see them going around thinking they’re really getting away with this absurd hoax.

On Sunday, Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) went on “Face the Nation” to carry House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s water after it became clear last week that she had no intention of turning the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate so they could hold their trial and acquit.

Hollen was adamant that Saint Nancy was “doing the right thing” by playing her ridiculous games with the Senate Republicans, who are most certainly not going to let her get away with this garbage for a moment.

“Speaker Pelosi is doing exactly the right thing. She is focusing a spotlight on the need to have fair trial in the United States Senate,” Van Hollen said.


This is honestly what he’s saying after the biased, partisan, Soviet-style secret hearings and media show trials they held in the House?

This will go down in history as one of the most shameful partisan stunts in the history of our nation.

And he has the audacity to say that Nancy Pelosi cares about a fair trial?!

The Democrats voted along party lines to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday of last week on two separate articles of impeachment.

They did this without naming any crimes.

But they’re interested in a “fair trial”?

“We cannot name managers until we see what the process is on the Senate side,” Pelosi told reporters following a vote in the House. “And I would hope that that will be soon. … So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us. So hopefully it will be fair. And when we see what that is, we’ll send our managers.”


  1. Glen, Glen, you poor braindead soul, I think it is time for your medications and for you to go quitely back into your padded cell, and let your meds go to work on your spaced-out brain.

  2. It’s obvious the Dem leaders are running scared that Trump will disclose the corruption coming from the last three administrations; Bidens are “tip of iceberg”
    Dems are grasping for straws, plain and simple!

  3. Well, GLEN you can be described in very short terms (unlike your description of Republicans/Conservatives) as “all ASS and NO BRAINS.

  4. Democrats have been pocket our taxpayer money through military aids. We demand to freezing their bank account all over the world bring them back to Americans taxpayer! Obama + party corruptions need to go to jail!!!!

  5. We know the Jeff Epstein infrastructure is still working and has been outed as intelligence services which targeted high level persons
    . We know Polocei is controlled. We know George Soros interfered with other nations money & political systems. We know that George controls aspect of the UN. We know he controls antifa. We know he controls
    Hillary. We know that 911 was an inside job. The shooting of 500 people last year was not done with 1 old former gun runner (Iran Contra) but several shooters. We know Holders fast & Furious gun running killing of our law enforcement We know the killing of 90 women & children in Waco Texas was a multiagency operation we know 912 was an inside job We know that killing of President JFK was an inside job
    Who is in control of agencies beside Soros who is above him who is trying to take down the US for the World Order, which Bush told us in his points of light speech The systems have been
    Set against humanity

  6. I did not think that another civil war in the US would happen so soon but the democrats are pushing the buttons for another one. Remember it was and still is the democrats that fought to keep slavery, divide the US and are the biggest racists in the world. Dump all democrats now! Remove the deep state that works for the American hater Obama’s, Clinton’s, Comey, Brennen, Schumer, Gillibrand, Delgato and the deep state,

    • My advice is to invest in lead, copper, powder in pre assembled packaging. As a trained USMC rifleman 0311 I’ve never needed full auto fire. We are trained in marksmanship & fire control. Sparing use of ammo with maximum affect down range. ANTIFA has been receiving combat training in Syria with Communist Kurds. They are few to the 10s of millions vets. Any war with them will last minutes.

    • Any time, in the history of the US, a catastrophe has occurred the Dims were behind it, starting with the Revolutionary War and coming forward to the present.

  7. House Dems say the President is impeached…wrong …they have voted articles of impeachment but the actual trial of the articles is in the Senate who have not validated the House actions, therefore the impeachment process is not complete…until the Senate Trial says soo.

    • Not true Marv, do some research. trump HAS been impeached and it will always remain so. mcconnell and graham have gone on record saying that they are not impartial jurors regardless of the oath they have to take that says otherwise. Any idiot knows that a trail has witnesses and documents for corroboration , not a partisan rubber stamp without all the facts being brought out. How can the jury (senate) deliberate honestly otherwise? mcconell and graham do not want the facts brought out, they cannot defend the indefensible conduct that trump has committed. All they have been able to do is pound the table and scream that the house has been unfair to trump, when all along trump has declined to participate in the investigation. Impeachment is the House responsibility, guilt or innocence is the responsibility of the senate.

    • The house had their failed, partisan trial, they can’t force the senate for a do-over. The senate is the jury and do not have to call any witnesses in their chamber if they choose not to! Pelosi has already abused her power in the senate numerous times.‪Obstruction of Congress and abuse of power are not impeachable offenses, they are hollow categories which have no specific impeachable crimes or offenses contained in them! If Pelosi the puke, shifty Shiff and Nadless Nadler had any leadership skills, constitutional knowledge or self respect they never would have brought fourth any articles of impeachment at all, then for nervous Nancy to not have the balls to send the articles to the Senate says it all! There is no case! Not only that, the President isn’t even officially impeached until nervous Nancy sends the articles to the senate!

    • Marc, Me thinks Mick has been hitting the Christmas punch a little too hard if he believes his response. He would do good to look at the recent discussion between Mark Levin and Professor Dershowitz on Life Liberty and Levin. It was an excellent discussion on application of The Constitution and where this prank of Pelosi and the Democrats have us today.

  8. dims trying to reign in the prez to try and control him has failed, now they are attempting to control the senate. being power hungry is one thing but power hungry and stupid don’t work together.

    • The Dims have nothing and so they make vile comments Wardog. They are living proof that there is no known cure for stupidity. They have no place in the government of the U.S. therefore they scam and scheme trying to keep their place at the feeding trough. Pelosi will lose her expense account and will have to pay for her liquor instead of using taxpayer money (her expense account). This is just one classic example of the Dim modus operandi. They became wealthy, not in the private sector practicing law but rather after being elected using questionable methods. Voter Fraud just being one method. Also their campaign fund sources and accounting methods for the use of these funds is sometimes questionable. There are many other oddities but time and space won’t allow a complete essay of these facts. Just encourage everyone to do their homework before they vote.

  9. Why don’t the Democrats give valid proof of ‘Impeachable Crimes’ that are apparent to every Americans ? Those “Crimes” include: The lowest unemployment numbers in generations, more African-Americans employed in generations, more Hispanic-Americans employed in generations, the best economy in generations, the best world trade agreements in generations, etc. We could list many more but these should be enough to convict President Trump. Don’t you agree ?

  10. If we had a free and truthful media none of this would be happening, Joe Biden would be on trial for the quid pro quo they’re accusing Trump of doing. No transcript needed–there’s a video of Uncle Joe bragging about how he gave the leadership six hours to fire the prosecutor investigating Burma and his son or he was leaving for the US and would deny giving Ukraine the one hundred billion dollars they’d been promised. Where’s all the indignation on the left about that little gem?? And where, oh where, are the American people who are not calling this out and demanding an investigation?

  11. Someone must have told her Vodka helps keeping ones teeth in ones mouth.They,including Nancy who I pray for,should all put a mirror under their each and collective butts and look down, and there the two of you are.

    • well only the mental defectives, parasites, and perverts that vote democrapo… over and over again expecting a different outcome..

    • The real problem is that the liberal mindset has been dictated by evil, just as the Bible predicted, saying that they will be turned over to a reprobate mind. So it is the the Democrat mindset. Interesting also that scripture also say that the righteous tend to the right while the evil tend to the left.

    • You’re an idiot. The low IQ’s are on the left, always have been. You let these people lead you around by the nose because you’re not smart enough to have your own thoughts and do your own discovery. You are probably on top of the heap of the ill informed. Sure Trump isn’t as presidential as we’d all like, but he sure beats what’s been out there for a long time. That’s why the left hates him, because he’s upsetting the apple cart and no one wants to have a spotlight shine on them like he’s doing.

    • Ming how did you get out of your cell ? Did you dig your way out again? Someone needs to have their mouth washed out again, your meds must not be working or maybe they shoukd be increased again.

  12. The bottom line here is without President Trump standing between us and the Dims America would already be lost. Support for his actions is absolutely necessary if we are to remain an American Nation.

  13. Now a lot here are so uneducated about the process they seem to believe every thing that Trump tells them. Now an impeachment investigation is no different than any law enforcement investigation where the person being charged is not allowed to be involved in the investigation unless asked by the investigators, now once the investigators think they have enough evidence they call in the top lawyers to try to punch holes in their case and if the investigators case holds up then the turn it over to a Prosecutor to file an indictment in this case it is articles of impeachment, and then the prosecutor may set on the indictment if there is a possibility of more evidence coming out, many trials have been stopped in the middle when new evidence came out and recharged the person. Now when trump refused to honor House subpoenas he committed a serious felony which would get the average person many years in prison.
    “Contempt of Congress or obstruction of Congress is the act of obstructing the work of the United States Congress or one of its committees. Historically, the bribery of a U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative was considered contempt of Congress. In modern times, contempt of Congress has generally applied to the refusal to comply with a subpoena issued by a Congressional committee or subcommittee—usually seeking to compel either testimony or the production of requested documents.[1”
    Right from the law library in the library of Congress.

    • But the rules of law were not followed in this case. In the first place everything was based on ‘hearsay’ evidence which under principles of law is no evidence at all. Hearsay is not allowed in a court of law & never should have been allowed in order to allow the House Democrats to go on a fishing trip. Hardly complying with principles of law. Don’t think to highly of yourself, after all you have been blinded from seeing the truth & given over to a reprobate mind.

    • OK, The investigation is complete…now WHEN are they going to forward the charges AND evidence to the Senate so the trial can begin??? They probably should also publicize the votes, the American Citizens might be interested.

    • Robert, after reading your comments, you are the last person to talk about being uneducated and unaware of the process. Why is it that the dems always think they are smarter than anyone else? If one studies world history, one will realize that socialism has failed everywhere it as been tried. Yet dems want to take us down that road! Bobby boy, you are an uneducated idiot!!

    • Robert, your explanation of process is accurate ,but 2 omittions are that within House investigation Schiff and company limited the defense to present evidence. I know that the end doesn’t justify the means but when rules broken at onset should cancel any after.

    • Are you serious? The Senate , House and Oval office under the U.S. Constitution are Co Equal Branches, Each has certain privileges to protect it from the other branches. The Oval office has Executive privilege. Remember Obama claiming Executive privilege for Fast and Furious etc.? When one Branch objects to the other then the remedy according to the U,S, Constitution is the Judicial system which Pelosi bypassed thereby setting the House up as a superior Branch which is against the U,S, Constitution. This is an Abuse of Power. Furthermore the House has the SOLE POWER TO IMPEACH AND THE SENATE HAS THE SOLE POWER FOR THE TRIAL. Pelosi is trying to dictate to the Senate how they conduct their trial. There is a reason why the same person can’t be both the person who impeaches ans who also holds the Trial, This is a further Abuse of Power and an Abuse of the U,S, Constitution,

      The next time you are arrested or buy a new car that is a lemon I can guarantee you that if you are denied a Lawyer or the Dealership tells you that you have no rights and have to suck it up regardless of any laws or agreement that you signed and no right to plead your case and hire a Lawyer etc that you will be crying about it or any other such scenario, After reading your nonsense, and the probability that you vote then I can see why this Country is in such trouble.

    • Except for another law, a treaty106-16 Mutual legal assistance between the US and the Ukraine which allows the president to investigate Ukrainian crimes. 2 Ukrainians are sitting in prison for involving themselves in the 2016 election. Besides the fact that if they were going to impeach any president why did they not impeach President Obama when he failed to allow the billion or so dollars promulgated by the Congress to aid the Ukraine in preventing the taking of Crimea. President Obama told Yavonovich to keep her mouth shut and President Obama only gave the Ukrainians MRE’s. He promised to Protect the Ukraine from Putin. And now you know what preisdent Obama meant by Flexibility to the Russian in second command. Yes, he aided his friend Vladimir Putin in taking of the Crimea.

  14. Hey NAN, turnabout is fair, YES. The Grimm Reaper is going to provide exactly what you provided in your trial, no more, no less. I think you should get all the DEMIRATS together, take a trip to James Town, and partake in some refreshing cool aide.

  15. Glen, I tried really hard to see your point of view, but I just couldn’t get my head up my ass that far. How do you manage that?

  16. Glen has obviously consumed the Kool Aid and has no ability to see anything but the party line. No sense arguing with him – just ignore him, knowing that he is blowing smoke. The more the Dems play around with this, the more it will cost them. If the Republicans take both houses by considerable margins in 2020, they will be able to put an end to this once and for all.

  17. The elected Democrats at the local, city, state and federal level are all bloody f’n stupid hypocrites. This includes my dem relatives and friends.
    Nancy, Adam, Green and Waters and all others should be in jail attempted coup.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

  18. Why wouldn’t the Democrats believe they can roll this sham in their favor? They have successfully done so since the late 90’s. Paul Ryan was a terrible speaker and didn’t accomplish anything in the house. His complaint was Obama had the House and Senate. He said he needed the house majority to get someting done. They got the House in 10, nothing accomplished! Why? Repubs said they needed the Senate and they got it. Little accomlished! With the majority in the House and Senate, the excuse was they needed the executive branch. They got it!! Little was done because they ended up fighting with Trump. Next election cycle they lost the house. Now the Dem’s have completely foiled the Repubs efforts by controlling just one branch! Why? Because they have strong political leaders unlike the Repubs. Until we get decent Repub leadership in the congress, the Repubs will experience the same results they have since 08…..and they don’t deserve to be in the majority. God help us…

    • There are a great many parasites who need to go. This is why they are harassing the President. It’s to keep him busy dodging their bullets do he won’t have time to look into their criminal actions.

  19. The same Nancy also said we gave to pass health care so we can see what’s in it. Back handed deals are her trade mark. As long as she retains power, she will deal.

    • Doc, you are right ! And, what people have forgotten is, when she was handed the gavel, her first comment was “Now I have More Power than the President !!” She has been trying and succeeding to do every since. She will not stop until she is setting in the Oval Office. And God help the U.S.A., if that happens.

  20. Glen needs to go to the great socialist country of Venezuela that the democrats are trying to turn this country into. No one has food to eat except the upper crust leadership. They got power and refuse to relinquish it, no jobs because the government took over allowed businesses and ran them into the ground.

  21. glen might just be a troll… he certainly doesn’t make any sense and he just insults everyone. Probably doesn’t have anything better to do with his life (perhaps living in his parents basement even???….???) he’s about as condescending as Obama and acts as entitled as Alyssa Milano does….just about the right temperament and lack of objectivity that most Dems demonstrate

  22. How’s this ultimate scenario for the current modes of thought: (1) Pelosi does not submit the articles of impeachment for the next six months. (2) The Senate then refuses to accept the articles of impeachment because they have now become too busy with the “work of the nation”. (3) AG Barr then arrests Pelosi, Nadler, et al for obstruction of Congress because of the delay. (4) A trial is held where all of the conspirators involved in Deep State are convicted. (5) The election brings about a Conservative House and Senate with an 85% plurality. Trump wins. (6) The House then investigates the Deep State actors and sends the articles to the Senate. (7) They are all convicted for treason. Their property is seized. The Deep State is exterminated and all participants in the attempted coup are hung (as is the former practice of the US). The end… Tell Nancy Pelosi to stop playing around. Get on with it because with every passing day more and more evidence is being brought to the surface. Every aspect will turn against you in the long run. The political arena is fickle and has no rules. In the end, the crowd just wants to see blood.

    • bwa ha ha ha ha excellent (think monty burns from the simpsons) boy if it were only true if it was enacted there would be a contract war between them that would make the mafia look like sissies

    • I don’t think that she can just sit on it. I believe that the U.S. Constitution mandates that the articles have to be submitted in a reasonable length of time. Since the Senate has the SOLE power for the Trial then McConnell can give a time frame after a few weeks under the U.S. Constitution or can actually dismiss it as long as he has a Majority of 51 votes so the only problem is if he can get the 51 votes since some Republicans are RINOS.

  23. Glenn, you do realize that the name calling no longer works, right? Trump denounced David Duke in 1999, go look for it on youtube. Trump gave money to the campaign of Al Sharpton and lent him free office space when he ran for president. Trump fought the city council in Mira Lago to allow blacks and Jews at all country clubs in the city. He passed prison reform, which vastly helps black people far more than whites. He supports Israel more than any other president and his daughter converted to Judaism. Where is the racism? Sheep!

  24. How about they hold it till after the 2020 election. Then when they lose the majority in the house we just toss it in the trash. That way it never happened. Trump and all Republicans in 2020.

    • I loves this except we don’t get a trial of evidence against Schiff, Peloise, Comey, Lynch,Holder, Joe &Hunter Biden (who give us Obama and Clintons )

    • Not necessary. Read my above Post. Pelosi is trying to hold it up so the Democrats can say that any nominations such as Supreme court Judges etc. or any other actions are invalid as he is an impeached President.

    • Any business of Congress that is not completed before the seating of the next Congress is null and void. The new Congress must begin anew the bills do not carry forward. Sit on it Nancy, for another 11 months.

  25. She Pelosi has to be F’n crazy when she talks about a fair trial. What was fair about what they did to our President Trump. They never gave him a chance to defend himself nor did they let his party have any fairness. So what the HELL is she talking about that crazy, crazy corrupt nut job!!!! She needs to get lost and never ever show her F’n face again. Lock her up and take all her cronies with her. Prison is a good start and then HELL!!

  26. Well Glen, everything you say, which is pretty sick, is what the libs have been doing, not the conservatives.

    So I say to conservatives, write up some document for Nancy that specifically lays out exactly what the liberal house did and how they handled the “trial”. Those can be the rules for how the conservatives handle their side of the “trial. You know, secret witnesses, no libs in the room, rewrite the rules, don’t call all appropriate witnesses, don’t let the accused know anything, then accuse him of made up stupid idiotic lies, even though there is no proof. Let’s impeach him for not being political, doing what is best for the American people, lowering the unemployment rate for everyone, making fair trade agreements, improving the economy, giving his salary as a donation to various groups, not being discriminatory, not taking away free speech from those who don’t agree with him like the libs have done, believing in the second amendment and not trying to take away our freedoms.

  27. this guy is a dam talking turd. wanting fair ness well piss off turd everything the turds have done hasn’t been fair at all. I say cuff them Bill and put orange suits on all of them put them on a plain bound for GITMO, Cuba where their trial will be for various high crime and treason and the trials are to be by tribunal. AG Bill Bar needs to start the procedings asap

  28. Glen sounds like obamas ass hole fell of BULLSHIT!!!! Just another dumb liberal that needs to be hanging in a tree!!! So we can see him twitching like his mother Pelosi does when she is trying to spit out a sentence!!!

    • Not only will his bs be coming out of his mouth, but his feces (shit) will be coming out of his rear end also when he is hanging in a tree!

  29. These Evil Democrats opinions are no better than mine until they are decided on by the Supreme Court and that is the way it is in a nation of laws.

  30. Glenn. You are about the stupidest ignorant uneducated left wing zealot that has ever posted. You are so brainwashed from the liberal media that you believe the Democrats put on a fair and legal trial of our greatest President in my lifetime. You need to grow up and start thinking for yourself.

  31. Glen (above) has a perfect example of liberal selflessness in Hilarys extremely fair handling of Bernie in the 2016 DNC convention, Really selfless of her to “buy” the votes of 700+ superdelegates .

  32. Hosestly .. nothing you have done so far has been fair or honest.. so why would you expect to be treated fairly.. you and party are a disgrace to this country.. You have no ethics or self esteem..not sure how you and your people even look into a mirror.. you have lied and cheated.. and you want to talk about fair.. what goes around comes around…

  33. From day one, the DNC has used scam after scam to try and pull a Coup and overthrow of the government on the people of the United States. When will this act be over and the real perps go to jail?

  34. Can it be the “braintwisting” of our educational system since 1966 that has produced such an incredible “flock” of adults who see Pelosi, Nadler and Schumer as truly wanting to protect our nation. Faithful disciples of Cloward and Pivens and Karl Marx. I’ll take brash, candid Donald Trump any day.

  35. Glen has a real problem. I’m sure he is a reasonably smart person, but to accuse the Conservatives of things that the liberals want for this country is absurd, and though he “will never understand the far right’s mindset” he is willing to insult conservatives by writing “batshit crazy, off the charts lunatics” while listening to liberals like Pelosi “we have to pass the bill before we read it” fame and Obama’s “I’ve visited about 57 of them” when asked how many states he had visited. He must have left his brain in one of the extra seven unknown states. And as far as “brainwashed” is concerned, Glen is a classic example of one brain washed individual.

  36. Jail Pelosie The Evil Fraud Squad and all those who voted from this Sham Impeachment! It doesn’t matter that Pelosie twisted their arms to vote for this sham! Since they are spineless, agreeing with what is a SHAM, VITE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! What the Rats have put Trump and us deplorables through , is inexcusable and deserve severe punishment!

  37. A good question, as the democrats want to just change, or rather, establish new rules for the Senate, regarding the impeachment. They are going to be destroyed at the ballot box in November 2020, and some will start immediately crying about some sort of outside pressure on voters, maybe this time by the man in the moon!

    • It’s payback for impeaching Clinton for lying to the grand jury…THAT was partisan behaviour. THIS partisan behavior is worse.

  38. Pelosi,need a proctoligist to get her head out President Trump, is going to win again because of there games? Constitution what’s that to demo. They follow there own constitution???????

  39. The Democrat Party is imploding on itself and Bloomberg is going to finish them off as he will take all the moderate democratic vote leaving the rest of the progressives hanging out to dry.
    This is what happens when you let hatred control your thinking

  40. I thought the idea of a fair trial was for the accused, NOT the accuser.
    These radicals are backwards on everything and need to be buried come November at the ballot box. Anyone should be able to see what a sham this is!

    • Glen, you would be right if this were a real impeachment with real Constitutional issues and valid arguments. But it is not. It is a travesty in the best case and criminal in the worst. Anyone with real education and understanding of the Constitution would see that immediately.

    • Glen – give us deplorables a list of what was fair about the rules set for impeachment on the House side. EVERYTHING was one sided in the House rules and they favored the Democ-RATS. Educate us and tell us one fair thing that went on.


  42. I didn’t realize the Democrats were on trial. I always thought fair trial was for the accused not the accuser since the accused is supposed to be presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves his guilt. Also never knew of a jury with the ability to call its own witnesses and try the prosecutor’s case while demanding that the jury be given means to investigate the accused.

    • Good point. It’s Trump that has had his Constitutional rights trampled upon. But in this case, it is also true that the Democrats are on trial for the same reason any corrupt prosecutor or investigator would be on trial. Trials are supposed to be about truth and justice. On both counts, the Democrats in the House have much to answer for.

    • Liberals are not commies or morons, conservative maybe just dumb and easy led.. There were million more TrumpCucks then we could have imagined. (Trumpcuck) Someone who supports a vile, bigoted, Islamophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic demagogue. The typical TrumpCucks actually have wet dreams about blo-ing Trump in the oval office. A hardcore Trump supporter, who seemingly gets off while watching the dotard fu-k their country right in front of them. Especially appropriate when said person has been negatively ffected by Trump’s actions, yet still blindly supports him nonetheless. “Did you hear about Carrier outsourcing to Mexico after they got their tax cut? Yeah, apparently poor Bill’s getting laid off because of it. But he’s still wearing that MAGA hat. Talk about a major Trump-Cuck. A Trump conservative is like cleaning up your dog’s vomit: It is an inevitable consequence of your association, he isn’t much help, and it makes very clear the fact that he will swallow anything.
      I will never understand the far right’s mindset, so I don’t even waste one second of my time trying to do so. All you need to know is that they’re batshit crazy, off-the-charts lunatics who believe everything that comes out of their czars’ mouths, and will not ever question anything. You cannot reason with these kind of people, nor does any logic about anything apply to them. They’re robots without brains and do as they’re told. Pretty scary, isn’t it?
      (The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. – John Kenneth Galbraith )
      Right Wing Republicans are like alligators, all mouth and no ears.

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