Congressman Jim Jordan Has Had Enough Of ‘Cancel Culture,’ Demands Hearing On The Issue ASAP

(Liberty Bell) – Republican congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio came out recently and stated that he thinks both Democrats and Republicans should be in total agreement about the fact it’s time for a hearing to discuss the “cancel culture sweeping America.”

According to WND, the ranking member on the Judiciary panel, Jordan penned a letter and sent it to Chairman Jerry Nadler, urging that the issue of cancel culture be moved to the top of the agenda when the committee holds its first hearing of the year.

“There is no better issue on which Republicans and Democrats can work together to address in our first full committee hearing than to address the scourge of cancel culture in the United States,” Jordan said in his letter to Nadler.

Jordan went on to cite the move made by both Big Tech giants Facebook and Twitter in booting former President Donald Trump off their platforms as top reasons for why this needs to be discussed. You know, for far too long now these companies have been getting away with censorship of conservative voices and the application of their policies that are not fairly administered across the board. It’s indeed time to talk about it.

The Ohio congressman went on to refer to cancel culture as a “dangerous phenomenon” that ultimately threatens to destroy the First Amendment protection for freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is one of the most important, precious God-given rights we have. It’s through freedom of speech that we are able to discover truth and allow that truth to penetrate our hearts and minds and transform our culture. It keeps us as a society from stagnating. Without being able to let loose our beliefs on the battlefield of ideas, we have no way to test our worldview and see if it holds up.

If free speech falls, the rest of our constitutional rights will not be far behind. It’s the first and second amendments that enable us to have and protect all the other rights in the Constitution. We say we value our way of life. I hope that is true. However, the way to prove it is true is to protect this fundamental right from the insanity of the left.

Here’s to hoping the Judiciary panel takes up this important topic and discusses viable solutions to bringing it to an end.

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  1. Taxpayers are getting ready to cancel your paychecks, so you can share our impoverishment and tiredness of constant nothingness from overpaid mouthpieces!

  2. “My dear Patriot: I ask your indulgence”? “Molly Poll authored the Time Magazine Article Of February 15, 2021 A.D. previously posted. Thank you.

  3. “The barbed wire fences are a Blessing”! “Everyone inside inside should be investigated for proposing the H.R. 1. Bill that “GUTS” the “Constitutional Rights” that were “envisioned and enacted by “Our Founding Fathers”! “The Democrats are a World Disgrace and a Danger to America”! Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 11-24-2020 A.D.”! “See February 15, 2021 edition” “The secret History of the shadow campaign that saved the 2029 election”. “By Polly Ball”. “Now, ask yourselves, why was there a political UPRISING”?! “C’mon Man, Give me a break”?! “The BIG FIX WAS IN”! “40 Executive Orders in 2 weeks”! Talk about “INSURRECTION”?!

  4. Enough hearings and meetings for simple optics. These actions need immediate direct investigations identifying as to who is perpetrating this via phone call and IP monitoring. IF we still have a criminal justice system that isn’t already thoroughly corrupted!!! Get to this fast and STOP IT! NO MORE ENDLESS HEARINGS. These creeps can find anybody and CANCEL them. DO THE SAME, track them down and expose WHO THEY ARE, AND WHO IS FUNDING THEM!!! ENOUGH OF THIS GOLLY GEE WIZ, I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. God bless you Congressman Jordan for standing up for
    We The People! You are a blessing to America. God grant you favor!!!

  6. Thank you Congressman Jim Jordan, for speaking up for the citizens of our country who feel that their voices don’t matter! I have had conversations with voters who are Democrats, Republicans and some Libertarians. They feel that for the sake of our country surviving this
    “ insidious cancel culture”, this should be a a top priority by those in Congress are on the Judiciary Committee . Voters are NOT happy with this “ cancel culture”. Those in Congress who don’t listen to the American voters who DO NOT want “ cancel culture “, will pay severely at the Polls!


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