Chuck Grassley Exposes The Deep State Agenda With This Scathing Statement

(Liberty Bell) – In series of scorching tweets on Monday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) detailed just how deep the “Deep State” goes.

So deep, he declared, that those who are a part of it can “get away with political crimes.”

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

In the tweetstorm, Grassley referenced recent comments from Attorney General Bill Barr which stated that President Donald Trump had certainly been the target of an “organized effort” to remove him from office.

Grassley warned that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s continuing investigation into the origins of the Obamagate scandal could fail to make a final determination of what happened or bring prosecutions to avoid influencing the outcome of the 2020 election.

Over the weekend, Barr appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo where the host asked him, “A source said to me a couple of years ago, speaking of the Russia collusion story, that this was the closest the United States ever came to a coup to take down a president since the assassination of Lincoln. Is that an appropriate statement?”

“In this sense I think it is the closest we have come to an organized effort to push a president out of office, but I’m not reaching a judgment as to what the motivations there were,” the AG replied.

This prompted Grassley to explain just how deep the deep state is:

Breitbart notes:

In prepared floor remarks released last week, Grassley questioned whether Obama and Biden deliberately took steps in the final hours of their administration to undermine the incoming administration. “It sure looks like they did,” he concluded.

Grassley then noted how the incoming Trump administration was unaware of the fact that Obama, Biden, Comey, and Strzok were busy setting the stage for what would become a multi-year struggle against the baseless, unfounded, groundless, unsubstantiated notion that the Trump administration colluded with the Russian government.

“So much for a peaceful transition of power,” he remarked.


  1. Why would truth be withheld to keep from influencing anything election or no… people deserves to know.. if it is the truth it should be known before not after… that’s just wrong… withholding is like having a criminal live in your home..and after they move in oh by the way they are a serial killer… I would like to know that info bf they move in not after… to me withholding is a form of influencing..double standards… dems sure would not be that obliging if the show were on the other foot

    • Verna:

      I think what Senator Grassley means is that the pace of the investigation and indictments look like they will not be completed in time to influence the election–as they should. If Biden is elected, this all goes away and that is what he fears.

  2. It all began under worthless Obama and Biden and George Soros. Nothing less than Marxists.
    They have wanted to destroy the United States from the beginning, and it is what so many of us fled from. I wish someone would explain to me what they expect to gain from it all.

    • Disgusted:

      The dream of Obama, Biden, Soros, et al. is to torun this country into another socialist state and just another cog in a One World Government. It means a massive transfer of our wealth to all the rest of the world so we can all be equally poor and dependent.

  3. Trump has been a lifelong criminal, stole the election and the senile Grassley warns about the Deep State, which if exists, made sure Trump became President.

    • To justicefortrump!!! Are you that Damned blind to see what obama, biden, nutty Nancy Pelosi, comey and hillary clinton have done to this Great Country of Our’s!!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you are not being held accountable for their actions and crimes against humanity in the United States, something is VERY,VERY WRONG!!! The Rich ELITES who play their games to gain more Power and Control over Our Great Country think they are above the LAW… Media reports say anything to destroy OUR COUNTRY for ratings, oh just some people destroyed the Twin Towers, oh it was a little mistake in using that “private” server, damn I wish someone would fly me a cargo plane full of money… DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE??? OR HAS THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM, LIFE AND LIBERTY changed for the AVERAGE AMERICAN PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOR OR RELIGION??? You are blinded by fake promises of the same OLD POLITICAL MACHINE that has done nothing for you in decades!!! OPEN YOUR EYES and look at the DIVISION of the AMERICAN PEOPLE , because PRESIDENT TRUMP REFUSES TO BE CONTROLLED BY THE POLITICAL MACHINE!!! What did the obama administration do for you??? Not ONE DAMN THING!!! TREASONOUS ACTIONS LIKE THE DACA ACTS SIGNED INTO LAW!!! IT ONLY BENEFIT’S HIM!!!! DO YOU GET THE PICTURE??? OR SHOULD WE CONTINUE??? ONE MAD AMERICAN PATRIOT WHO WILL KNEEL ONLY FOR THE CROSS AND DIE FOR WHAT I DEARLY LOVE!!! “FREEDOM”

    • We need a new zoology definition for cretins like these writers haters of Trump, namely “cretinus maximus”.

    • Look at these cultists that replied to me. That Myrick guy sounds insane, he doesn’t know current events or history and he used capital letters like some threatening punk. This is the type of ignorant aholes Trump appeals to. TRUMP202INPRISONORINHELLWITHPALEPSTEIN

  4. Mueller had no problem keeping the allegations alive against the President during the midterm elections in 2018, which influenced the elections causing the Republicans to lose Congress! Which led to the unconstitutional illegal and partisan impeachment of our President!

    Where was the outrage then?

  5. So much for a peaceful transition of power, says Grassley. Very true, but so much for the rule of law, so much for fealty to the Constitution and so much for fair play (after all, they knew full well that the new president broke no laws and yet they put him through three years of hell with their phony investigations). The least the evil Democrat bastards owe the president is an apology-he will not get one, as he is being investigated for a couple more fake impeachments to go with the one they have already completed.

  6. Up until now, I’ve been feeling that Trump really can’t interfere with the Barr/Durham investigation, but now I’m thinking he should simply tell them that it will be considered treason to allow these criminals to skate justice beyond the election. For three years Mueller randomly arrested Trump administration officials including Flynn and Stone for no crimes what-so-ever. I don’t remember when Barr and Durham started their investigation, but it’s time to make some arrests of the culprits that the average American has already seen more than enough evidence to prosecute and sentence. To those of us with any common sense, it’s already obvious that Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper. the list is endless were complicit in the coup to overthrow the government. MAKE SOME DAMN ARRESTS NOW!!!

    • #SpotOn.

      So many people should be subjects of indictments right now for crimes of conspiracy to commit sedition and treason, and then for actually committing sedition and treason – and so much more. Like lying to the FBI, oops I mean “lacking candor” – Flynn and Stone were for sure as hell for “lying” to FBI. The Soros/Obama/Comey/et al cabal of #TreasonousBastards should be waiting for hanging or firing. squads.

    • It is apparent that the Dems and the trash that is involved in all that Durham is investigating do not have any problem pushing their envelope to interfere with the election and steal power back to their agenda. With all the delay and conspiring they have committed there is nothing wrong with protecting our candidate and if the swamp rats are guilty then charge them so the voters can see what they really are dealing with.

    • While we conservative “forgotten people” agree something has to/must be done to ferret out the traitors to the constitution what can be done?
      Our children are being taught lies in the education system and our history is being trashed.
      We vote and continue voting for “representatives” to represent us, but those “Republicans” we vote for mostly seem to lose their spines when it comes time to take a stand for us. Democrats that know they should vote/stand for what is right stay quiet in voice and vote.
      We write, take surveys, voice ourselves on TV and radio, Twitter and Facebook and donate; all seemingly to no avail.
      We want change too. We look to the Golden ages and God for guidance and we pray for His enlightenment and protection.
      Evil is in the Congress and our Nation is being strangled by those that perpetuate it.
      When a person in the United States of America desecrates our flag and our Nation they should be given a one way ticket; either to their country of origin if illegally here or to their country of historic family origin. Let them earn the right to come back.
      Those that mock our constitution and country while in office should immediately be censured and the President should have the right to do so by giving notice because their own members sure as hell aren’t going to do it.
      Yes, when action is taken to investigate and reports are compiled prosecution, if warranted, should be swift. Yet again, how do we get these things done when rules are changed by the “guards”?
      Can someone of truth guide us how to heal our country by ridding it of evil? Help inform us how to find sanity?
      If so, stand up and be heard. If not, we can only pray we make it through Armageddon with changed hearts!

  7. If all that is happening in current events today was performance art it would have to be a tragic comedy. You have uneducated children running around in the streets claiming “systemic racism” ?! Not sure what that is really and severely doubt it. I’m more concerned with minority children being gunned in the streets by other criminal minorities!

    The deep state is real and all the civil service protections have created it. Used to be that a new administration could pick his/her own teams but it seems now that Deep State characters are plotting against their bosses for political reasons when it is their job to be apolitical.

    I used to define myself as Liberal, although I cannot in good conscience do so anymore. I grew in thought word and deed as I watched throughout my professional career how inefficient and inept government had become both at the state, local and federal level. All the great society programs have done, in y opinion is create a dependent class that the so called progressives have hijacked for their own political agenda while becoming rich in office. How does that happen?

    BTW, I marched with Dr. King as a teenager and am married to a beautiful Jamaican girl. I am a libertarian conservative now days and have worked for an educated myself all of my life. The secret to progress is education. Throw away the sociology texts and read History, Mathematics, and Civics. You are being lied to by so called educators who would tear down this great country as opposed to changing it for the better. Read the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of independence. Be informed, educated adults as opposed to liberal cattle. Your leaders are lying to you.

    • This is the most thoughtful, cogent, response I have ever seen.
      (From a lifelong conservative Republican)

  8. President Trump will be damned if he wins and this country Will be damned if he loses.
    However, be encouraged as God is still on the throne and He sees everything that’s going on. He is our pillar of strength and source of comfort.

  9. I just hope it comes out before the election and all involved are arrested and jailed. To me this is the epitome of Treason and needs to be exposed and justice must prevail.

  10. I believe that any and all personal involvement in the impeachment of the President and they tried to remove him from office should be thrown out of office and loose all benefits. Also If the Congress and senate Had to go on the Obama Care they would get rid of it and try another plan.

  11. We all want Durham’s report to be thorough with absolute proof and when it’s finished it needs to come out no matter when it is. If it shows definite proof of guilt of whoever we need it brought to light so any that are guilty won’t by any chance by hook or by crook get any position in our government that left any chance that we couldn’t get them removed and would be making any laws that effected any American citizen. They are responsible for all the riots,murders, destruction and hatred that is bringing this country down and should be held responsible. When Trump wins they will say he cheated anyway and believe me he doesn’t have to. The democrats are doing more to help him win anyway. We need to get this President a Republican House and Senate so he can finish what he started 4 yrs. ago. The democrats had a democratic congress and Senate and done a thing for the country or us.


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