Cuomo Vs. DeSantis: Blatant Media Bias On Full Display In These Side-By-Side Comparisons…

(Liberty Bell) – No governor did a worse job at handling the coronavirus than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yet Cuomo, unlike any other state governor, has been all but hailed by the fawning mainstream media as a hero amid the pandemic and treated as some kind of religious icon.

Dear Leader Cuomo has enjoyed endless praise and celebration from the pathetic media and yet he has been the cause of thousands of deaths. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Rick DeSantis has taken an almost entirely opposite approach in handling the virus, has had much fewer deaths, and the media routinely criticizes and slams him.

The media bias is truly sickening.

By now, you’re likely familiar with the abysmal and deadly policies in New York and other states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan in which the governors ordered sick, contagious COVID patients to be funneled into nursing homes.

Elderly residents of these homes, as a result, died in high numbers. Thousands of elderly nursing home patients became infected and lost their lives in New York as a direct result of Cuomo’s policies.

Meanwhile, in Florida where there are 2 million more people and a much larger population of elderly residents, there were just 21,500 deaths altogether, compared to the over 38,000 in New York state under Cuomo.

Cuomo has been on a rampage with lockdown rules and mandates making New York one of the strictest states in the country while DeSantis, and his much lower death rate, has said he refuses to lockdown Florida again.

Which Governor is truly doing a better job in handling the virus? Clearly DeSantis. Which governor has the mainstream media made into a heroic icon? Cuomo, of course.

Freelance commentary writer Drew Holden posted a lengthy thread on Twitter in which he highlighted the stark differences in the way the media has treated Cuomo versus DeSantis and the blatant bias is truly disgusting.

Holden named DeSantis “2020 man of the year” for the abuse he has endured by the media while still managing to do an excellent job fighting the virus.

What’s truly alarming is that it appears as though the mainstream media has realized that Florida is crucial in national elections, especially where there is no fraud, and they’re doing their part in turning the tides against DeSantis using the same devious and deceptive tactics they have used against President Trump for the last four years.

DeSantis has also made himself a target of the MSM by supporting Trump and calling them out on their nonstop propaganda and lies.

Holden went on to share some side-by-side comparisons of the way in which national media outlets like MSNBC and CNN treat DeSantis and Cuomo.

DeSantis has done the better job handling the virus by far. As BizPac Review points out, if New York “were a country it’d have the highest death per capita IN THE WORLD.”

Yet, DeSantis is subject to obnoxious media “fact-checking” while Cuomo gets millions to write a book and wins an Emmy.

It truly is one of the biggest charades in US history and if President Trump manages to overcome the election fraud and serve another term in the White House, media accountability needs to rank high on his list of priorities.

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  1. If only DeSantis would have put Covid -positive patients into nursing homes so 7,000 could die, he would be given an Emmy and do a self-promoting book tour about his magnificent response to Wuhan flu.

  2. What DeSantis did in Florida could easily happen in NYS, if the elite rich would tolerate giving the needed support to those individuals, whose services they depend on but they don’t really acknowledge the existence of individuals. Why do you think the inoculation of the vaccine is taking so long to occur? Rather than doing it as a public health crisis need, where the vaccination occurs as prescribed in the order suggested, it has become a matter of who pays more to get the vaccine first. Especially since NYS considers itself a sanctuary state for all, which actually means, yeah you can live here, but you only get what we feel like giving you. If that’s not enough, we will ignore your crimes because you are a “victim”. NYS may claim it is unbiased but it treats certain people better because they “pay” for the privilege of getting better service.

  3. This is for RPhillipson: what fantasy world do you live in to believe there would only be 10,000 deaths in Florida or less if the governor followed NY’s lockdown? That’s insane. You and I will learn the truth someday ( actual deaths caused by this virus). Liberal thinking like yours is killing this country. Wake up

  4. Hey R Phillipson the author should not have used the word just when talking about 21,500 deaths, but like a typical liberal you turned a blind eye to the almost double amount that died in N. Y. Hypocrite. By the way I’m an ex New Yorker now living in Florida. I won’t even go visit N. Y.

  5. Just 21,500 deaths – what a great record, with proper action it might have been just 10,000 or none. Are you part of the media? I think you are, and the worst purveyor of fake news on the internet.

  6. In my opinion the forcing of COVID afflicted elderly in nursing home was no miscalculation or accident. I believe that Gov. Cuomo did so to kill off as many elderly patients as possible as a eugenicidal effort to saved the State money. I believe it was murder.

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