Check Out What This L.A. Times Journalist Claims Happened To Her While She Was In China; It’s Terrifying

(Liberty Bell) – Radical leftists have been going out of their way for months now to defend China from being blamed for the spread of the coronavirus, which is ridiculous given the fact it was their fault it leaked out into the world. Also, you know, they are communist and violate every form of civil human rights known to man, which they are supposedly opposed to.

But in case there was any doubt that China is not the place to be if you’re a freedom loving individual of any sort, allow the story of a Los Angeles Times reporter and her encounter with the lovely Chinese Communist Party to help convince you.

Apparently she was detained and interrogated for hours. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

Via Just The News:

The Los Angeles Times has published a story in which the reporter says she was detained, then expelled from China’s Inner Mongolia region while covering a contentious, new education policy. The incident comes amid escalating tensions between the U.S. and China over journalists working in each other’s country.

The details of the alleged incident — in which the reporter writes that she was interrogated by police, grabbed by the throat and forced to leave the region — were included at the end of her story Thursday about the education issue.

The story was about a new policy that reduces the use of the Mongolian language in education.

The U.S. this year designated the American operations of several Chinese state media as foreign missions and put a cap on the number of visas for some, forcing them to reduce the size of their Chinese staff, according to the Associated Press.

China retaliated by expelling American journalists working for three U.S. newspapers, and requiring several U.S. news bureaus including the Associated Press to file paperwork similar to what’s required of foreign missions in the United States.

Here’s the really, really scary part of this reporter’s story. Whether they realize it or not, modern day liberals actually want this level of power and authority for our government — run by them of course — to wield over this nation, believing that elites they choose know what’s best for us, while we, the people living our own lives, do not.

It always starts with good intentions. Liberals see all of the unfairness of life and find it unacceptable and want to find ways to eliminate it. To some degree, this is a good thing. Some forms of unfairness can and should be eliminated. Like legitimate racism, for example. Which was eliminated mostly during the Civil Rights era, on a systemic level.

However, it soon escalates as power hungry individuals co-opt that sort of movement and infect it with corruption. Then oppression follows as those who have gained power and wealth don’t want to lose it and will do cruel things to prevent that from happening.

We can’t allow that to happen here. Not if we value our liberty and the positive impact America can have on the world.



  1. I think we should pay for a one way trip for Obama, Schumer and Nancy for 1 year to mainland CHINA. Get the experience of communism first hand.. Then revoke their passport no need to mess up our America for their experiment..

    • Who is this JusticeforTrump troll. CNN/MSNBC LIP SERVICE? If he only knew the facts and who is in bed with China and Russia. Pretty funny his party with the help of Russia created a HOAX and he states Trump is in bed with Russia. What an idiot.

  2. WW are all well aware of dangerous left liberal now calling themselves democrats and it is so dangerous to underestimate their tenacity!!

    Look at the huge amount of money donated to Biden’s campaign by Hollywood and these liberals who hate President Trump more than American interests and well being!!!
    Scary times in USA we all feel!!
    Vote for a good man our current President Trumo!

  3. Art has it right. We already had it for 8 years. Everything that’s happened since the 2016 election is just a continuation of them clawing for the power they unexpectedly lost. It also protects them from being prosecuted as they should have been. If this year goes well, I’d bet some prosecution occurs & the Guard will be called in to stop the insurrection. End of the road for Pelosi & many others if we get the House too. Deep State is real & just a hidden Commie takeover by bits.

  4. Liberals love the power these totalitarian communists have. They loved Fidel, Che, and they always give the benefit of the doubt…

  5. All these idiots liberals in this country want so badly to live in communism but very rarely do any of them have the guts to go to a communist country and try it out. The 4 paragraphs of this story sound familiar if a person has taken anytime to study history. There was once a socialist who promised a broken country economic prosperity. Everyone would have a job, a home, and a car. At first this person was delivering on his promises, for the first 6 years. Then on year 7 he got his country into a major war and in the end his country was destroyed and rather than face the consequences of his actions, he killed himself. That socialist was Adolf Hitler. Socialism is voted into power and communism takes power at the point of a gun. But forms of government are identical once in power and both lead to destruction of the country.


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