Check Out What Gavin Newsom Wants To Hand Out To Illegal Alien Seniors Now

(Liberty Bell) – Typically, if you want to stop bad behavior, you don’t reward it by giving away free stuff. That seems to be a memo that got lost in the shuffle for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is about to reward illegal alien seniors with free healthcare for breaking the laws of the United States and entering the country illegally.

You see, to people like Newsom, money is of no concern. Heck, when we run out, we can just print more, right? Inflation? What’s that? Never heard of it. No big deal. Stop being racist and let the folks stomping all over our laws have all the benefits of being a citizen without contributing anything to its well being, you old racist party pooper!

That’s the way Newsom and other government cronies think. They don’t understand that this sort of behavior will never stop as long as folks come here believing they’ll get taken care of from cradle to grave, which is exactly what’s happening.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to offer free health care to illegal aliens age 65 and older in his new state budget, which is due to be unveiled on Friday, which would make California the first state to do so.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that despite opposing legislation last year to expand the state’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, to illegal alien seniors because it would be too costly, Newsom has changed his position.

The Times explains:

The relatively small population of seniors who live in the state without legal immigration status means the cost of covering them — estimated to be $121 million a year — is a fraction of the state’s overall $215-billion budget. But Medi-Cal already covers a third of California’s residents, and critics of expanding the program argue it is already struggling with long wait times because of too few doctors who are willing to accept the state’s low reimbursement rates.

California is being closely watched by Democrats as a test case for “Medicare for All,” which many of the 2020 presidential candidates have embraced, notably Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Many have also embraced the idea of granting free health care to illegal aliens. In the first presidential debate of the primary, every single candidate onstage — including former Vice President Joe Biden — raised their hands when asked which of them would favor free health care for illegal aliens — a moment seized upon by conservative critics.

Last July, Newsom signed a law to expand Medi-Cal to illegal aliens under the age of 26, making the state the first to offer free health care to adults in the U.S. illegally. That law took effect this month. California has offered free health care to illegal alien children up to age 19 since 2015. The only group of illegal aliens (partially) excluded from the program would be adults between ages 26 and 65.

State taxpayers bear the entire burden of the expansions because Obamacare, as written, prevents federal funds from being used to cover illegal aliens, the Times notes.

Illegal aliens are, for the most part, not folks looking to escape an oppresive government and gain access to the American dream. A lot of them are criminals with a history that are looking to escape here to avoid being held accountable for their actions and to enjoy an easy life on a free ride paid for by American citizens working their fingers to the bone.

By allowing illegals to have free health care paid for by taxpayers, we are essentially enslaving our own people to give those who aren’t even citizens a cushy lifestyle devoid of work and contribution to society.

That’s a hard pass here.



  1. One illegal senior without health care is a tragedy! A million Americans without health care is a statistic!
    We the people cannot vote directly for the President of the United States! We don’t have a chance!!!!

    • Newsom is anti America! Illegal to give US citizen’s money to illegals.
      President Trump must end funds to Sanctuary cities, Californians have to force evil Newsom off his pedestal. Satan Pelosi is being this.

  2. I am a 68 yr old woman with stage 4 cancer. My IRA is gone due to the cost of living in this state that 6 generations of my family were born and raised in. I would leave this state that I love but I have no where to go. Will I get any help from this government? I have an income of $1500 a month but they say that is not poverty level. I am also not Hispanic and I am legally here. I will be joining the homeless within the next few months. Thank you Gov and your idiot Aunt Pelosi. I hope your find yourselves in my position someday! I would LMAO!!!!!!!

    • Surely you can find a church, program, or start a GoFundMe for help. Americans are incredibly generous and because of your cancer, I know people would help you find someplace affordable to live. My heart just breaks for you. If you need help with setting up a GoFundMe, ask someone at your local library or church. I’m sure someone could at least do that as they’re free to set up. My Twitter account is @LeslieLAllen2. If you get the GoFundMe set up, tweet me or have someone do so and I’ll help spread the word to get donations. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow accepting charity, but I firmly believe in helping those with genuine need and you shouldn’t be homeless and living with cancer, while criminals are given all the free they don’t deserve!


  3. Let California go broke! Maybe they will smarten up and vote Republican. Nothing is free,someone is paying for it and it isn’t the illegals or those sleeping on the streets or only want welfare.

    • It’s YOU that’s paying for it. callie, new yokels, illienoise, and most nor’easters are getting the lions share of the taxes paid in by everyone else. Why do you think they want to count all the illegals….demli-CON voters!!! And more demli-CON votes in the house and senate. Do the math,,, they win.


  5. Circa 1985 the research institute GLOBE..( Luzern. Switzerland ) did a depth study of the USA. Conclusion ?
    The underlying factors indicate the probability of civil war within 50 years. !
    Can anyone comment on this prediction ?

    • Just as soon as the demli-CONs get the illegals voting rights. They will take over the senate and house, and make a law to take all citizens weapons. Then they will have a smooth path to communism. Now as to the civil war. It will only be fought by small groups that had the fore thought to squirrel away a weapon or two. And they want stand a chance against the army of the illegals the demli-CONs have amassed. I’m in at least the bottom of the 8th inning, maybe even the 9th inning of my life.. AND I may see the United States fold. The 2nd Amendment was put in the constitution just to try and stop this communist rule. It’s coming!!! There isn’t enough of the younger generations understand what’s happening. It’s the same as cancer, it takes you down without warning. You better start trying figure out why the Jews protest Nazis, and you might want to take a look at how the mid-eastern countries are governed. News media will paint a rosy picture. Take a deep, deep breath, go under the surface, and see how it’s the lower under-tow, that pulls you to you death. “HAVE A GREAT DAY IN THE “LORD””

    • Robert, I see the “why” of a civil war. I see the anger and frustration. But I don’t think we’re really up to it. Everybody’s tired. Honor and glory and sacrifice are not there. Too many of us are much softer than we were in 1860. I see the rhetoric getting louder but I don’t see actual war. Do you?

    • Also I think if you’re gonna cover old and young illegals, you really should be covering old and young citizens and other legals also.

    • Rich same reason we left. I am wondering why CA Citizens aren’t suing the state on discrimination. Aren’t they favoring one class (illegals) over another (legal). Oh yeah, its CA they do it all the time. Just ask any straight, white, Christian male or conservative woman.

    • The rich Democrats in California, you mean. That said, many of them are moving out of California (Democrats and Republicans) I think we should give all illegals a one-way bus ticket back to their home country, or the other states can send all their illegals to California.


    • I agree and would like to see them paying high insurance rates that those of us citizens that don’t qualify for help have to pay.

  6. Does anybody wonder why this Po** cares about it certainly is not the people of California, the people he supports never contributed much of any thing to this state, but he wants to give them everything including the sink as wel as the DX dem who is proposing this piece of garbage “Green Deal” for California, he probably comes from the south of the state ,not to claim all people down there are out of touch with reality like the California Elected “Offals”

  7. God what a complete disaster.california was so beautiful once
    These same people want to run entire country?how do they sleep at night.i know Pelosi polishes of a whole5th of gin everyday. What about all those other liberal politicians ; are they following her lead?what about all the liberal democrats that voted these people in? Can they not see the harm that they are doing? Or do they just not care?

    • Bart: I used to fly to The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia on vacations because I loved Disney World and surrounding attraction as well as the uniqueness of SFO. Today I would not consider going to that high priced garbage dump.

    • Its all about the votes, dims will do anything to increase their mentally and educationally challenged voter base.
      And as long as the dims keep their people “slaves”. That’s legal as long as not one massa, and the freebies keeps a coming. Dims will always keep finding more ways to part responsible taxPAYING individuals and their money to keep the lib low-lifes happy!
      Sad……. I find it awfully hard to believe there are that many morons, and too few responsible individuals to vote dims out and keep them out!
      Unfortunately, freebies are the Prime key for lazy, non-working, baby-making, low education, immoral people……in other words, liberals!

  8. This guy is a crackpot. We need to vote him and his likes out. We’ve had way too many democrats like him and they all need to be voted out.

  9. This should go to our homeless first instead of law breakers. Next you going to give burglars a free set of lock picks. How about a weapon of their choice for murders. You have already bankrupted your state but don’t you dare give my tax dollars to illegals. You pencil neck Democrap.

  10. Let’s vote this Governor out of office. We need to #walkaway. Vote Republican Party. Newsom left San Francisco in bad shape. Why did we vote him in ? Los Angeles is starting to look just as bad.

    • I don’t think that we voted him in. I think he lied, cheated and stole the election with the help of his braindead minions.

  11. If Newsom puts this nonsense through I won’t ave to pay for my expanded Medicare, I’ll just claim to be an illegal from Canada and get free health care — and so will a lot of other seniors.

  12. Benefits for being a citizen?
    More like better benefits for being a vet or serving in our armed service’s.
    Why are the ☭Leftist☭ Ratfinks so gung-ho about universal health care for those that do not work & illegals’ while voting against better VA benefits for our vets?

  13. Build the wall around the whole West Coast – from Mexican to Canadian border. Let the REAL Republicans out and only let democrats in. They can become a new country “Deviland”, which would preclude their voting in our elections and make them totally self-dependent.

    • That a good beginning.there has to be a way to accomodate most people .how many pages long was the Affordable healthcare act.i bet new boundaries could be drawn up where liberal morass on one side and conservative normalmality on the other.if socialist want to give illegal aliens the red carpet treatment ;let their neighborhood endure the price tag of it.

  14. Let’s hope California of the East (Nancy’s former state) does not follow suit. It is fast becoming a sanctuary state even under our RINO Governor.

  15. I have worked most of my adult life in California. My health care was paid for by myself & my employer. I never got any help from the state or federal governments. I am retired now and paying for my health care. You want to provide FREE HEALTH CARE for illegal seniors over 65 yrs old. You care more about the people who are here illegally than you do for Californians who are born and raised here legally. On top of that you want the tax payer’s to foot the bill. All because you want to look good to the Democratic Left and their Socialist agenda. You and your brethren have let our beautiful cities be taken over by an increasingly violent homeless & criminal elements. Our beautiful cities are covered in poop, urine and spent hypodermic needles. Your actions prove that you do not not REALLY care for your constituents. I voted for you because of your stance against the delta tunnels & the Bullet Train. In both cases you have reversed your position. One day I heard you say the Bullet Train was dead issue only to hear you change your mind 45 minutes later. I voted for the gas tax to improve our decaying infrastructure. You decided to use some of that for your “Train to Nowhere”. You take taxpayers money and use it where you see fit regardless of the consequences. I will vote for anyone who is running against you. You and your Auntie Pelosi are turning this state into a lawless stinking poop hole of human misery and would like to do the same to the rest of the country as well. You do not care about the citizens if this beautiful state you treat illegal immigrants better than you treat your tax paying American citizens.
    Fed up life long California Citizen

    • Wake up folks. All this crap going on is not compassion and it definitely is NOT a coincidence.

      These left wing politicicans are communists, and their job is to totally destroy America and its sovereignty, so it can be totally absorbed into the new corporate globalist world governance administered by elitist bureaucrats appointed by the mega multi-national corporations and Western private central banks!!

      They love communism as it gives them all the state power to control, not only all the people, but, all the resources too!

      Don’t be so naive folks. Call it what it is…….commies at work!!!!

  16. Newsom is as sick as his Aunt Nancy. All they care about is the illegals. Everyone in California needs to change their voter registration form to Republican.That is the only way change will come to California

  17. He should have Auto pay withdrawal so every illegal he gives free healthcare to, it comes directly out his paycheck~ Worthless ~ He may be an illegitimate child of Pelosi !~

  18. I have a trip planned to the Ca vineyards this spring. I think I will combine it with my annual physical, mamogram, blood work, dermatologist check, and throw in a hip replacement just for funsies. Glad to see I can get rid of the sums I pay for medicare/supplimental and just go to Ca for treatment since that would be cheaper. I might have to learn spanish but that is a small price to pay for FREE SHT.

    • Probably won’t help you any unless you are ILLEGAL! Unbelievable what is going on and I sure do wish they were exempt from receiving a dime of federal funds, AKA – OUR TAX DOLLARS, OURS!

  19. My friend’s mother worked all her life, contributing to her MEDICARE…. Now that she’s retired, she’s still being charged for premiums continuously, and paying only 20% of her medical needs….. What a country! That will attract everyone in the whole world to come sick and retire in the USA….. Bottom line???? VOTES FOR DEMÒCRATS….. NOW, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE ARE MOVING OUT OF CALIFORNIA? Day will come, ONLY ILLEGAL ALIENS AND HOLLYWOOD LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. 😬😜😝

    • Not only did I pay for medicare and SS all my life, but my premiums and the cost of supplimental are based on my annual income. I sold a home and bingo – I get to pay more for medical care. Is this a great country or what???

  20. Word has-it, that, County Clerks, thru out California, have been instructed from Sacramento, not to accept any of the petitions that have been collected for Newsom’s recall. I do believe that is a violation of everyone’s “right to free speech” and to be heard. But, this is nothing new in California, Newsom cancelled the Death penalty, because “HE” did not like it (California tax payers voted for it, twice), HE wanted a “Sanctuary state”, so, he told the state legislature to make it happen, regardless of what the tax payers wanted. He has “Pelosi syndrome” and is having nightly dreams of being POTUS. Like that’s going to happen.

  21. Califronia if you want to save your State, Vote OUT ALL DEMs ASAP don’t allow them the chance to do further harm!🤔💭🏴‍☠️

    • We have a Libtard Governor here in New Jersey, who is trying to indoctrinate us to the finer points of screwing the American seniors out of medical services, and giving it to “Illegal Infiltrators and Immigrants” He is also making LGTBQ a curriculum in our schools without a referendum. Just as Liberal and socialistic as Calif. Governor.

    • I grew up in NJ and now live in CA.
      If only a red state had the climate of Southern California!
      Yes, NJ is following in the footsteps of CA and it’s disastrous.

  22. The federal government must stop all funds to any state and or city that vives any assistance to illegal aliens. Any federal politician that tries to give assistance to illegal aliens should be removed from office and required to do hard prison time for misrepresenting citizens of the United States. I am all for assisting any legal immigrant that comes here for a short time, until they can become productive citizens. If they only come here to cause hate and discontent they need to be sent back where they came from.

    • You better believe it! I am incensed that OUR money, OURS, is being allotted to any state that provides benefits to ILLEGAL INVADERS!

      Don’t blame all Californians, I’m Very Conservative as is all my family. The trouble started many years ago with socialist teachers who brain washed students. If you remember history, Joseph McCarthy tried to warn the public about Communists in schools, media, particularly Hollywood and politics. This current trend is part of one world government-plan, California is screwed, much to my despair. My family is seventh generation Californians. The California politicians pushed through a law where the top two vote getters are are the winners. So conservatives don’t have a very good chance of winning.that isn’t hard to do as my state is almost all Democrats, due to freebies-and such that assure the people vote for those are responsible for those freebies. Conservatives are out numbered. Please either give good advice on how to change the status here and rescue the Conservatives and don’t dismiss those who care. And watch your state government as it can happen to you. Many here would not have voted for sanctuary cities, but it was not put on the ballot. Democrats run this state. Vote Conservative or this country is doomed. That is what Trump is fighting for. You may not like the man, but he is true American and trying to save this wonderful Country.

  23. This jerk is awful loose with the people’s money……..

    Hell, these democrat jerks are loose with anything that spells trouble.

    • Pelosi’s little Cousin Gavey, cares as much about the Citzens of California as does his Auntie Nancy…in other words NOT AT ALL…it’s all just Free, doesn’t cost anything, and who cares if it hurts the Citizens; Socialism at its finest…he’s a screaming Liberal idiot.

  24. Hey numb nuts, just what part of illegal don’t you understand ??? I just came back from the grocery store where I gladly signed a petition to get your sorry ass out of our government! You and your sorry ass brain dead Democrat friends can pound sand regarding illegals and all this “free stuff “ that I’m suppose to pay for! Do me a favor and get a life !!!

  25. California Governor Gavin Newsom is a super dump ass….He gives away the store so he will look god when running for President of the United States in some year do the road. He is killing life in California. .

  26. Another reason among many why California is a disaster. If more people had the resources many more would flee the state like rats leaving a sinking garbage barge. It’s sad to see such a great state implode for the lack of intelligent leadership.

    • I would be one of the ones leaving California if I could. This is not at all the state I moved to in 1975. It is hardly recognizable. This Governor is the worst we have ever had. Of course he wants all these illegals here for the votes so he knows what he’s doing and cares absolutely nothing for the citizens who live in California.

    • It is a disaster. It is such a shame because California is (was) such a beautiful state.
      I’m buffered from the craziness that is LA and SF, as I live in Orange County, but what the state takes in taxes is criminal.
      And our property taxes are 10K and we don’t even have property, as we live in a townhouse.
      We can’t send our kids to public school, so tuition for private school is an added financial burden.
      What a mess these Socialists have created.

  27. It must be nice to have the money to pay for it. Our tax money should be kept from California until they straighten up and obey federal law. Illegals are not entitled to anything.

  28. California is already bankrupt and the Gov is nuts what is another 100 million or so.
    Do not allow the feds to bail them out. This will bankrupt the whole country.

    What an ignorant piece of crap that cares more about illegals health and housing then struggling U.S.A citizens.
    You people in California need to wake up and VOT THESE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE!!!

    • Hard to vote them out when they give the vote to all, illegals, incarcerated people and anyone that will vote for them!!!

    • We’ve tried to vote them out, but I echo what J said. Plus, there are other types of voter fraud and rigging.

    • I thought “Moonbeam” was bad but I’d take him back over this POS Newsom we have now!

      I’m a native of CA but will be leaving CA and moving to NV when I retire next summer.

  30. un American filth has infiltrated this country . We need to start treating them as they deserve. long jail terms and some trial and execution

  31. It won’t be long California will be wanting a bail out. These type programs will differently leave then broke. I hope the feds tell them to pound sand.

    • It is already a fact that the Public Employees Pensions are BILLIONS under funded……IN CALIFORNIA.
      This is the result of Politicians accepting money from the UNIONS and then doing their bidding. The Pensions are very attractive, needless to say….at least for awhile?

    • Hell yeah. I think our great President “Uncle Don” is just waiting for them to ask for a bailout. What do you think he’s going to say? I can’t wait. My son is home visiting from L.A. He won’t talk about how bad it is there, and he has let go a couple leftist comments. We’re trying hard to get him to get out of there.

    • We get hurt badly when we get our paychecks, and our property taxes are outrageous. I’ve heard so many Californians say that they did not vote for Newsom; most can’t stand him, so I think there was some voter fraud and rigging.
      Some counties in CA have 110% registered voters. That doesn’t happen by being fair and honest.


  32. I can only hope that this will not spread to other states. The Dems obviously care about nothing except being reelected and they know if they allow enough of this activity the illegals will elect them forever.

    • Vote Republican for every little office, for anything. Even if you don’t like them particularly. But, we are talking politicians, right?


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