Conservatives Launch Battle Against Democrats’ ‘Dark Money’ Operations

(Liberty Bell) – According to WND, conservative groups have formed a coalition and launched a $2 million media campaign assault that is targeting liberal “dark money” groups that helped to fund President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the 2020 election this past year.

This coalition is being led by Judicial Crisis Network, Heritage for America, and Americans for Public Trust, and is seeking to drag progressive “dark money” groups such as Arabella Advisors, which dumped millions of dollars into Biden’s campaign, from the shadows out into the light according to Capital Research Center.

The effort by these groups are set to target Xavier Becerra as well, who is Biden’s pick to head up the Health Department, along with Banita Gupta, Biden’s choice for associate attorney general.

“Dark money groups led by Arabella Advisors, among others, now want payback for helping Joe Biden get elected,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, said in a recently released statement. “Mr. Biden promised unity, but his nominees to high positions and his policy prescriptions reveal an extreme liberal agenda, on which these dark money groups are trying to cash in.”

Americans for Public Trust is set to spend $600,000 on this campaign to shed light on these “dark money” groups and Heritage Action for America will also drop the same amount on ads that will target Becerra. Judicial Crisis Network is pouring in $800,000 to target Gupta.

“In Vanita Gupta, President Biden has nominated a liberal activist who supports defunding the police and brings to the job her experience leading a left-wing dark money group,” Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino pointed out in a recent statement.

This campaign is made up of three ads that are airing on cable as well as digital platforms according to a press release by the coalition. There’s going to be a grassroots effort that will accompany these ads that will hit text messages, emails, and member activism.

“This is a highly coordinated effort to bring awareness to Biden’s pay-to-play approach to the liberal dark money groups who spent money to elect him and Senate Democrats, and to oppose two of Biden’s extremist nominees who will carry the agendas of those dark money groups to their administration posts if confirmed,” a Republican strategist who is working with the coalition said to the left-leaning Politico.

Officials within the Biden administration are still rather confident in both Becerra and Gupta. Becerra has taken a lot of heat over his pro-abortion stances as well as his very vocal distaste for guns and the Second Amendment.

It’s about time that conservatives step up and begin to dismantle the various pieces of the apparatus that is currently funding folks who are bent on the destruction of our liberty and our way of life. If we want to stand a chance of winning back the White House in 2024, we have got to remove the influence of dark money donors and level the playing field.

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