Dem House Rep. Makes Jaw-Dropping Statement While Refusing To Denounce Leftist Violence

(Liberty Bell) – While the Democrats and their media sycophants have repeatedly demanded over and over that President Trump denounce and condemn white supremacy and any groups associated with it, the left never feels that they should do the same for radical left violence or any groups committing it.

Not only do they refuse to denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence but they go as far as to deny it’s even the left carrying out acts of violence and rioting.

Just like how Joe Biden stood on the debate stage in September during the first debate and asserted that “Antifa is just an idea,” other Democrats make similar statements while continuing to defend and justify the radical left.

Minnesota congressman, Rep. Dean Phillips, said during an interview on Fox News that Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups aren’t the ones responsible for the violence and rioting that have plagued US cities for the better part of 2020.

While speaking to Fox News’ Leland Vittert on Sunday, Phillips argued that the idea that BLM and Antifa are committing violence is just “nonsense” and that it needs to end before claiming that he believes “all violence” should be condemned.

In light of the numerous incidents of leftist violence against Trump supporters over the weekend in Washington DC during and after the “Million MAGA March,” Vittert pushed back on Phillips’ denial of left-wing violence.

Vittert asked if Phillips agreed with the assertion that the vast majority of violence seen in the country over the last several months is being primarily carried out by leftists. Phillips responded with what is almost a comical answer.

“Anybody who looks at the facts can identify the fact that a lot of the most violent acts, a lot of the burning, wasn’t done by leftists,” he said in seriousness before adding that “it is time that we set aside this nonsense and come to the same conclusion.”

What conclusion would that be? We can only assume he means it’s time for Americans to conclude that the violence is incited by President Trump and it’s actually his supporters that are guilty.

He went on to say that all Americans should have the right to gather safely and peacefully. Vittert then pressed Phillips on the reason why President Trump has been asked repeatedly to denounce white supremacy and such yet the left is not held to the same standard.

“Why is it so hard for Democrats to name and shame them?” Vittert asked, referring to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Phillips responded by saying that he doesn’t believe that BLM is responsible for the violence and went on to give blanket condemnation for all violence “no matter where it comes from.”

Vittert wasn’t satisfied with Phillips’ non-answer and pressed him again on why Democrats like himself continue to refuse to condemn leftist violence despite video evidence of it being carried about by people literally wearing clothing that signals their association with BLM and Antifa.

Rather than condemning violence in general again he offered a shocking defense of left-wing agitators saying that people wearing BLM gear are “trying to fight for equality” whereas people who are wearing swastikas are “fighting for the death of people who are not like them.”

There it is. What the Democrats really actually think. It’s OK for radical leftists to engage in violence because their cause justifies it.

What a sham. If you’ve ever seen any of the videos of leftists violently attacking Trump supporters you would know that these people are most certainly not fighting for “equality.”

You don’t fight for “equality” by lessening the value of other humans through violent physical attacks. That is absurd and even Phillips and the rest of the Democrats know that. Nobody actually believes BLM and Antifa are fighting for anything respectable or admirable.

These radical groups do what Democrats want done to Trump supporters and that’s why they don’t denounce them or call them out.

For the duration of the interview, Phillips would not denounce Antifa, who he claimed doesn’t really exist, despite Vittert trying several times.

Phillips claimed that no one in the Democratic Party is associated with the Antifa mob as if to insinuate that President Trump is associated with white supremacist groups.

Phillips is a typical Democrat shill and will say just about anything to avoid denouncing the radical left.

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  1. Maybe it’s time that some of these criminals of antifa and blm attack loot and burn down the homes of these ignorant POS from the democratic and republican party known as RINO’s as republican in name only who constantly side with democrats like Mit Romney has done over and over to stab president Trump in the back. These people are so stupid to tell publicly that there is no mob violence yet we who live in cities like Portland and Chicago and Seattle know full well these people telling the liberal media this trash are lying to no end to make the Trump supporters the ones doing all the violence, the news media is truly the enemy of the American way of life better go to your news from Newmax and One America News and other sources to get the truth.

  2. And this is exactly why there continues to be violence going on. The left is so busy blaming Trump for the chaos that they refuse to take a good look in the mirror and take responsibility for what they have done and allowed to happen. The left are the ones instigating all this by trashing Trump and his supporters, but yet now they want unity without denouncing the BLM and Antifa when in fact they are from their side.

  3. When all these “woke” progressives on the Left are subjected to the same ritual abuse by Right-Wing extremists that Trump supporters are currently subjected to by Antifa and BLM, then and ONLY then might both sides eventually arrive at a compromise solution which would be satisfactory to both sides – NOT! Trump supporters have nothing to negotiate with Antifa and/or BLM, BECAUSE NEGOTIATION MEANS COMPROMISE, AND COMPROMISE MEANS DEFEAT! There is no middle ground! One side has to perish in order for the other side to survive! In the “Us and Them” of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Antifa and BLM are THEM!

  4. All these ignorant leftists are so freaking out there. And this BLM crap is so old. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!! Period!!!! You hear all this crap so much, but I can honestly say that if you want to make something of yourself, it’s your responsibility to get off your a** and work for it. Every day I turn on the news and see people of color doing newscasts. They worked hard to get there. What about Tyler Perry? He was homeless as a child, but he worked hard and prevailed. I guess my point is that this is the USA, and you can bring yourself to be anything you want to be with hard work and discipline. Stop using the excuse that you are oppressed because your not. You are just freaking lazy and want it given to you without having to work or put in effort to attain it.

  5. Don’t believe your lying eyes. BLM and Antifa in the photos and videos as just figments of our imagination. They don’t really attack Police or Trump supports or private businesses.What is the matter with all of us seeing such things and believing them. I guess we all need to get our eyes checked.
    Democrats are going to bring an end to our country as we know it. This entire facade needs to be questioned and stopped.

  6. And this is what true Americans want Joe Biden for President. look, man, Joe Biden only wants good thing for Americans so cutting Trump tax for the good of the people and tearing down the wall for the people look, man, cutting fracking and fossil fuel look here, man I am a man of truth I like the china there, good people I know they been with me for years they all ways nice to I mean they just want Americans people to do what there told I mean in a nice way come on man corrupt joe and thank you


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