Commie Mayor De Blasio Tramples On First Amendment Amid Coronavirus Scare

(Liberty Bell) – The useless mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is threatening to permanently shut down any churches who don’t comply with the city’s stringent shutdown order.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, de Blasio seemed to single out synagogues and churches, conveniently omitting any mention of mosques.

“I want to say to all those who are preparing for the potential of religious services this weekend: If you go to your synagogue, if you go to your church and attempt to hold services after having been told so often not to, our enforcement agents will have no choice but to shut down those services,” the notoriously Marxist mayor said.

While he stressed that he doesn’t take “any joy” in such a blatant disregard for his citizen’s First Amendment rights, but that nonetheless “We do not need gatherings that will endanger people.”

The NYPD, Fire Department, and Buildings Department have all been instructed to confront religious officials if they see any kind of worship services going on and inform them they need to cease the service and disperse.

“If that does not happen, they will take additional action up to the point of fines and potentially closing the building permanently,” he said. “Again, that will begin this weekend.”

“You’ve been warned,” the widely unpopular mayor declared. “You need to stop services. Help people practice their faith in different ways, but not in groups, not in gatherings that can endanger people.”

He made these comments during a press conference on Friday.

While it’s hard to argue that New York City has been, and will continue to be, the epicenter of the United States’ COVID-19 outbreak, de Blasio himself is largely to blame.

As of Sunday, 776 people had died from the disease in the city and over 33,000 cases had been confirmed within the five boroughs.

BizPac Review explains:

It’s important to point out that not long ago, de Blasio was seriously downplaying the COVID-19 threat and encouraging people in his city to go out on the town.

White House adviser KellyAnne Conway reminded New York reporters last week that “you have a mayor saying, ‘Look at me, I’m on the subway, go out on the town.’”

Conway referenced a tweet earlier in the month by the mayor, when she said: “He told people through a tweet on March 2, ‘Go live your lives and go out on the town,’ and then recommended what show everybody go see. So it’s very unfortunate we now have the spread in the whole New York metro area, which as you all know includes many parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania.”

Of course, de Blasio has done nothing to take account for his highly irresponsible behavior.

But boy, is he being called out:


  1. I am not a deeply religious person, but as we witnessed after the 9-11 attack in NY, when churches everywhere were crammed to capacity, perhaps prayer and God are most needed. I know a lot of home-schooling is being done thru “zoom” and other electronic means, so this might be an effective way of addressing religious needs and health concerns. That is a suggestion, not a dictate!

  2. Isn’t this the same Mayor who when told to cancel large group meetings, such as the Chinese New Year Celebration, stood up with his Chief Medical Officer and accused the President of being a Zenophobe and urged all to ignore any recommendation to cancel and go out and celebrate? Now he threatens CHURCHES AN SYNAGOUGES with forced closings should they choose to hold worship ceremonies! Significantly missing from this command from a Racist/Communist Leaning Mayor is MOSQUE? Interesting Omission?

    • Yes! This commie now wants people to spy on one another just as they have done in communist Russia. VOTE OUT ALL COMMIECRATS.

  3. I don’t agree with him, but our Church has been meeting on Zoom. Let’s not let his stupidity help spread the virus by trying to join in big crowds anyway.

  4. The Romans tried to do this too, didn’t they?
    Take your weapons to church with you, then go to city hall after the service

  5. deblasio is a moron as is their governor. deblasio wouldn’t stop the chinese from celebrating their new year that just passed because he didn’t want to be called racist. now he wants to take private property. this isn’t russia, china are any other third world communist, socialist country. what amazes me is where was all this concern when 12,000 people died and 120,000 infected with the sars virus when bath house barry was president and took 6 months before he decided to do anything about it. the people of new york voted this moron in office now they’re reaping the consequences of that vote. maybe they will wise up and get that moron out.

  6. Like Trump, DeBlasio underestimated and downplayed the threat of the virus. BOTH were very wrong in encouraging people to get out and about, and their decisions will result in lost lives. Churches services and religious gatherings are not immune, and He will not protect those that gather. Over 30 attendees at a funeral in Georgia tested positive in the days following the service, and some will likely die. The same will likely be the result of the large congregation in Texas being encouraged by their pastor. Arrogance on his part, as with Trump and deBlasio.

    • Trump used the best info he had at the time. de Blasio had the info later and still did not take it seriously. As you will recall the left said Trump was xenophobic for banning travel from China and was overblowing the situation. Now they say he is not doing enough. If Trump said water was wet the left would say it is dry.

    • I wonder where you got your education. It wasn’t in the U.S. unless it was after the unconstitutional common core B.S. that Traitor Obama put out. Trump acted as soon as his advisors advised him to do so. He wasn’t like the lying media and demorats wanting to scare people out of their skin. He wanted to be sure to have as much of the factual info as possible and by hi\s actions many lives were saved by blocking travel as he did. You don’t know the Constitution or the foundation of the Constitution[ The Declaration of Independence]. No Constitutional rights can be taken away without due process. Trump is i9ntelligent and knows this. That is why he is recommending actions because he knows he cant require it. He did take actions the Constitution allows him to and the demons criticized that. Banana face Deblasio is breaking the law and why isnt he behind bars like a traitor should be. Because he is a demon traitor like Obama and murderer Hellary. Any one that knows our Constitution knows that without due process no rights can be removed. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY.

  7. Mayor Big Bird should be removed imediately by the Governor (who has the authority to do so by the Constitution) before he causes any more deaths by his incompetance.
    Amendment I: Congress (or any governing body) shall make to law respecting an establish-ment if religion, or PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof…….

    • Jerry – if political critters are going to be removed due to incompetence, the governor would also be in line for removal as well……………;-)

    • The voters of New York State and New York City have themselves to blame they voted them bums into office you got what you wanted.

  8. Wait just a moment, abortion clinics in New York and in most other states are still open, so those that practice the dark and evil practice of child sacrifice are still free to worship to their master.

    God sees all and waits.

  9. GODDID-20 With a mighty hand, God has subdued all the Nations! Your turmoil is a direct result of years of disobedience to God! The blood of the children cries out to the Lord! These are the birth pangs of end time prophecy. Repent. Get on your knees and ask for forgiveness and for the King, Jesus to have mercy on your souls and lives. Surely this is a wicked generation full of cold hearts and evil! We are at war? All Nations are fighting God and God has already won! Amen.
    In the Name of Jesus
    St. James the Lionhearted

  10. Citizens, including churches, in NYC and all of NY State are under an emergency declaration. That means extraordinary powers to shut down activities can be used. And we know they are being used to save lives. It’s not socialist, or communist, or even authoritarian. It’s American, through and through. Get over it. Stop smearing Democratic Governor and Mayor in New York hotspots for coronavirus.

    • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. If people knew the real reason DE-Blah-Blah-Blasio is whipping up on churches (other than Muslim) is because he is, himself, faithless and wants to make you think he is a god and can cure this plague by his ruthless and faithless orders, However, people of faith need the fellowship of others who believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and obviously feel now that the world is against them. The true arbiter is God, Himself, and his Son, Jesus Christ. Don’t buy into that, but do yourselves a favor and don’t gather while the sequester is going on. Christians and Jews do not need to spread the virus even further despite their need to congregate. There are alternatives: stay home and worship privately, tune into TV or Radio or the Internet to find inspiring talks, music, and soothe your souls that way. God would not punish you for staying in your house with your family and take the opportunity to be an example to your children and study the scriptures, as well. You will be blessed, and also avoid the virus. You will not be punished for not going to church, but protected in your home of faith and worship at home. Isn’t that what you would do it there was a huge snowfall that made it impossible to leave home? Or a flood? Prayer and sacred music can be very uplifting, and I know that God will take notice of your faith.

    • They are NOT being smeared. They are reaping the fruits of their warped public comments and policies. That is consequences, not smearing.

  11. AMERICA, rise up against these idiots who buy their way into high political positions. Our citizens are honest, hard-working, family-loving, GOD-trusting people. In time of crisis, I have always seen YOU wonderful people rise to the occasion and help each other. People are, basically, good. Why, then, do we tolerate the scum of the earth to be our leaders???


    • Crooks get into office because voters don’t pay attention year round, only the last month, day or even hour of an election. So they don’t know any candidate in depth enough to week out the crooks, who are transparent to those of us watching all the time. Wake up, pay attention, vote accordingly.

    • In the era of Trump, you’d think a Republican would be elected in NYC. DeBlasio is a quality guy and got the majority of voters. End of ‘democratic’ story.

  12. In a lot of the BS that has lately come out of his, Sanders’, Schumer‘s and Pelosi’s mouths I keep seeing them all kowtowing to Ocasio Cortez and the two Midwestern Muslims. They seem to be living in fear that if they don’t kowtow, the darker types won’t come out to vote in November, Trump will win, and what he dishes out on them in the second term will make his first term look like a cake walk. I can only hope their worst fears come true.

    • A good leader like Pelosi engages ALL her reps though AOC and the ‘gang’ are on the fringe of much policymaking. Sanders appeals to young adults without much life experience in jobs, voting, economics and politics, so gets an extreme view of those worlds, enough to be competitive, not enough to be president. Only Republicans kowtow as they are a small and shrinking party catering to extremist constituencies in race, bigotry, you know ‘guns and bibles’. Trump could lose in a landslide because of poor management of covid19 and the crashing economy.

  13. So is this America? Or communist China or the late Soviet Union or North Korea. Now, I agree that precautions need to be made for ALL, including churches, however let me remind you this same mayor and governor are releasing criminals on the the streets of NY using the excuse of covid-19 from China and desire to put in the very same prisons people who exercise their basic rights granted by our Creator. Now it gets worse! We are now threatening to seize private property. Of all the time progressives call Pres. Trump a dictator they demonstrate what it is to be one.

    • NYC and NYState are under emergency governance against covid19. It has nothing to do with Republican ‘watchwords’ criminals, China, prisons, basic rights and seizing property. By contrast Trump declared a national emergency and can’t or won’t use the power to stop the pandemic. Who’s the dictator.

  14. Now being this is the Christian faith complaining about this, no one is topping others from praying or believing as they choose, just trying to control the spread of a deadly disease that is decimating the country, and especially the large cities. Trump followers like Trump never miss a chance to denegrate any place or person who is not Republican, this is like no other President in the History of this USA,has ever done.

    • O look at me. I involved Trump even though he’s not even mentioned in the article. I so smrt. I care a lot.

      ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!

    • Questions for you Robert….you obviously like to bash President Trump; so are you disagreeing with the concept that DeBlasio’s threats are dictatorially unconstitutional? Are you saying it is okay for him to make these threats against Jews and Christians who would gather, but it is okay for Mulsims to gather in their mosques? For slamming others who don’t agree with them, you have managed to provide us with an excellent example.

    • People naturally want to go to church on the Sabbath to pray and to see if anyone in their congregation has needs that must be addressed. Some folks use phone trees to accomplish this task, and it IS better than testing Satan, the lord of all evil, to keep them safe from the virus. But most church-going people just need that “bond of worshiping together. Our family of four belong to a world-wide church that too many people do not understand and tend to ridicule our beliefs, but one thing our church has done was to authorize a sacrament meeting at home once a week if there is a priesthood holder in the home. Except for widows with no children at home, most every household has at least one if not more priesthood holders who are worthy to prepare a sacrament with prayer and pass it to their believing household. We also can tune in to our church on the internet and get awesome and loving sacred music, talks to inspire us, and leaving us with the faith to carry on through this time of remaining at home. Most of us are also prepared to share food and other items with those who were not prepared. Just a hint, folks…check out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and see if the message touches your heart.

  15. The more idiots like him are shown to be idiots, the more they try to prove it. Keep voting democrat, how’s it workin for ya?

  16. I’ve been telling students, coworkers and friends to stop voting Democrat. All big cities that are and have been Dem ruled are either ruined or on their way to ruin.

  17. I wonder how many people died because he and Doctor Barbot suggested that people go out and act like normal and ignore the virus. But I do believe that the churches should not have large groups gather. That is just crazy. Is he also shutting down the courts and assemblies of councilmen and representatives?

  18. This man has a history of stomping all over his own city. And yet, he keeps getting re-elected. NYC refuses to vote him out, so they get what they deserve.


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