Chinese State Media Makes Shocking Confession About The True Purpose Of The Coronavirus; It’s All About Trump

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many folks have wondered whether or not the strange and sometimes deadly illness was created in a lab under the pretense of being used for nefarious purposes. Many a conspiracy theory has been cooked up about COVID-19 being some sort of bioweapon that China was making to be used against other countries of the world and that it accidentally escaped from the lab and was revealed ahead of its time.

Now, there’s no way as of this moment in time, to know whether any of those theories or the myriad of others that have popped up are true. Most of them probably aren’t and are nothing more than the product of an anxious mind trying to make sense of the madness happening around the world.

However, one thing a lot of us can agree on is that it is certainly now being used as a political weapon against President Donald Trump. The radical left has been using it nonstop as a form of political warfare against him during this election year.

Well, now we have the Chinese state media, China Global Television Network, issuing a six minute video called, “Can COVID-19 Beat Populism?” In this video the CCP network leverages this horrific illness as “another straw on the camel’s back to expose [Trump’s] hollow politics.”

Are they actually admitting that this thing was a weapon to defeat Trump?

Here’s The National Pulse with the details:

In addition to attacking President Trump, the video also went after China-skeptic political leaders such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Britain’s Boris Johnson.

The video confirms Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s insistence that China has leveraged coronavirus to its benefit.

The Mail reports that Sec. Pompeo “used a visit to London to outline a vision for a global coalition to counter the communist regime as he accused its leadership of exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to further its own interests.”

While President Trump’s actions on coronavirus were certainly not “hollow”, moving to suspend travel from China in January, CGTN insisted the virus was a “test” that “most of the populist leaders have failed.”

CGTN is keen on politicizing coronavirus, insisting its silver lining is that “more people are beginning to realize that their populist rhetoric is nothing but empty promises.”

Again, this doesn’t mean the virus was cooked up in a lab to be used as a bioweapon or anything of the sort. There’s no information or intelligence available, through official channels, that indicates such a thing so we should avoid jumping to that conclusion.

However, it seems fairly clear that, just like the left in America, China is attempting to spin their huge screw up — allowing the virus out and then trying to cover up its actual case numbers — by shifting attention to Trump and making it seem like there are good things to come out of this whole fiasco.

Twisted, right?

Guess there’s no such thing as “personal responsibility” in China.

“Populist leaders like U.S. President Donald Trump are good at whipping up populist sentiment. They look strong. They promise they can “get things done.” They are “experts” at manipulating people’s feelings. But here’s the twist: They are incompetent at solving real threats and problems,” the video added.

The video answers its own question, whether or not coronavirus “can beat populism,” with a resounding yes, and revels in the conclusion.

How will Trump respond to this video? Surely he’ll end up addressing it somehow. We cannot continue to allow China to get away without consequences for causing this whole pandemic that has nearly destroyed our economy and way of life.



  1. I believe that if the truth ever comes out it will be found that the Chinese Communists purposely loosed this virus on the with the primary target in mind of the United States. I also believe that the CCP conspired with the Communist Democrap Party in the U.S. to do so. I believe that the primary reason that Xi Jinping did this is an attempt to destroy the American Constitutional Republic. More to the point, President Trump finally called the ChiComs as trying to suck the blood out of the United States and was effectively kicking Jinping in the teeth on the world stage.

  2. Basically most of the comments above is what I’ve bee saying all along past in the past year or since MR. Trump got elected. They want a puppet so they can control. Finally we have a President have Courage and not afraid to do right things.

  3. The you tube media has found proof that Fauci helped create this virus in a Chinese lab by funding it through the NIH he led all the way back to early 2000’s. Then he, Bill Gates and Soros are funding the vaccine to fight it. Don’t you think it is incredible that this vaccine will be ready to use by the end of this year? How can this be? Well they had it ready to sell via their big Pharma connections! All in all a great way to line their pockets, kill off the population, and fill the. Vaccines with chips to track everything about you. Forever! This is the elite tactic to achieve their goals for self interest.

  4. It seems to me that the Chinese are ,and have been, trying to start a war to have the USA take care of their population problem.
    If the world isolates them, they will kill off their own without any assistance from the rest of the world.

    • Amen!
      EVERYTHING we buy made in China goes to support their world domination efforts.
      No matter what it is or who is selling it, if it came from China, we should avoid it.
      Trump should repatriate all “American” businesses out of China, or tax them out of existence. The only reason our companies go over there is to cheat us out of jobs and make huge profits off the backs of slave labor. They all know who is building their trinkets, but look the other way. And yet, they are some of the very ‘posh’ people who decry “our” slavery past and worship those like BLM (who aren’t concerned with black lives at all).
      Without the U.S. market, China would starve, and their military ambitions will come to a crawl.

  5. The cat’s out of the bag as far as China and COVID-19 are concerned, and God alone knows what future surprises are in store for us as a result of PRC/CCP biological warfare experiments which are risky at best and irreversibly TERMINAL at worst! China’s other military and political activities of late have led to the loss of any and all respect by other nations, and gained the contempt of other nations for its cavalier attitude toward the rest of humankind! Historians often refer to a Chinese civilization. WHAT “civilization?” WHEN and WHERE did it happen? If China EVER had a “civilization,” it was consigned to the dustbin of history by the advent of the PRC under Mao Zedong in 1949!

  6. Maybe the Corona Virus is spreading out of control now because everyone is wearing masks now & probably made in China! What better way to spread the virus but to enforce wearing masks that come over from where the Coronavirus started.

    • Everything “they” tell us to do is opposite of what we should do.
      I do not believe for a minute that all Trump’s “advisors” are true patriots, loyal only to him. Fauci is aligned with the Gates Foundation, and has supported demonrats in the past. Gates is a SOCIALIST. Birx has given to demonrat candidates too. Fauci and Birx have flip-flopped on the virus too much. You can’t believe a word the WHO says because they are only loyal to China. The CDC is left-leaning, who has more than 80% of their members supporting demonrats.
      The demons want us to stay indoors and wear masks because they’re desperate to hold onto the virus until November and everything they’re telling us is designed to do that.
      “Herd-immunity” should have been allowed to occur, as we have in all other past “pandemics”. SARS-1 was gone in 6 months. Swine flu was gone before they could even wonder about any ‘vaccine’.
      Go outside, sit in the sun. The Wuhan virus dies in under 2 minutes when exposed to sunlight. Chinese-made masks have been PROVEN to contain contaminates and particulates. China has no “controls” like what we have, and they cheat on everything.

  7. Isn’t it possible the uptick in cases is caused by chinese operatives releasing live virus into our population on a regular basis.
    The last thing they want is for this virus to weaken and die before the election. Trump took a strong line against China so this could be payback.
    But the media is complicit in denying any remedy touted by Trump.
    I wonder if Chris Cuomo was given hydroxychloroquine. He seems to have recovered fast.

    • The “uptick in cases” has a lot to do with multiple ‘new’ testing on the same patients in all the hospitals and clinics (in the news over and over). Infected patients can’t be released until they test ‘negative’, and are tested every day until then.
      The news outlets are only concerned with the number of cases, but NEVER talk about the decline in number of deaths, or whether the “new cases” represent positives and negatives, or even age groups. It’s a “half-truth” used to excite the lemmings.

      I don’t believe Chris Cuomo had the virus. He caught a cold and wanted to stay home from work.


  9. True Americans would not be doing what the worthless Democrats or the socialists like Bernie are doing. They are crazed with their efforts to overcome America, Trump or no Trump. Americans need to stand up and demand they be destroyed and dismissed as the trash that they are. Biden, Obama, Pelosi and all the others should be ashamed but aren’t and they should be dealt with accordingly!

  10. Covid -19 it’s a virus that has spread through out the world,with this being the fact we should focus on saving lives. But instead all the jerks of the world want to point fingers what a sad time we live in!!! That being said just shut your mouth if you don’t have a solution to the pandemic.

    • Hey Steve ask yourself why in November was this virus released by China? Why in Wuhan and not in Beijing? The answer was it was easier to control the people of Wuhan then anywhere else’s in China, it was easier to shut down the city than other cities in China. Steve always follow the money and the way of life. Trump had China by the balls and they didn’t like it! We were costing them trillions of dollars with the new deals. The true target for the virus was the United States, the rest of the world was collateral damage to get the virus to the United States. Italy was used as the number one spreading of the virus to the world. If you didn’t know there are a couple hundred thousand Chinese nationals living in northern Italy, mainly in the Milan area. China has purchased many of the producers of clothing in Milan. The Chinese that work there are mainly from Wuhan, I guess it was just a coincidence that the virus came from Wuhan. From November until the end of January these Chinese were traveling back in forth from Wuhan during the holidays. The poor Italian people had no idea they were being infected and spreading the virus around the world by traveling during the holidays. Steve look up a story about an Italian family in New Jersey that had relatives from Italy come for a family get together, 5 of the family in New Jersey died of the virus. China is nobody’s friend! Finally the world is realizing that communist China is a ruthless murdering country and needs to be stopped. I’m hopeful that they will find a medicine that lessons the effect of the virus and get people better, as far as a vaccine that stops the virus good luck, the common cold has no cure and the flu shows up every year like a bad relative!

  11. Gary G has it right. Trump is the only president to recognize the threat China poses to the safety and security of the world. The Soviet Union posed a far more dangerous threat because it’s economy was a thinly veiled disaster covered over by military spending and a nuclear build-up while its people suffered widespread deprivation. Chine, in embracing a bizarre form of state run capitalism and theft of western intellectual property, combined with acquisition of strategic minerals and insidious control of the assets of other countries, posed a more effective challenge to American power and influence. The Corona virus has allowed it to counter the challenge posed by Trump. Biden would kowtow to the Chinese and make sure his son gets a piece of the action.

    Victor Hruby is nothing but a useful idiot for the Chinese.

  12. You folks are out of your mind. What good is all this BS going to do to deal with the virus. It is now more and more clear why the USA is leading the world in stupidity about how to deal with the virus. Just read this memo. How can we be so stupid? thousands are dying every day. That is what we have to stop. Right now the only fingures we should be pointing is at ourselves.

  13. Cutting back on police in the US is a move towards anarchy leading to more destruction and potential deaths to citizens and police, as well as others. I’m convinced that the Chinese pandemic set the stage. Population groups’ will have fears that negativity impact groups, cities, states, urban areas etc. Historically the US has stood up to these types of threats versus allowing international impact on our country. China does not own southern land areas. We need to stand up as a government and the American people.

  14. I have believed from the start that China built the virus. The original virus, taken from bats, cannot exist in humans. It had to be manipulated in a lab. There are more than ‘theories’ to this extent.
    Now we see the aggression of the CCP in the south china sea, and their boasting about taking on the U.S.A. with their 4-1 fleets. I now think the virus is a plan to cause major disruption in the U.S., so the world will take it’s eyes off what the CCP is doing to become a world-dominating super-power.
    There’s also evidence China is supporting the Antifa and BLM terrorists, which will eventually require the president to do something about the rioting; due to the demonrat elected officials’ pandering and lionizing. China hopes Trump will deploy troops and other law enforcement into these demon-run cities, and also deploy troops to the south china seas. This will further disrupt our security at home, since the liberal complicit mayors and governors are dismantling their police departments. They hope to cause so much dissent and destruction across our nation, so they can walk in and take over. Maybe not so simplistically, but most conservatives do understand the ramifications of “spreading resources so thin”.


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