Celebrating Biden “Victory,” Democrats Reveal They Never Really Cared About “Superspreader” Events

(Liberty Bell) – Well, the mainstream media has declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 election despite the results of several key swing states being contested, and, as expected, the Democrats promptly stopped caring about COVID at all.

Leftists who no doubt voted for Biden because they are silly enough to believe that President Donald Trump is actually responsible for the 200k+ Americans who died from the Chinese coronavirus since March seemed to completely disregard any concern for social distancing once the media crowned their “winner” on Saturday.

Now that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has been declared by the media to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election, it appears the coronavirus pandemic has magically disappeared — just as had been expected.

The same politicians who lectured us for months or called for a President Biden to introduce a national mask mandate—as if you weren’t already concerned enough about what kind of tyranny would be in store for us should he be elected to serve in the White House—clearly had no concern about COVID once their guy was presumptuously declared the winner of the election.

Like Senate Minority Chuck Schumer, who was really concerned about masks a few months ago and seems to think now that a declared Biden victory makes his elderly self immune to the virus, or something.

For the record, here’s Schumer in July:


Check out these crowds:

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  1. I pray there will be a mass exodus of all wise and informed people from Fox News
    That Hannity, Laura snf Tucker to move to News Max or OAN.
    FJoox News has lost their integrity.
    JoAnne Hodgson

  2. Freedom of THOUGHT enjoys Constitutional protection. Freedom of ACTION does NOT! If Biden and Harris and all of their Marxist stooges think that they are going to ride roughshod over the American people, perhaps they should take a moment to consider that RETRIBUTION can be a terrible thing to encounter!

  3. Need any more PROOF it was all a lie?
    The ‘COVID-19’ was a PLANdemic. A TOOL of the RINOs and demons, and nothing more.
    The 71,000,000 MAGA supporters should band together and form a new party.
    The first thing after, go on a demon-hunt . . .
    The RINOs will starve out, and the demons will scatter to their myriad winds of identity politics.

    • PLANdemic…EXACTLY RIGHT….keep us LOCKED-UP so they can CHEAT us OUT of the election….I hope the RETRIBUTION they’ll face is going to be HORRIBLE…..!!!!


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