CEO Of George Washington’s Estate Gives Chilling Vision Of Our Future If Founding Father Is No Longer Honored

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday night, a statue of our nation’s first president and esteemed Revolutionary War general, George Washington, was torn down and vandalized by overzealous “protesters” in Portland, Oregon.

This is just the latest of such acts aimed at statues of sundry historical figures, which have included everyone from black Civil War soldiers to anti-slavery abolitionists.

While it is one thing to advocate for the lawful removal of confederate statues, it is quite another to illegally tear down a statue of a man who helped found the nation in which we have the natural rights enjoyed by millions of Americans and pursued by millions more each year who seek to live and work in our country legally.

Here is some footage of the destruction of Washington’s statue, which was draped in a burning American flag once toppled.

In fact, to fail to honor Washington, as the CEO of Washington’s Mount Vernon estate is warning, “we will lose the story of the United States” and that without him, “there would be no United States” or U.S. Constitution.

Mount Vernon, located in Fairfax County, Virginia, is the historic home of the famed founding father.

“Without George Washington, there would be no United States of America; there would be no Constitution, which allows the freedom of speech, assembly, and protest, as well as the separation of church from state and without Washington we would not have civilian-led military,” said Mount Vernon President and CEO Dr. Douglas Bradburn in a statement provided to Just the News on Friday.

“If we fail to honor George Washington, because we understand him only as a slave owner, we will lose the story of the United States, for it will have no beginning and very little direction,” he added.

According to Mount Vernon, while Washington was a slave owner himself as the owner of a sprawling estate, he also sought to rectify this at the end of his life.

He “left directions for the emancipation of all the slaves that he owned” after the death of his wife, Martha.

However, the nation’s first First Lady decided “free her late-husband’s [sic] slaves early,” a process that was fully completed in 1801, according to government documents.


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