Carrie Severino Completely Obliterates Kamala Harris Over Hypocrisy Of Joining Biden Campaign While Claiming To Believe Tara Reade

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that Democrats are, for the most part, inconsistent in the application of their beliefs which leads to a severe case of hypocrisy. Everyone can see that sort of behavior plain as day all the time from the left. It’s just that the left themselves do not care whether or not they actually practice what they preach.

This couldn’t be more evident than in the case of Sen. Kamala Harris, who at one time expressed that she believed the women who made claims of sexual assault against former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but has now joined his presidential campaign as his running mate.

Gee, what happened to “believe all women,” or whatever the catch phrase was? Or was it #MeToo?

Either way, Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network took Harris to task for this hypocrisy on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM.

Via Breitbart:

Severino recalled Harris’s statements about Biden’s accusers after Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court while Harris was still officially campaigning for the presidency.

“Kamala Harris was the ring leader in the anti-Kavanaugh circus,” remarked Severino. Harris’s presidential campaign paid at least $134,500 for over 3,600 political ads on Facebook related to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Severino contrasted Harris’s differing responses to accusations of sexual abuse against Biden and Kavanaugh.

Severino added, “Suddenly Joe Biden is accused to something very similar, and what’s so fascinating is [Harris’s] political about-face when [Biden] was first accused of inappropriate touching by Tara Reade, as well as like a dozen other women who talked about how he touched them inappropriately.”

Severino continued, “Kamala Harris said, ‘Oh, I believe them,’ and she thought that needed some more investigation. That was back when she was running against Joe Biden for president. Then, when Tara Reade came out with even more specific and devastating allegations of actual rape — effectively — that was when Kamala Harris was looking to be his vice president. She was one of the top contenders even back in April when Tara Reade came out with more information.”

Severino went on, “At that point, did [Harris] say, ‘I believe her?’ Did she say, ‘We don’t have enough, yet, but we need to at least investigate this?’ Oh no. She said, ‘She has the right to tell her story, but I believe Joe Biden, jumping to the opposite conclusion.”

If you believe the claim made by a woman against a man concerning sexual assault, how can you, in good conscience, join that man’s presidential campaign and act as if that’s morally acceptable? Especially when you came out against that individual during your own political campaign? Something doesn’t smell right with that.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that Kamala Harris is a total political opportunist. She says whatever she thinks the people want to hear, that will earn her the most favor with voters in the moment. She constantly flip-flops on issues, making her a classic people pleaser.

This is no doubt why the Democratic Party is thrilled with her as Biden’s choice for vice president. If they should win in November, she would be just as easy to control and manipulate as Biden.

Severino concluded, “[Harris] really was one of the first of a whole train of Democratic women who absolutely abandoned some of those positions, [and] who were willing to basically say, ‘I’ll believe anyone who’s politically is convenient for me, whether that’s [Christine] Blasey-Ford on one side or whether that’s Joe Biden on the other.”

Look, all we are asking is that the left be consistent in the application of their principles and beliefs. We all know these principles are bogus and don’t work. They do too. That’s why they don’t want to be consistent. They want their cake and to be able to eat it too.

Here’s to hoping Trump gets another term and we don’t have to deal with this mess of a ticket in the White House.

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  1. Does anyone writing these articles ever go back and read them? There are many errors in sentencing in this one page!! The reader has to mentally correct them in order to establish a sensible meaning! Is this a journalist or an irresponsible third-grader authoring news items for the public to read???

  2. Everyone should know that Harris excepted the Vice President position because she knows that she will be the President after the election if Biden wins. Biden can not do the job of President. Harris has plans if Biden should win.

  3. Kama-kama-kama-kama-kama-khamelean . . .
    A chameleon changes is appearance to suite the environment.
    She’s a chameleon who will do whatever it takes to win.
    Anyone who will do ‘whatever it takes’ has no morals or ethics.
    America has seen enough of that with Obummer and Sleepy Joe.

  4. Thank you for some honest feed back on such a Radical Liberal Ticket, this is definately not the direction I want this country to go in. We need morality, stability and Godly values to be the foundation of this country.

  5. Democrats (Communists) don’t have a concience. They will say and do anything that is convenient for them to advance their own causes. Have you ever noticed that every country that has bought into socialism ultimately ends up with a dictator. The dictator then gets rid of the people who got him there. Hitler = the night of the long knives. Stalin = assigning Beria as his head of secret police who killed of thousands of people who helped get Stalin into power. These are just a couple of examples but it always works that way.
    After they complete the job of making us all slaves of the state they will work out who of the elite gets to survive. Freedom will be gone but everything will be free for everyone!!!!

  6. The Democrats seem to think that Americans who voted for Trump are blinded by their hypocrisy. We can exactly see what they are doing. No one is fooled by their communists agenda. Remember what the President said.. “This country will never be a communist country”.. Ditto!!! The pledge of every true American.

  7. The fake media is trying paint her as a moderate democrat but the party has no one that is moderate least of all Biden running mate Kamal Harris. Check her records and the things she said when she was a presidential candidate and continue to vocalize. She shouldn’t be trusted and no one should be fooled that history is made as a black woman on the ticket. We have a extreme liberal woman whose party are bent on destroying the history of this country, the culture and value of the founding fathers. They want to burn America’s history, and the hypocrisy to talk about history by these people is nauseating. Obama was supposed to Change history as the first black president, what was his record more blacks on food stamps, no school choice for poor kids in the inner city, no prison reforms and more polarization. Go figure. Biden and kamal Harris are dangerous for the first, second and 4th amendments. They are Bernie, the squads, liberal democrats and the fake media tied up in a deceptive bundle. For this election the choice has never been clearer and we do not need Albert to see.

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