Collins For Senate? New Poll Shows Georgia Rep. Blowing Away Hypothetical Competition In Senate Race

(Liberty Bell) – One of the president’s most ardent supporters in the House, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) is blowing away any potential competition in a new poll on the recently-appointed interim Senator for the state.

Collins has over triple the support from Republican voters in Georgia compared to interim Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) ahead of the state’s Senate Republican primary, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

A Maxon-Dixon survey found varied support for Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s nomination for Loeffler, a business execurive, to fill the state’s senate seat.

Thirty-five percent of Georgia voters approved of Kent as the interim senator, while 29 percent disapproved of the appointment and 36 were unsure, according to Breitbart News.

A poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) found that Republican voters in Georgia had differing views of the new Republican interim senator.

The PPP survey revealed that 20 percent of voters view Loeffler favorable, 18 percent unfavorably, and 62 percent unsure.

Meanwhile, a stunning 65 percent have a favorable view of Collins, just six percent have an unfavorable view, and 29 percent unsure.

If the senate race were between Collis and Loeffler, Republican support for Collins is over three times what Loeffler has.

While 56 percent of Republican voters would support the congressman, only 16 percent would choose Loeffler. 27 percent said that they were unsure.

Breitbart notes:

The two Georgia Senate Republican primary polls follow as Collins continues to consider whether to run for the Georgia Senate seat. On November 3, 2020, the state will hold a special election to fill the remaining two years of former Sen. Johnny Isakson’s (R-GA) six-year term.

Kemp appointed Loeffler to the Senate seat over President Trump’s and grassroots conservatives’ opposition to the nomination. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Fox News host Sean Hannity, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and conservative radio personality Mike Levin have all backed Collins over Loeffler for the Georgia Senate race.

The two Georgia polls could signal an opening for Collins to enter the race as an early front-runner in the Senate Republican primary. Collins has spent much of the last several months defending Trump as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee during the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

The Mason-Dixon poll was conducted between December 19 and 23, contacting 625 registered Georgia voters through telephone, and has a four percentage point margin of error. The PPP survey surveyed 711 likely Republican voters.


  1. I presume Penny voted for hillary, need I say any more. When her doctor looks in hear auditory canal he can see right thru to the other side.

  2. These comments are the reason this Nation is in trouble. We play the school yard bully with this name calling like children. I mean I could call you Conservaturds would that make you want to listen to what ever I have to say ? Is that a Hell No !

  3. Collins for the Senate in Georgia, but if not Collins for Senate from S.C.! We need that kind of firebrand to hold people accountable!

  4. – – – – B U T, do we NEED him MORE in the House of Representatives??? He has SUCH an excellent “voice” in that place!!

  5. the democrrrRATS are DEMONized ,,,NOTHING FOR THE COUNTRY OR CITIZENS, wake up people ,,,NO FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN OR THEIR CHILDREN ,,,CROCKED JOE AND ALL THE TUNNEL RATS RUNNING FOR PRES cant make a pimple on the PRESIDENTS RUMP ///he is the NEGOTIATOR<PeaceMaker ,Businessman ,,,,7.5 Million Jobs ,PRAY FOR THE MAN AND FAMILY ,,,amen *** *** *** *** *+++

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  7. Gov Kemp made a bad move when did not appoint Collins. Perhaps he owes Loefler something? He is Gov today because of the “R” not the “Kemp.” Very foolish to go against President Trump after he endorsed Kemp so vivaciously. Kemp could easily get primaried for such stupidity.

  8. Did Penny C Gordy, American, forgot to add South, Latin or Central before ‘American.’ One thing is perfectly clear, Penny has her head firmly planted in her ass.

  9. I am not sure how Collins can breathe with his head so far in a liar and known convicted crook. I knew Donald 36 years ago. He had a God complex then, and whether married or not hit on any female that walked, crawled or barked and still does now. A loose cannon kept alive by an ego so big it rivals the Eiffel tower. Clue: Even like Hitler s Dumpster also said he was “the chosen one”. I.e., A legend in his own mind.

    With that said … it is only likely his half witted apostles like Collins would complete the other half wit mentality. I’m sorry if mentality offends anyone but that seems to be the norm in our culture today where stupid seems to reign especially when people actually think the comments here are real and not computer word crafted. How else can they lend credence to this piece of crap journalism endorsed by Putin. They have to have something to grab readers in order to attract advertisers. But, Wow …by the way have you seen any of these rip-off advertisements. Pretty obvious no legitimate newsletter would touch them.

    • Anti-American Democrat subversives like you, unfortunately, are too common in America.

      That you’re still shoveling the “Putin propaganda” shows you to be totally indoctrinated, uninformed and incapable of thinking for yourself. A typical “useful idiot.”

    • Penny for your thought, Penny! Oh no, please keep all of that trash to your self. ” but oh wow”. You do have a large empty space between your ears to store this BUNK.
      I am not from Georgia but if I was I would certainly vote for Mr. Collins for Senate, and vote Kemp out of office, he is really a disgace to the State of Georgia. What were the people there thinking, or yeah no other choice, thats right!

    • Today, I am seeing Collins as a brave, intelligent, & articulate political voice that our nation needs. This post has earmarks of someone with a sour grapes experience. When there is validity to statements like this (about anyone) I will listen but not until then.

  10. My vote and my family is for Doug Collins, he
    is a Trump man and a true Republican, Kemp made a big mistake to nominate a person that’s new in our panorama political

  11. The race for Gov. of GA was close because Kemp was such a BAD candidate, not because Stacy Abrams was such a good candidate. Kemp’s mindless appointment of pro-abortion, anti-Trump, totally inexperienced Kelly Loeffler is a perfect example!

  12. Go Collins. He is the best by far. It has been doing a great job with the impeachment. I just can’t wait to see what he will do next.

  13. Kemp made big mistake .
    Collins is the best person to be in that position he’s really great he stands up to the Dems unlike other republicans who let the Dems bully them and just take it .
    He’s not afraid of the evil lawless demonrats and stands with truth and justice !

  14. Doug Collins is a proven supporter of the Trump administration’s plan to return America to the world power that it was before the Obama regime tried to reduce us to a third world economy. He is needed in the Senate to strengthen our country.

  15. I hope Collins gets in the senate he is an awesome man
    I would vote for him any day of the week. Keep up the fantastic work Doug.


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