Christianity Today Editor Who Wrote Anti-Trump Op-Ed Announces Subsequent Career Change

(Liberty Bell) – The editor-in-chief of Christianity today who penned an op-ed which inspired outrage in the evangelical community calling for President Donald Trump to be removed from office has stepped down.

Mark Galli confirmed his exit from the magazine on New Year’s Eve.

“Well, my retirement is a couple of days away,” Galli wrote. “Will be posting here more often now that I have more time on my hands. Well, given last week, maybe not.”

On Wednesday night, the magazine’s Twitter account also announced Galli would be leaving and wrote that he plans to continue a weekly newsletter.

“Our editor in chief for two more days,” the magazine posted, followed by a crying emoji.

“If you’re wanting to keep up with Mark after he retires, he will still be sending out his weekly newsletter each Friday,” the magazine’s Twitter account posted in a follow-up tweet.

Galli’s editorial was entitled “Trump Should Be Removed From Office” and came one day after the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against Trump.

His reasons were that Trump was “profoundly immoral” and so the Democrats’ bogus impechment charges, based on absolutely no evidence, were somehow valid.

Galli’s editorial inspired rebuke from over 200 evangelical leaders, including Reverend Frankling Graham, son of the late Rev. Billy Graham, who founded the magazine in 1956.

“My father knew Donald Trump, believed in Donald Trump, and in this last election, he voted for Donald Trump,” the yonger Graham told Fox News in December. “And if he were here today, I’m sure he would tell you that himself.”

“We want CT to be a place that welcomes Christians from across the political spectrum, and reminds everyone that politics is not the end and purpose of our being,” Galli wrote in his article. “That said, we do feel it necessary from time to time to make our own opinions on political matters clear — always, as Graham encouraged us, doing so with both conviction and love. We love and pray for our president, as we love and pray for leaders (as well as ordinary citizens) on both sides of the political aisle.”

While Galli admits that the Democrats “have had it out for [Trump] from day one” and that the president “did not have a serious opportunity to offer his side of the story” throughout the impeachment process.

Then he slathered on the Democrats’ lies, somehow: “the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Christians are supposed to uphold the truth, and the charges made against the President are very clearly based on lies.


    • He did not use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit a political opponent. We have agreement with the Ukraine were The President can ask him to look into matters of wrong doing and No it is not profoundly immoral that is just some BS you made up which IS immoral. Get the Facts straight before you shoot off your mouth.

  1. This is the letter I sent to Mark Galli. Yahoo Mail Yahoo Mail

    Profile image

    Re: President Trump

    webmail webmail
    To:[email protected]
    Dec 25, 2019 at 12:46 AM

    On Friday, December 20, 2019, 1:21:00 PM CST, James & Lottie Ozbun wrote:

    Mark Galli,

    My question to you is your past clean as the driven snow, is your daily walk with Jesus Christ of Nazareth up to par, do you sin daily, are you living up to what you claim, or are you throwing stones at President Trump because you don’t like and hate him, or are you jealous of him? Jesus said, “He that is without sin cast the first stone.” You need to pray for our President not try to destroy him. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy.” What side are you on, the destroy part? Paul the Apostle said, “Speak evil of no man, but to pray for them that are in authority that we may live peaceably with all men.” I believe that the way you are commenting you need another dip in the Blood of Jesus and to examine your self to see if you are in the faith and where you should be with Jesus. We elected a President not a preacher or a Sunday school teacher. God has sent the Democratic Party a STRONG DELUSION that they should believe a LIE and be damned because they rejected the truth and loved unrighteousness and removed God out of their Party Platform back in 2008. Remember the pit and the pendulum you can push it one way but it comes back to hit you.

    Reverend James Ozbun

  2. Kind of reminds me of Mussolini resigning as chief editor of the largest communist newspaper in Italy to form the fascist movement.

    • You’ve taken the correct action, in light of your trying to mix politics and faith. Shame on you for hurting your magazine’s reputation. You have done the right thing to get out of way of the community of believers! Good riddance!

  3. The former editor needs to read the Bible until he finds out what morality and moral/conservative values are! He should learn from the great changes President Trump has made to save our freedoms and to stand for true conservative values!

  4. I would ask each one, do you know if President Trump has or has not, accepted Christ as his savior??? Don be a judge!!! Let God do that!! I believe President Trump has accepted Christ as his savior. What he did before he did accept, is FORGIVEN!!!!!! Just the same as each christian has. Let’s pray for President Trump, that God will lead him to made the right decisions. We also need to pray for Congress to do what is right.

  5. President Trump needs to accept Jesus as his personal savior. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. I’m not judging, but if I see a tree and there are apples on it, I assume it is an apple tree!!!! Our President is hiding something! Everything in the dark shall be brought to light. Hold on, we shall all see the real Donald Trump!!

    • How do you KNOW President Trump is hiding something other than national security secrets that he is required to hide and Democrats are supposed to be keeping out of the lamestream media (which publications are their favorite venue for revealing secrets that benefit their political schemes and risk the safety of our country)

      OBTW, Palmer, and what are you hiding [about your left-wing politics]?

    • You are judging someone. You have no right to do this, as Jesus Christ is the judge for all mankind.
      You need to repent, as all of us do.

  6. Remember David and Goliath, President Donald Trump slay the Leftist Democrat with a sling of stone and a tweet. Mr Galli you cross the line and not committed sin instead of praying for the President.

  7. Christianity Today is not supposed to be about politics! That is the final word. If it attempts to become political, it should change the name, and then disappear.

  8. You know Mr. Gilli, I find it interesting that the people who say they are “Good” Christians, are usually the most intolerant, selfish, opinionated, closed minded, haters ever. You just can’t stand when others are doing good and you don’t get the credit or adulation. You need to grow up.

  9. Despite what some may think. President Trump IS a Christian and a greater anointing from God will be placed upon him. — also remember that President Trump is a NEW Christian – even though he did accept Christ when he was very young – he is only now being to have a personal relationship with Him. God has already said that President Trump was His man and through Donald Trump, God will be bring the United States of America to the nation it was as we continue to Seek & Praise Him – just as when our ancestors came here – to worship God & why this national was created.
    *** But no matter how you may dislike what Pres. Trump says, tweets or does – remember to Judge Not……….. God is the finally Judge – not you. ***

  10. Turtle:

    While I certainly agree with much of what you say, I must question how you presume to know what is in Trump’s heart and just what the status of his relationship with God may be.

    I do know this: Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.” But let me go one step further. He also said, “By their fruits ye will know them.” That being the case, the judgment would be in favor of President Trump actually being a Christian. He has done everything in his power to help all of us (his neighbors), he has recognized Jerusalem as the rightful Capitol of Israel, he has helped every American regardless of faith, race, culture or creed, he has moved mountains to help the veterans and our military men and women, he has issued executive orders to protect people of the Jewish faith, freedom of speech, second amendment rights, to protect unborn babies and so much more. All these things would normally qualify someone as an awesome Christian. Yesterday does not matter nearly so much with God as what you are doing today does. It would behoove us all to remember that God is the only one who gets to determine the state of anyone’s soul. Now having said this, name another President who has come anywhere close to looking like a Chistian, as President Trump does, with all his wonderful actions. Actions speak louder than words.

  11. I have enjoyed reading all the comments and stand in support of President Donald J Trump. I do believe that he is God’s man and choice to carry out His plans. And to whether or not Trump is a Christian or not none of us know. God knows his heart and every hidden thing. But Galli calling himself an “Elite” Evangelical tells me he is full of himself just like the globalist who think they should rule the world. Wonder if he and George Soros aren’t connected together. Using a “Evangelical” to try and take our Precious down. And Beth Moore and Max Lucado and others who have been anti-Trump before and after the election. I never heard you talk about any other President or candidates before. When did you flip? I can no longer follow any of your teachings. You are hypocrites. May God show you the errors of your thinking and may you see it, repent and return the the true body of Christ!

    • “. . .And Beth Moore and Max Lucado and others who have been anti-Trump before and after the election. . .” I do not understand this sentence. Beth Moore & Max Lucado have never been anti-Trump.

    • I do not know about Max Lucado but Beth Moore was, before the election and now, anti-Trump. Look into it.

  12. After committing professional SUICIDE, the burial should be swift, certain and unceremonious. Oh wait, it has worked out that way!

  13. Amazing to read these postings…and within or at the end… some contain profane abbreviations or in the body of the “supportive” message they easily slip into phrasing that shows a worldliness that taints the support of their Christianity. I support President Trump fully, and like those, I am tainted, I profess my belief in God, but reflect the pressures of sinfulness that grips America…and fabric of humanity.

  14. Perhaps Mr. Galli should consider the sinners (this is just a few) that God has used.
    Consider the roll call of God’s imperfect heroes: In ‘eveeryday life’ we know many whose lives have changed to serve Christ Jesus – I am one of them!
    The talent pool has always been pretty thin when it comes to moral perfection.
    Noah who got drunk.
    Abraham who lied about his wife.
    Jacob who was a deceiver.
    Moses who murdered an Egyptian.
    Rahab who was a harlot.
    Samson who had serious problems with lust and anger.
    David who was an adulterer.
    Paul who persecuted the church.
    Peter who denied Christ.

    If God chose only well-rounded people with no character flaws, some of the credit would inevitably go to the people and not to the Lord. By choosing flawed people with a bad past, a shaky present, and an uncertain future, God alone gets the glory when they accomplish amazing things by his power.

  15. Thank you Bert for stating so clearly what most of us feel about our courageous President. fighting so valiantly for the precious unborn? Or for our religious liberty which has suffered so greatly under the previous Democratic office holder? Can you imagine any other president, Democrat or Republican, Fighting so valiantly for the precious unborn? Or for our religious liberty which has suffered so greatly under the previous Democratic office holder? I will not judge him or label him as Christian or non-Christian as Paul in the New Testament so clearly warns against doing. But I seem to remember at Christmas time that he encouraged us to follow the principles and leadership of Jesus Christ to restore our nation. I must say though, that I am so greatly disappointed in Beth Cooper, the Bible study author and leader who supports Mr. galleys I must say though, that I am so greatly disappointed in Beth Cooper, the Bible study author and leader who supports Mr. Galli’s democratic talking points. Shame shame on her.

  16. I agree with Karen Herrington.
    And will also add that Mr. Galli’s op ed is filled with misinformation and misconstrued “facts”. Trump has done nothing amoral or illegal and the ones who are doing what he is accused of in the laughable articles of impeachment, e.g., obstructing justice, are the Democrat “leadership?” in congress, i.e., Pelosi, Shift, Nadler, etc. Trump is not perfect and sometimes exaggerates, however, since he has taken the oath of office, he has adhered to the powers that are legally his to use as Chief Executive and Commander in Chief, i.e. POTUS. He has behaved in an admirable way.
    The illegal and immoral behaviours of Obama and Clinton when in office should be scrutinized!


  17. President Trump calls the United States, “One Nation Under God.” He blesses Israel and is a man after God’s own heart when it comes to life of the unborn.
    Mr. Galli never did answer Mr. Dobson’s question as to who he would like to be President.
    Thank God that Donald Trump answered the call and has not buckled under all the flaming arrows of the wicked one. No weapon formed against him will prosper. He is a two-term president.

  18. No one is perfect, Mr. Galli – as a christian you should know that. If you want to compare moral standards among today’s politicians, try comparing Joe and Hunter Biden to President Trump. Add Pelosi, Romney and Kerry, whose sons also participated in bilking Ukraine by using their parents’ influence. to that list. Good grief, man what is wrong with you?

  19. What the man that wrote that article forgets is that the action Donald Trump took is COMPLETELY LAWFUL. Unless aid is appropriated by Congress with a mandate to spend it each time periond and specific allocations, the shaking down of an inferior country by withholding foreign aid until they comply with a demand is a plenary authority of the executive.

    Joe Biden requested that Obama do the same thing to Ukraine to get them to fire the Burisma prosecutor. THAT IS A COMPLETELY LAWFUL ACT.

    The President reserves the right to withhold foreign aid unless Congress mandates it to be spent on a specific cause at a specific period of time. The Ukranian aid was appropriated the same as the rest of the aid (IIRC). That is why it was lawful to do it.

    You can call it sleazy or unethical, but it is not a crime. For that reason, it is NOT grounds for impeachment, WHICH REQUIRES A CRIME.

  20. I am so happy that a true believer in the teachings of CHRIST is following CHRISTS teachings, Not like some false profits and men and women who are making millions of money like franklin graham for their own use. Its a hard thing what you did and I am one of million of others applaud you and thank you for speaking what the bible says and getting our of something so antichrists teachings. GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS YOUR FAITH IN THE BIBLE AND GOD WILL SUPPORT YOU. I thank you and wish you and your family well, GOD is watching. Have a GREAT NEW YEAR.

    • …you are an idiot, along with the treasonous Galli. Your God isn’t going to help you when these New World Order Globalists start hauling your butt off to FEMA Camps. Grow up. You have no idea if there is a god, no one knows…and no one will ever know. All you have is your “Faith” & “Belief”…but you really don’t know, do you? So keep your fairy-tales internal, and lets make sure our freedom and liberty are protected in real time. Do you really think Hillary was going to protect you or your rights? Idiot.

    • Franklin Graham uses the money in his ministry to care for the forgotten and neglected! Ever heard of Operation Christmas Child???? You may need to do some research before you support the wrong people and criticize the true Christ followers, Marie Marsh. You are being deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing. I pray for those that make public professions against the people that are trying hard to protect your religious freedom when you’re standing on the fence criticizing them. God help us.

  21. For only the second time in my life, I felt the American people had a true choice of who to vote for. Reagan being the first and Trump the second. Up until this past election, the American people had to make a choice of the lesser of two evils.

    Both Bushes ended up being globalist and couldn’t be honest with the people! Clinton and Obama were typical democrat/socialist who were weak and pathetic as leaders.
    Trump has been nothing but good for this country and the people. The economy is stronger than its been in years, record Un
    Employment, the confidence of our true allies and the fear of our enemies.
    Is Trump perfect? No, but neither are any of us.

  22. President Trump has always been apart of Gods plan! I will always support him! I pray for his family and praise them for putting up with all that they have had to contend with!

  23. I find it simply amazing that assumable intelligent people like Mark Galli and many more are so greatly misled and beguiled by the thinking and criticism of the Left – which comes ultimately from Karl Marx – that they miss the point that God works with sinners. It underscores the importance of a correct Christian Worldview,

    • Donald Trump is unquestionably heroic, and I look up to him as well. However, he is no Christian. Trump is a Deist; he acknowledges the existence of a god (that isn’t him) and its role in Creation. That’s as far as he goes.

      A Christian can be told by their fruits. Donald Trump’s moral behavior rotten to the core, but God has used him to be the rock, deliverer, and protector of the American Church.

      I recommend that you reread the Book of Isaiah. In it, the Prophet Isaiah mentions Cyrus the Great of the Medo-Persian Empire by name and, quoting Our Lord Himself, recounts how God directly called him “God’s Anointed” and even “My Servant”.

      Cyrus the Great was a pagan, not a Jew, but he did more for the Children of Israel than any unbelieving ruler ever did. He authorized the resettlement of the Jewry in the Holy Land and permitted them to rebuild the Holy Temple. Nehemiah asked for and received the consent of the Medo-Persian Crown to rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem as well.

      This too holds for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is our Cyrus. Trump is God’s Anointed, not because he will show up in Heaven, but because he, as an unbeliever, recognizes the importance and significance of the Church. God can and does use unbelievers for holy causes and has even praised them. In the onslaught of degeneracy, secular humanism, and even outright Satanism, President Trump, in his capacity as “My Servant” to God and a divine instrument, is the sword and shield of the Church.

      The fact that he is an unbeliever may even be to his advantage: Trump is a classic example of an unbeliever with a firm sense of justice. The only Bible verse he knows by heart is “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” in the holy Jewish Law.

      Trump is not Godless, but his crass, bullying, insulting, and even degenerate behavior are evident of his heart. I think he’s a much more moral and upright human being than he lets on, but he’s not a Christian.


  25. Mr Galli
    It is clear that your politics trumps your Christian beliefs and upbringing.
    As a good christian you should be looking at the Articles of impeachment and
    recognize that what the Democrats did was immoral and illegal.
    Where does it say in the Constitution that if you don’t like the the results of the Presidential election you have the right to impeach him. Nowhere !
    I have been voting for Presidents for the last 60 years.No President has ever
    done more Christian work than President Trump.
    I regretted for voting for Clinton , both Bushes and Obama.They all made
    major mistakes and disgraced the office of the President.
    Every one of them lied to get elected.
    For the first time I voted for a President who meant what he said during the
    campaign and works hard day on and day out to implement what he promised.
    It is obvious to me that you Were not qualified to hold the job you were appointed to.

  26. I am always amazed by the whole thing in that Trump from the get-go has had to function as president while being subjected to an inquisition based on in formation supposedly gathered from a foreign government that was organized and paid for by HIS political opponent. WTF?


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