Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz Makes Stunning Statement About Biden’s Status As “President-Elect”

(Liberty Bell) – We are currently living through one of the greatest attempts at mass deception in human history.

The mainstream media, Big Tech social networks, and the Democrat Party have been working hand-in-glove to insist that any allegations of voter fraud are false.

It didn’t start on November 4th, either.

The moment that the left began talking about the safety and security of mail-in voting as the pandemic came to our shores, Republicans have been warning that expanding mail-in voting options lent itself well to irregularities or fraud.

And the moment the first alarm was sounded, the leftist propagandists began insisting, loudly and frequently, that it was impossible for mail-in voting to have even a hint of corruption.

It is a dangerous thing when a massively powerful information apparatus take such tyrannical control of the narrative.

It is all the more important, then, to insist on speaking the truth, and right now, the amount of people who are putting themselves way out on a limb politically to do so gives serious weight to the Thought Crime of accusing the left of voter fraud.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is a Democrat who is one of the foremost constitutional scholars in the United States.

He is not the sort of man who is going to make frivolous statements for the sake of appeasing a certain political faction.

And while the whole of the mainstream media complex continues to describe former Vice President Joe Biden as the “president-elect” of the 2020 election, Dershowitz has just taken a very definitive step over the line drawn by the informational powers that be.

He has firmly denied that Biden is the president-elect.

“The president elect doesn’t get named as president elect until at least he has 270 state certification of electors, or his opponent concedes. Neither of that has happened as of now,” the high-profile lawyer very clearly explained to NTD News.

“I think that he is entitled to describe himself as the president elect. At the moment he’s won 305 or so electoral votes and President Trump is entitled to dispute that. That’s freedom of speech. That’s politics. Neither is entitled as a matter of law or constitutionality to say that they are the president elect.”

Dershowitz, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team during the Senate impeachment trial at the start of 2019, shared his speculation that the president’s campaign attorneys are trying to force the election into the House of Representatives.

Now, the Democrats may have the majority in the House when it comes to total votes, but when it comes to majority Republican congressional contingents from each of the 50 states, the GOP enjoys a 26-23-1 majority. As it happens, a contested presidential election is settled by one vote from each state’s delegation.

The academic explained that one possible way for the Trump campaign to legally prevent electors from casting their votes is if there are ongoing legal challenges that have yet to be resolved at the time the electoral college meets.

At this point, some secretaries of state, many of whom are Republican, could refuse to certify the vote in time to be officially cast.

“That will be challenged in court. And that will be a mess, it would create a constitutional crisis of a kind we haven’t had before,” he said.

He explained that the Trump legal team has a “constitutional right” to aim to get the election put before the House of Representatives to settle.

“I can’t condemn them for using every possible legal recourse. That’s what lawyers do,” he said.

Ultimately, however, Dershowitz believes that the lawsuits will fail to bring about a reversal for Trump, and expects to see Biden inaugurated on January 30th.

We’ve got to hope he’s very wrong about that—but only time will tell.

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  1. “Ultimately, however, Dershowitz believes that the lawsuits will fail to bring about a reversal for Trump, and expects to see Biden inaugurated on January 30th.”

    Most people expect to see Biden inaugurated on January 20th.

  2. Dershowitz is Trump’s butt boy because of all of Dershowitz’s crimes in the Epstein world, rapes in his condo, on the island and even in cars in NYC. At least 3 women have come forward and even a 13 at the time said Trump raped her repeatedly, tortured her and threatened her and her family. She was another Epstein connection and you saw Trump partying with Epstein and being photographed many times with Epstein and Maxwell.

  3. Benito Mussolini was not executed bu hanging. He made no final statement. He was killed -shot – and his body and that of his mistress were brought into town and they were hung upside down. People spit on him and did deplorable acts against his body. But he was NOT taken to the gallows and hanged.

  4. Keep praying for a Trump victory….our country will never survive a Biden-Harris presidency…..all will be lost…..and the dumb democrats that think they have won…. will find out that they have lost everything including their freedoms, their security, and their lives, but most of all , they have lost the greatest country That has ever existed …..this is what you have left for your children…you will be sorry…

  5. As to a reply, if we tend to ignore the facts, then we’re doomed to accept only opinions.
    And unless I have forgotten the facts, the President Elect becomes so after Congress acts, not the Candidate.
    We’re in dark territory now, so my comparison of the recent public statements from Democrats, to with “there is no evidence of voter fraud/irregularities”. It’s doubtful that most of us have NOT seen articles, and YouTube videos, that display or vocalize serious and obvious irregularities.
    To that I say, look at what has transpired during the “so called” debates. Biden used earphones, teleprompters, and later on high tech contact lenses , yet still when he would answer questions he would stumble.
    Then there’s the Biden Video (available on YouTube) where Biden bragged that the Democrats have the most sophisticated voter fraud organization this Country has ever seen, and we have had it since Obama.
    And Now ! The Democrats and many RINO’s are making the wildest statement of all, stating “this Election was the most secure Election this Country has ever seen” !
    Really ! The most sophisticated voter fraud organization, then the most secure election ? Has anyone this Country ever picked up a Dictionary, because secure is defined as “fixed, so as not to give away, or be lost”. The Democratic Socialists (Socialist Progressives, communists, you pick) couldn’t be more obvious if they ran over the American Voter with a truck.

  6. Our “Constitutional Scholar”, Dershowitz, just said that Biden will be sworn in on January 30th. Isn’t the inauguration on January 20th? Or are they going to give Biden 10 days to figure out where he is supposed to be to be sworn in as the leader of the free world? I hope he’s not 10 days late to a nuclear war!

  7. Jane Fonda is a traitor.
    We all know now how Barak Obama opened the sluice gates of racism and hate following the reterick of Reverend Wright while Hillary Clinton danced & demonstrated how greed & power are manifested in lies, deception and a burning desire for power & prestige at any cost to our nation. Then there’s the Deep State’s plans with Obama at the levers of power like the grand wizard using the likes of Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, and the wonderful worms of the FBI’s hierarchy to spy on Trump & his staff. The truth will come out in spite of the unconscionable miserable media.
    Here’s hoping President Trump can somehow prevail by further exposing the fraud & corruption of his seditious opposition. The odds seem to be insermountable but who knows. God Bless the USA.

  8. Interesting!!!!! Being a 78 yrs old male American citizen, who can’t believe what I’m seeing or hearing about this country, and where it looks like it’s heading….I can only say… ” Someone, right now needs to pull their heads out of their ass and think about the true love for what this country stands for, and get back with what is right for us ALL!!!!!!!! Today, not tomorrow….Stop counting the dead…start counting who’s going to be left. Time you find out…….

  9. Wow, I love how you put that. That’s about as real as it gets. And The Bigot and The Whore of Babylon… fits them perfectly to a “T” !!

  10. On his way to the gallows to be hung, at the end of WWII, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini famously declared publicly to the crowd “CORPORATISM IS FACISM”–can anybody dispute that given how the world has DEVOLVED since then?

    • oh, and Dershowitz WOULD support Biden the paedoperv–don’t they both belong to the same Epstein Island CLUB OF PERVERTS???

  11. Alan Dershowitz is very liberal, but he’s not a “leftist” like all the current opposition to Trumism seem to be. The demons are desperate to give The Bigot and The Whore of Babylon credence any way they can, only to fool the lemmings of society. The only people in the country that are citizens who want The Bigot and The Whore of Babylon in power are the welfare set, and babies who’ve never really had to support themselves. The rest are powermongers who want a New World Order, disguised as “a new normal”. They are the globalists elites who wrongly assume they will escape subjugation in their “new normal”.
    No where on earth has Socialism ever succeeded for long. Ask any legal immigrant who lived under socialism how ‘nice it is’. They’ll all tell you it’s only nice until the powermongers run out of everyone else’s money. It’s always “Tax-and-Spend”. The minions eventually get tired of being taxed, and since everything is “Free, free, free”, they stop going to work. Why bother? Everything is free.
    Once the government can’t get money from the ‘minions’, they’ll go after the elites.
    They eat their own eventually.
    America is under assault, and the good people only fuel that assault by contributing to the coffers of the very elites’ apparatuses they use to destroy the county (Google, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T, Cable networks, Amazon). If good people could be brave enough to stop buying products from the demon elites, their power would be diminished.
    I agree with the author. I hope Dershowitz is wrong about Trump’s chances at correcting the vote.

    • I should have included that Dershowitz is not privy to all the evidence the Trump team has.
      Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani aren’t about to risk their reputations, and she said there’s no way the SCOTUS can overlook or avoid having to deal with this election mess.
      We’ll see . . .


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