Conservative Powerhouse Mark Levin Totally Annihilates Obama Over Treatment Of The Black Community; This Is A Must Read

(Liberty Bell) – Dynamite conservative radio personality Mark Levin is not the kind of guy who will mince words with someone. He’s a straight shooter who often tells it like it is, whether the truth is unpleasant or not. In a world full of political correctness where people are terrified out of their minds to tell you what they really think, or to reiterate inconvenient facts that don’t fit well within the modern, progressive narrative, Levin’s approach is refreshing.

Levin made an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” program where he absolutely shredded former President Barack Obama over the eulogy he delivered earlier in the day at the funeral service for Rep. John Lewis.

What Levin had beef with in the speech was Obama’s eagerness to criticize America under Trump, when he himself has done nothing to improve the quality of life for the Black community since leaving the Oval Office.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

Transcript as follows:

LEVIN: You know, Sean, that speech by Obama reminded me of the good old days of Obama when he was a community activist hanging out with domestic terrorists. He was probably really getting into the, you know, Molotov cocktails, and all the rest, the good old days for Obama.

You know, Obama has milked this country for everything it’s worth. He’s milked it for maximum power, he and his wife are now worth tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars having sold their presidency after they left office. He gives the speeches now, and he’s abused the black community more than any modern president that I’m aware of or any modern politician for that matter.

What exactly has this man done for the black community since he’s been in the private sector? What did he do for the black community when he was president other than kill school choice in Washington, D.C.?

I can tell you what Lincoln did for African-Americans. I can tell you what Grant did. I can tell you what Eisenhower did. I can tell you what LBJ did. I can tell you what Donald J. Trump did, but I can’t tell you what Obama did.

Now, I want to educate Obama, the former law school professor and all the leftist kooks out there, this country systemically racist? Let me tell you something, no country puts hundreds of thousands of men on the battlefield and lose them in a civil war to keep a union and end slavery. The equivalent of 4 million men lost their lives to end slavery.

The only thing Obama has done for this country racially speaking is help to create the current climate of civil unrest and division, thanks to working with the mainstream media to create narratives that brainwashed people into thinking systemic racism is still an actual thing in this country, despite the fact it was destroyed during the Civil Rights Movement and has been totally obliterated by a maturing society that had, until this mess with Black Lives Matter, become a post-racial culture.

So, yeah.

Thanks, Obama.

Let’s go over it quickly. Civil Rights Act of 1866, does that sound like a country systemically racist? I don’t have time to get into what every one of these acts did, but people can look them up.

Civil Rights Act of 1871, Civil Rights Act of 1875, Civil Rights Act of 1957, Civil Rights Act of 1960, liberals, follow along. Civil Rights Act of 1964, Civil Rights Act of 1965, Civil Rights Act of 1968, Civil Rights Act of 1990, Civil Rights Act of 1991.

We have Supreme Court decisions, 1948, Shelley versus Kraemer. 1954, Brown versus Board of Education. 1962, Bailey versus Peterson.

This is what I would have said at John Lewis’ funeral, 1967, Loving versus Virginia. 1968, Jones versus Mayer. 1971, Griggs versus Duke Power. 1986, Paxton versus Kentucky.

Now, here is what I didn’t hear at the funeral when Obama was giving a Democrat left-wing kook speech, not a word about America’s greatness. Not a word about how men in our military, black, white, brown, red, yellow, went off to beat Hitler, and Tojo, and Italy, fascist Italy, put their lives on the line, 400,000 of them died.

Not a word about the men in Korea and Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq in our diverse, integrated military, not a damn word. Not a word about the thousands murdered and our city every year — 7,500 black people, mostly 90 percent by other black people, including in his city of Chicago — didn’t bring it up once.

Progressives don’t like to mention facts that contradict the grand narrative, this much we know is true from how the media selectively reports on events, offering only a leftist perspective on the news of the day rather than attempting to present a neutral, fact-saturated piece that will equip the American people with information necessary for them to arrive at their own conclusions.

Not a word about the nuclear family and personal responsibility and opportunity. Not a single uplifting word for the country that made him rich and made him president and made him powerful. Rather than saying, look at what I’ve done with my life, look at what I’ve become, look at all the people trying to pour over our border legally and illegally, of all races from the third world, south of the border, from the continent of Africa, from the Far East, from the Middle East, from all over the world, why are they trying to come here? Because of George Wallace and Bull Connor?

This guy — they want to run against George Wallace and Bull Connor. Well, I would say this to President Trump, you’ve got a quasi Bull Connor and a quasi George Wallace, his name is Joe Biden. And Joe Biden bragged about working with James Eastland and Stennis, two white segregationists and racists from Mississippi. He bragged about working with other segregationists. Joe Biden has said nasty, bigoted things throughout his life despite the Praetorian guard left-wing media that protects him and his bubble in his basement, and all the rest of it.

The fact of the matter is, I know this: Donald Trump at the private sector hired thousands of black Americans.

Tell me, today, the very wealthy Obama’s, how many black Americans have they hired? How many black Americans have they helped? How many black Americans did Biden hire? None, few.

What radical liberals like Obama and now Biden do not seem to understand is that we the people can clearly tell that actual diversity does not matter to them. It only matters to them as a political concept they can exploit as a means of convincing the naive in this country to vote them into power, where they fully intend to abuse that power and lord it over you as if you were nothing more than a peasant.

If they were truly interested in helping to develop black communities, they’d have accomplishments that lend credibility to their claims. We would see the work of their hands in tangible ways. These things don’t exist, because they haven’t done the work. Nor do they intend to. It sounds good in political speeches and helps get people to pull the lever for them during election time.

This president hired thousands during the past century career in the private sector, and as president of the United States, what did he get, 7, 8 percent of the black community, and yet what has he done in the black community? A thousand times more than Obama ever dreamed of doing.

So Obama gives a good pastor-like speech, but when the rubber hits the road, he’s nowhere to be found. That’s it.

Levin really hit this one out of the park. Obama has been nothing more than a political huckster right from the beginning. He’s used the black community for his own personal gain, but also as pawns in the larger game at play in the progressive movement’s bid for more power and control over the people of our country.

Here’s to hoping folks heed the words of Levin and wake up to what is really going on in the world around us.

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  1. Obama was nothing but a muslim ACORN activist who lived off the public dole during his college years. He never REALLY practiced Law, yet had the ILL. Dem “machine” behind him & Oprah too boot. He can talk & hem & haw but this racism is all because of him , Eric Holder(his wingman), Valerie Jarret(who’s Mom writes for an Irani newspaper) & left wing supporters. Rather than go to Gettysburg ?100th? Ann. he boycotted it. HE has NOT spoken out against violence just like Nancy & Chuck, yet has the unmitigated gall to politicize @ Congressman Lewis’ funeral. The man has no class least of all Christian values.. He can take his phone & pen & shove it!

  2. Just got finished working a early voting site in Tn. Almost all blacks vote Dem. where as Rep was only about 60/40 in Rep favor, just shows had brain washed the blacks are,

  3. No, I went back and checked. Right after he talked about the utter obliteration of systemic racism (I was in grade school then), and apparently up until this BLM mess (his words), we were enjoying the blessings of a post-racial society. Nowhere do I hear him talk about holding ourselves in check as you suggest we do because of eternal and insurmountable animosities.

    My point, William, is there never was such a thing as a P-RS. A lot of folks legitimately believed there was; after all, we elected then returned to office a man of color on our 44th go-around. I’m saying we never turned the corner in the first place. We are getting there to be sure. I (and you, and anyone else for that matter) are now free to marry the woman we want, regardless of color, without fear of arrest (Loving vs. Virginia) is a good case in point. But as Pres. Obama said, you might not have to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar to be allowed to take your chances at voting but there’s still a lot of people making it difficult for you to do so.


  4. Great comment on Obama’s comments at John Lewis Eulogy. I agree with Mark Levin 100%. Why can’t the average AMERICAN see through Obama it’s all out there. He’s only looking out for himself.

  5. Every American should be able to read ALL the TRUE records of what our country has done to help the black communities over many years that Mark Levine put out on the Shawn Hannity show. What Obama, George Soros and many bought and paid for politicians in the SWAMP know is that most Americans are to busy working long hours for their families to invest the time needed to uncover how corrupt politicians are hurting them and our country. Now that I have raised my family I have years to pay attention to how silver tongue Obama and horrible George Soros with his many billions has been able with the help of powerful crooked politicians in Washington are hurting this Great Country. American should start with finding out why Hungary where George Soros was born & how many other countries do not want him in their countries? Why did Soros help Obama get elected? Why has Obama denied he knew Bill Ayers who bragged about bombing the Pentagon and bombing police stations years ago when there are records to show Obama before he became a senator was associated on projects with Bill Ayers. Ask yourself WHY Obama left the church he went to for 20 years and had praised over and over while running for President. There is a very simple answer, Obama knew that belonging to that church and what was preached over many years could hurt his run for President. Ask yourself WHY Obama to this day has never admitted where he was on the night of the Bengazi attack and never contacted any one he should have as Americans were being killed. Ask yourself WHY he flew billions of AMERICAN dollars in cash under cover to a country that chants kill AMERICANS for years. It is my opinion from what I do know that Obama has become very very rich like many other politicians who have done more for themselves than for the Americans they were elected and paid to serve. There is a lot of information out there for all Americans that is verified and truthful for all to see, it only takes a little time to look it up and fact check for yourself.

    • matter how much we do for blacks, give to blacks, there is always going to be a problem. I always look forward to the Monday report on how many blacks killed each other in Chicago.

  6. Entitlement programs have been the greatest deterrent to the elimination of racism in this country. Entitlements have enslaved the minority’s, especially inner city groups, to the scams of free housing, food assistance, free phones, free transportation, poor free schooling, terrible government assistance to assist them in breaking out of this slavery. Who controlled these programs….THE DEMOCRATIC STATE AND CITY GOVERNMENTS!

  7. Nice laundry list of all the legislation and decisions that Obama should have recited to those colored folk, reminding them how grateful they should be that they are fortunate to live in a post racial society. Just one question, oh great one: exactly when did we turn that post racial corner?1866? 1965? 2016? At which of your laundry list of dates would you have suggested to those assembled that the promise of liberty and justice for all had been fulfilled?

    • well that “colored folk” phrase certainly gave away what generation you come from. I will answer your question as if you truly care. Human beings will never “turn the post racial corner” as you call it. Thats because racial prejudice is built into MAN from the beginning and will continue with man to the end. We can only hope to hold it in check and this is what this man is explaining but that seemed to go right over your head. And by the way I am from the “color folk” generation too.

    • Why not research? And why didn’t Obama do anything in his 8 years of glory, thanks to rigged votes…… Obama was never elected.
      He was selected. 3 top reasons..! He was black
      And hates America
      Then it’s the rest. Hates all citizens of all color
      Lives money
      Is corrupt
      And adores attention, glory and loads of money
      He went in the WH with 200K and came out worth a billion…. his so called daughters are worth 275 Million EACH , we still don’t know how much Michael Obama is worth..
      They robbed more than any American ever….
      According to research…. 9 trillion went missing during obama Hillary power.
      Check it I ut.
      I feel sorry for the ones who don’t vote leftists that will suffer if demented Biden gets in….
      But I will be happy to see the ones who will choose Biden the corrupt demented idiot, how much they will suffer and realize what a huge stupid mistake they’ve made…..

  8. I hope everyone out there understands that if Joe Biden wins this upcoming election it will be Barack Insane Obama’s third term.

    • of course…. I have been saying it forever. Michelle obama will be the VP ….. Biden will be pushed out on mental illness and thus…. Michelle president and obama 8 more years. The end of America 🇺🇸 is guarantee. China and Africa will occupy it. GUARANTEE.
      After all it was democrats that created the KKK remember Hillary and her mentor? Kkk leader?
      Look at old Biden pics with KKK leaders laughing at …..what he called… jungle people that shouldn’t go to the schools where his kids go.! Remember that?

      It’s already happening now!!!!

  9. Thank you, Mr. Levin, for your to-the-point and insightful commentary. Unfortunately, there are so many in American society whose brains are wired backwards because they went through the brainwashing in the Communist dominated public school system, slurp up the Communist propaganda pablum from the Communist dominated Lamestream Media like some infant being spoon fed, and automatically vote the way the Communist Democrap Party tells them to vote! If you attempt to tell these mental midgets the truth, they automatically stick their fingers in their ears and begin to chant, “la-la-la-la!”. If Joe Biden wins this election by hook or by crook and the Communist Democrap Party attempts to subvert the Constitutional Republic of America like we know they will, you had better tape your ankles! THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR!!! ARM UP; GET READY!!!

  10. First and foremost this was a funeral service and should not have been a platform to divide on political topics especially one where the deceased has fought his entire life to amend the divide . Barack Obama has been a paid puppet for a very long time his sole purpose has been to lay the ground work for the EU socialist movement funded by Globalists such as billionaires like George Soros and the the big high tech companies of the US Amazon – Microsoft – Google – Twitter – Face Book . For Obama to get infront of those that are celebrating and memorializing Mr Lewises passing and divide on hot topics and fan the flames while in his own district there is murder and political caos every single day in south Chicago is incredibly disturbing and careless . This man was elected our President and has done NOTHING to help racial tensions and help those from the black community with the violence and mayhem in there streets instead he has calculatedly empowered more violence and blame for what the Democrates like himself have welcomed to there districts SHAM on him .

  11. Mark Levin is truly one of a kind, a Conservative’s Conservative, if you will. Sean Hannity nailed it when he first began referring to Levin as “the Great One.” A political prognostication: Hannity-Levin 2024 or Levin-Hannity 2024? Now THAT would be an interesting ticket!

  12. This historically accurate commentary needs to be read (slowly) by all Americans. Mark is a true patriot, unlike many Dems who refuse to face reality. Can’t change the facts to fit your narrative.

  13. Wouldn’t it be GREAT that all the media had shown that interview ,So people who are on the fence about what’s going on in this country Can wake up and say enough!! I hope this gets to some of them.

    Thank You Mark


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