China Begins Seizing Factories Mass Producing Medical Safety Gear. What Does It Mean?

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream medical community led by the likes of the corrupt World Health Organization and the incompetent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US are insisting that a “second wave” of the coronavirus is coming no matter we do.

It isn’t clear yet if the second wave, which will likely result in more lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, is only a danger until after the election in November or until a vaccine is ready to go. Either way, it looks like the Chinese Communist Party is making moves that are raising concerns that they’re already gearing up for round two.

According to American traders in China, the CCP is again seizing factory lines producing the world’s supply of medical safety gear causing many to fear the country is bracing for the second coming of the coronavirus.

The New York Post has more:

New Yorker Moshe Malamud, who has done business in China for over two decades, was moving tens of millions of pieces of protective gear to the U.S. at the height of the crisis but said suppliers in recent weeks had been overwhelmed with orders from the Chinese government.

“I was placing a larger order with one of the bigger distributors and he tells me, ‘I can complete this order but after this we’ve been contracted by the Chinese government to produce 250 million gowns,’” said Malamud, who lived in China for a decade before founding aviation company M2Jets.

He said he heard a similar story about another manufacturer making thermometers.

“We hear how China is up and running and the virus is past them, so I asked, ‘What are they ordering 250 million gowns for?’ and of course no one is talking.”

“I’ve been hearing this a lot from other manufacturing institutions that say, ‘We can give you a little bit, but basically we’re concentrated between now and the end of the summer manufacturing stuff for the Chinese government in anticipation of a second wave,’” he continued.

Last month, leading U.S. manufacturers of medical safety gear told the White House that China had prohibited them from exporting goods as the crisis mounted, a Post report revealed.

A leaked Department of Homeland Security intelligence report also concluded China downplayed the severity of the virus to stockpile medical supplies needed to fight the outbreak.

One senior White House official told The Post they were concerned PPE would be used as a “blackmail tool,” with China wielding its manufacturing power to alter foreign policy decisions.

The warning comes after China’s top medical adviser this week told CNN he feared a second wave of COVID-19, with fresh clusters emerging in different parts of the country.

The Chinese government infamously downplayed the original outbreak in Wuhan and the rest of the country and now it seems they are working on the down-low to stockpile medical equipment and supplies.

It’s impossible to know what’s actually going on over there. Are there currently small-scale outbreaks occurring that the CCP predicts will grow in size and severity? Is the CCP just being overly cautious?

All we know now is that somebody needs to be keeping a closer eye on China.


  1. China is a commy country, Stalin was a commy. He said he could take the USA without firing a shot, and look at what’s happening with COVID 19. China is responsible, we should level them as we did Japan.

  2. China owns our politicians – judges – lawyers – billionaires and even hollywooders. MSM is also their pawns. RETAKE AMERICA.

  3. No matter how much Facebook / Twitter/ Google / etc are proven to censor, “shadow ban”, and politically manipulate search results, people can’t even make the simple decision to sign out of Facebook / Twitter / Google and never go back! You cannot be a patriot and still support fascism, and continuing to use Facebook is to continue to enable / support fascism rather than be inconvenienced. Now, Americans need to start boycotting Chinese produced goods / products / services as much as possible, but I doubt that many will. Most will try to save a little $$ and continue supporting Chinese imports. After all, boycotting China means boycotting Walmart, and for people who cry and whine about Facebook / Twitter censorship, and Google politically manipulating search results AND YET KEEP USING THEM, I don’t hold out much hope for them to start avoiding Walmart either. You can be a patriot or you can keep using Facebook / Twitter / Google, you cannot do both. You can love and try to help America OR you can keep supporting her enemies by buying their goods instead of American made products. You cannot do both, you have to choose.

    Free markets give you the power of choice over which products / companies you will or will not support. And our free choices are collectively how free markets can self-correct without any need for heavy handed, liberty stealing, iron fisted government intervention. Try to buy American or at least avoid Chinese, sign the hell out of Facebook and never, ever go back. If you can’t even do these simple things you basically suck! What kind of “patriotic American” can’t even stop using social media platforms run by crystal clear, non-apologetic domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution?

    If you are an adult American citizen you ARE the militia, should you see the need and choose to volunteer. You are likely going to need to make far harder choices than any of the simple things outlined above. Continuing to use Facebook / Twitter / Google and shopping for Chinese goods at Walmart is not a promising start. You need to pick a side – uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, or continue to support those foreign and domestic enemies by continuing to buy their products and using their services. Make up your damn mind already. Gee whiz.

    Other than that, everything is fine! 🙂

  4. If a second wave of Covid or any other virus coming from China hits us, we NEED to turn China into a parking lot! People need to realize that China is NOT our friend. They ARE the enemy! Get that thru your thick skulls Dumbocrats and RINO’s!

  5. Amen to all of the great posts here; but you would not believe how many comycrats are going to vote democratic just because they “think” that President Trump is lying about everything. I can not even discuss the facts with my liberal friends, they are so blind sided by the MSM. By the way, because of the Obama, Biden, Comey, rogue FBI agents that set up Flynn, the Dimocrites stole the 2018 election, somewhat because the Republican leaders in the congress at that time sat on their dead asses and did nothing while fully knowing what was really going on with the fraudulent attacks on Trump and Flynn. Remember that a lot of Republicans were not “on board” with Trump then.

  6. Maybe they are preparing a new virus to be spread to the world.
    Regardless, the United States should ramp up production of goods we’ve been enslaved to China for at all costs.

  7. “When MY people who are called by my name, shall repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from on high and I WILL HEAL their land.” Maybe we should stop blaming other countries and do some inventory on what’s going on evil in the U.S….. REPENT of our evil ways. So how many babies are killed each year ??? Those were God’s creation, NOT ours ! What about the down right lies going on with the media…” Thou shalt not kill.” ” Thou shalt NOT lie.God despises a liar.” All of those are God’s Words NOT mine. We need do some inventory on the actions of those in our own nation before we condemn other nations. “If God be for you, then who or what can come against you.” WAKE UP AMERICA !

  8. What it means is that American companies should come back to America unless they want to live there forever. We should not be any more involved with China than necessary.

    • I totally agree with you! We need to bring manufacturing back to America! It should never have been moved to other countries to begin with. Hopefully we have learned a valuable lesson with this!

  9. This could be a blessing in disguise as it will wake up our own
    Manufacturing in our country and Long Term may backfire against
    the Chinese Economy as we will not be the only Country that will
    wake up to the Consequences.

  10. Is it ANOTHER wave of COVID 19 or an entirely NEW/DIFFERENT one they have already PRODUCED and READY to UNLEASH on us all yet again….????? COVID 19 HASN’T killed enough people YET….???!!!

  11. …..give away this country. I hadn’t thought about that term. I thought they have been selling out the country for a One World Order of which they expect to be a part of the ruling class. But “give away” seems more like they are tossing us out like trash. I’m thinking you are more right than I am.

  12. Why the hell are our companies in a communist country and why are companies in the United States selling them anything. The world should shun that evil country……

    • I totally agree, but the terrible thing that is happening, which the media will not tell you about, is the fact that the Democrats and the Chinese are working together to get Trump out of office! This whole thing is a masterminded conspiracy, involving China, the WHO, and the Democrats! I know this for a fact, and dirty Democrats, like Obama and Biden, etc., are doing all they can to hurt the American people during this crisis, and to punish them for having the audacity to have voted for Trump instead of Hillary! This whole thing is a conspiracy, and I know it! China has owned us for many years, thanks to the stupid and greedy Democrats, and now, with Trump in office, who is not kissing the
      Chinese azzes, China will do all they can to get Trump out of office! The WHO is crooked, and is run by China, this must be understood by the American people! It is a darn shame that we have such a crooked media in this country, who will lie to the American people for the Dems and the Chinese! The Dems want this crisis to continue right up to the Nov. election, in the hopes that the American people might be dumb enough to vote for Joe Biden, who has no clue about anything! You are so right, Robert, that this country should have nothing to do anymore with communist China! They are an evil country that can not be trusted, and we should not be selling them anything, or buying anything from them! Trust me, American people, I know what I’m talking about, and if you put the Dems in charge of this country, we are screwed, big time! China will own us, and we will become a communist, socialist country! We have already gotten a taste of it, with all the Democrats trying to lock down people, and it will get much worse if you let the Dems have control! The answer to the problem is to get all of the evil Democrats out of office! Then, and only then will this country have a chance to get our freedom back!

  13. They would and they will. They are out to taking over the world and they can’t beat up with the military. They can do this all day and claim it was an accident just lke the others they have bestowed on us. Trump is the only one that can possibly stop it.

    • Believe it Nancy. Dare I say it they are almost as dedicated in their evil ways as the socio-commiecrats are in this country with the exception that CCP wants to rule the world but those here are wanting to give away this country.


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