Corrupt: Trump Adviser Slams FBI, Says DOJ “Asleep At The Wheel” On Election Fraud

(Liberty Bell) – When President Trump was just a presidential candidate, he spoke in strong terms about ridding Washington DC of the widespread corruption that had infected the federal government. His rhetoric resonated with the American people and a movement was born.

President Trump, his administration, and certain members of Congress spent the next four years exposing this corruption and shedding light on the nefarious Deep State that was established by Obama and that had compromised numerous institutions like the FBI and the Department of Justice, to name a few.

Trump and those loyal to him have exposed the devious Russian collusion plot and nothing has been done about it yet. Attorney General William Barr appointed US Attorney John Durham to investigate those who investigated the Russian collusion hoax but no information has been released yet.

It seems the Democrats just get away with everything. They were fraudulently using the law to imprison those in President Trump’s administration on bogus, trumped up charges and yet there have been no arrests over the Russian collusion charade that cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

We’d ask why but we already know the answer. The institutions responsible for bringing criminals to justice are not doing their jobs. They’ve been corrupted and are aligned with the Deep State. That’s exactly why they aren’t taking any action whatsoever over the many, many allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Senior Trump 2020 campaign adviser, Steve Cortes, said on “Just the News AM” Tuesday, that the Department of Justice is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to the election.

Cortes told host Carrie Sheffield that he wishes the FBI was more “involved and engaged” in the ongoing election issues and pointed out that the Trump team does not have much time or the resources that the federal government has.

He blasted the FBI for not being more involved in the election fraud allegations but being “deeply engaged in trying to concoct the case against President Trump.” He then lambasted the DOJ saying that they are “asleep at the wheel here while there may be really systemic fraud taking place that is truly undermining our republic.”

Cortes went on to say he doesn’t know why the FBI is choosing not to get involved with there may be significant fraud that has occurred, much of which they can prove.

It would be truly mind-boggling if it weren’t for the fact that we know the FBI has been corrupted at the highest levels. Sadly, the fact that they aren’t even remotely interested in protecting this country’s elections from fraud and actual foreign interference isn’t surprising at all.

Cortes said there is substantial amounts of fraud that the Trump legal team can prove right now in court using affidavits and eyewitness testimony. He also pointed out that there are constitutional issues at play here too that are “critical.”

The FBI is a seriously corrupt institution and while the Democrats are literally stealing the election right from the American people the FBI is doing nothing. As Cortes pointed out, the election fraud is undermining our republic but then again, the FBI has been doing that for years.

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  1. Those of us paying attention are learning more about the depth and seriousness of our “deep state” obstructionists. This situation is way more serious than Pres. Trump or any of us had any ideal.

  2. Justice for Trump…I have asked you to find your own truths instead of just repeating the fake news you are watching on CNN and MSNBC….you must research the facts yourself….this is how all communist country’s have started by lying to their own people…fooling them into believing that they only want the best for their people which is never what really happens…just look at history…Cuba, Venezuela…China…and even Hong Kong …they are fighting right now for their freedoms…The American People will always fight for their freedoms..we have done it before and if we must do it again, we will !!! Maybe you will join us after you Find the truth….

    • Donna, your information comes from Limbaugh, Levin, Fox, and all these lying right wing websites. You need to deprogram, you are a Trump cult member and if you get help you might have a useful life.

  3. My Dear Family America: “JFK was removed by “Gunfire” and President Trump is being “Removed” by the same “Individuals” who orchestrated and continue to cover it up with the same “Assassination”tactics only applied by a “Massive” well “Organized” “Elected Crime Circle” hell bent destroying the “Will Of The People” by “Voter Criminal Mail Fraud” and allowed and permitted to continue “Without Fear Of Prosecution” because “All Positive Law is Null and Void” when it come to “Individual Rights” in these “Once Upon a Time United States”! “BIG MONEY” is Controlling and Destroying OUR Family America” with a “Free Hand” for “Justice has been Purchased”! “ I Stand with THEMIS and redress the Insurrectionists” “UNCHALLENGED”! GITMO should be FULL!

  4. President Trump has fought a one-man war against the Deep State and swamp corruption from the very beginning. With the combination of the MSM, Holyweird, the academic elite, Big Tech, etc., united against him, the struggle may have been too much to bear for any one man, and his cause and the cause of the people was rendered hopeless from the start!

  5. You Trumpsters are sick, no offense, but you need deprogram from your master Trump or your life will be as useless as it has been in recent years.

    • Ha ha you talk like a nut why don’t you come and reprogram me you don’t have the guts unless you bring a crowd with you just keep talking that smack and it will happen you people can see any good that trump had done it’s amazing that so many Latinos and blacks have supported trump because the stupid Dems have done nothing for them keep supporting a pedofile a crook ado nothing 47 years of politics with nothing to show for it get of the koolaid and think for yourself you say the same crap that cnn and all the msm has said for four years wow wake up and look around

    • Another deep state troll

      Propaganda agent like Schiff.
      Sounds like a CCP guy who monitors classrooms to target free thought.

    • Insanity permeates your whole comment, and such hatred from a Jewish person is even more confounding and reprehensible.

  6. Gerry G, Bingo! Add the facts that there is a close alliance between intelligence groups, wealth derived from criminal enterprise within ruling families now, incestuous business relations among the elite offspring, complete disregard for the law at the highest levels including Clinton flying around the world as SOS soliciting nothing more than bribes, and the genesis of the CIA. We have little chance when they collude with FB, Twitter, Soros, the media, BLM, Antifa and the most corrupt cabal ever in American politics – the Democratic Party. We have three legs standing us up now. The lawsuits filed by Trump and friends on the legal side, the fact that there are too many Second Amendment supporters here who will not be pushed aside, and the probability that the umbrella of “diversity” in Biden’s theft will turn on itself. Our job is to support the lawsuits, the Second Amendment and keep stockpiling supplies. It is Constitutionally mandated by our oath to serve our country.

  7. You people are unbelievable. Harris hasn’t resigned yet because she is Vice President Elect and still a Senator until she is finally Vice President. He constituents still need her vote in Congress. What an ignorant bunch of bums you are.

  8. Sad state of affairs when the FBI is dirtier tan the criminals they are supposed to chase!
    Everyone with a brain can tell that Biden, Obama, and the Clintons are guilty of all kinds of crimes. The most difficult decision would be which crimes to charge them with first! I agree that most Americans are waiting to find out just which one of these actors is the lead dog!

  9. So let’s find the ones who’ll will cut deals to get enough of the “others” to go down. Everyone has a price for ratting out others and the promise of no time in jail. Soros and Bloomberg know that. Where the hell is the money on our side?

  10. In 1993 Hillary Clinton demanded and received 900 files from the FBI. She was collecting info on Bill’s and her potential enemies. Two corrupt lawyers from Chicago and Little Rock. The FBI later justified the action on a clerical error, as though the FBI moves large numbers around. And Barr failed miserably in protecting the US from within. Shame on him and of Durham cowardly action. They both must have been threatened and their families. We need Erik Prince to organise a “visit” to Durham and rescue his files. The gloves must come off. The other side wears them.

    • Durham and Barr didn’t find anything but one thing is clear, Barr aided and abetted the criminal Trump and committed crimes himself, one if perjury.

  11. The reason it seems that “nothing gets done” is because the evil deep state, where ever they may be stationed within our government, is a cabal of people linked by their corruption. They all have ‘dirt’ on each other. If one goes down, they all go down.
    “You tell on me, I tell on you”.
    Righteous, loyal patriots don’t need the connections, and are sadly very few in Washington.


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