Check This Out: Schweizer Talks ‘Major Holes’ In Joe Biden’s Explanation About Not Talking Business With Son, Hunter

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have worked over time at the beginning of the year to try and impeach President Trump and give him the old boot out of office, alleging that he abused his power in a phone call with Ukraine officials in order to get an investigation into Joe Biden and his son started.

The investigation into the matter found no wrongdoing on the part of the president, however, there’s plenty of evidence that exists to show that when Biden was vice president he used his authority to get a Ukrainian prosecutor strong-armed out of his job to protect his son, Hunter.

Biden is claiming that he never discussed his son’s business dealings with him, but that may not be entirely accurate.

Here’s more from the good folks at Breitbart News:

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer stated that the interim report by the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees on Hunter Biden’s dealings reveals “major holes” in Joe Biden’s claim that he never talked to his son about his business dealings.

Host Bill Hemmer asked, “So, what Joe Biden has said, he’s on the record as saying he’s never talked to his son about that. … Is it a fact that he never spoke to his son? Can we say that?”

Schweizer said, “Well, he has said that. This report demonstrates, with testimony, that that’s simply not true. It shows that State Department officials raised these issues with Joe Biden, that Joe Biden talked to his son about them. We also have the testimony of a Chinese executive, who said when they took that trip to China together in December of 2013, where Joe Biden said we never discussed business, the Chinese executive told The New Yorker that he was introduced to Joe Biden by Hunter Biden. So, it seems as if there are major holes in Joe Biden’s explanation here.”

Liberals really have worked hard to bury this story, mostly by just attempting not to cover any part of it and sort of hope it drops through a crack somewhere and people stop caring about it. But that’s not going to happen. Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions, and if Biden is wrapped up in serious corruption, he needs to answer for his crimes.

Would the left do any less with Trump? Of course not. In fact, unlike this scenario which has actual evidence available for all to see — a video of Biden actually admitting he strong-armed the prosecutor — the left has had to fabricate every square inch of the scandals they have brought against President Trump since he was elected into office.

Joe Biden, like most Democrats, seems to think he is above the law. That’s not how America works. Here, we are supposed to all be equal under the law. Biden, if he’s guilty of doing something illegal, should face consequences for his actions. We the people certainly would.

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  1. You already have the video of Joe Biden having the P.A. fired who was investigating his son Hunter for corruption so show us the Biden’s being arrested to answer for their crimes.We cannot allow Biden to finish destroying our country.They are not above the law.They charged Trump with the same crime and drug him thru the system so get off your asses ,arrest both Biden’s and show our country Biden will destroy our country completely if allowed .Biden has to go.

  2. How about raiding biden’s basement at 6 AM with a full swat team and cnn’s mobile camera crew rolling so they could broadcast it live for their morning jo program. Oh yah, I forgot, it wouldn’t work since cnn would never be party to such immoral slander.

  3. Why are Dem-o-rats never held responsible for their actions? It’s about time they are held responsible. They make a joke out of the justice system in this country. They are truly RAT’S. Do the right thing before the election, and spare this country.


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