Carly Fiorina Comes Out Of The Woodwork To Make This Stunning Statement On Impeachment

(Liberty Bell) – Where did she come from?

During an appearance on CNN’s Boss Files with Poppy Harlow, failed Republican presidential candidate and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina reminded us all why no one wanted to vote for her in the 2016 primaries.

Fiorina, siding with a scant minority of other Republicans, declared it is “vital” for President Donald Trump to be impeached.

Well, sign her up for Mitt Romey’s failed-presidential-hopefuls-turned-bitter-RINOs club.

A partial transcript is as follows:

POPPY HARLOW: Do you believe President Trump should be impeached and removed from office?

CARLY FIORINA: I think he is going to be impeached and I think he won’t be removed from office.

HARLOW: Should he be removed from office?

FIORINA: I think it is vital that he be impeached — whether removed this close to an election, I don’t know. But I think the conduct is impeachable and what I regret is that the principles that are being debated in this impeachment trial — separation of powers, abuse of power, obstruction of Congress — those principles are not as immediate or intense as partisanship or people’s belief that the policies that I care about impact me personally. For example, there’s a large pro-life community in this country, and they feel disrespected by the Democrat Party, and my prediction is they will stand by Trump through everything because that issue is not only important to them, but it’s personal for them.

HARLOW: It is notable that you — a Republican who has run for office for the Senate as a Republican, for president as a Republican, who may run again as a Republican, is saying it is “vital that he be impeached.” What are you hearing from your Republican friends in the House and the Senate? Because it is crickets.

FIORINA: I don’t — my prediction would be that Republicans don’t break ranks. I think–

HARLOW: What is your message to them?

FIORINA: I’m not sure they’re listening to my message, honestly.

HARLOW: If they were, do you have a message to them?

FIORINA: I think my message is: in this country, hanging on to a job is not the most important thing. In this country, we don’t pledge allegiance to a party or to a president. In this country, principles matter — and in particular, the principle that we have co-equal branches of government and that no one is above the law and that it is Congress’s duty to oversee and to investigate the executive branch is a vital principle. Our Constitution was based on a fundamental belief that power concentrated is power abused. And we have to stand up for that principle. In the near term, it may cost. But in the long term, those principles are everything.

Earlier in the interview, Fiorina had said she doesn’t know if POTUS 45 has been a “net positive” for the United Stares and that former President Barack Obama should be given some credit for the booming economy.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the American public has spoken, as to whether we think her views are important. Note description ” failed candidate”.

  2. WOW, Fiona! I thought you were better than that! Angry, bitter, envious and vindictive B
    because of your loss. So beneath you! You ought to be embarrassed.


  4. Based on how some of he people posting here write, it’s obvious they didn’t pay any attention in English class. And to even consider their opinions is a total waste of time. Not one period or punctuntion mark. Give me a break.

    I agree with those here who wish Trump well and support him. Thank goodness he won in 2016 and should win next year.

    • You must have been a English teacher. Alot of people don’t care about correctness in a sentence. When trying to get there thoughts across. If you have any common sense you can understand there point!! Obviously you don’t!!!

    • Joe, did you understand the post without the punctuation. I guess so cause you read it. try to be civil and life will be much easier.

    • Yes, criticize the poor unwashed, unschooled millions that vote for Trump.
      ” And to even consider their opinions is a total waste of time” That is exactly what both parties thought as they ignore the will of the people. I say to you… Stick It.

    • I was stunned at Trump’s niggardly attacks on her physical appearance . He was an extremely immature Candidate . He’s done good as President but needed a SMACK DOWN as man back then !!!

    • Oh No! You used the Terrible N Word even if it doesn’t mean the same it “sounds” like the bad N word. In the famous words of the great thinker Gomer Pyle,
      Shame, Shame, Shame

  5. I am ashamed to say I supported her in 2016 until she dropped out. She has
    shown herself to be another sore losing Trump hater.

    • I did not support her in 2016, but I didn’t think she was as bad as she has now proven herself to be. The smartest thing she could do is switch parties so that she can run as a “moderate Democrat” (if there is such a thing), because this interview will live long after she will wish it would disappear.

    • I supported her too . I wanted her elected
      JUST to take it away from Hillary forever !!!
      Like they say , ” HELL hath no fury….” !!!

  6. what the Democrats have been doing is lobbying money from other country’s
    so when the Democrats seen Donald trump running for president they knew
    that they couldn’t control him and when he won they tried to set him up
    to get raid of him because he tells the the truth and and stands against
    corruption and the Democrats don’t like it when martin Luther king told the truth
    what happen to him when president Kennedy told the truth what happen to
    him the same thing is happening the Donald trump he is exposing of who they
    are and they don’t like it vote for Donald trump 2020 he is Doing a great job
    the lord said pray for the leaders of our country if you let a Democrat win
    this country will go down the drain they are not for the american people
    they lie to the american people to get peoples votes so they can stay in power
    to control what ever they want
    vote vote vote

    • Goes to show how she can be bought and paid for by the radical left. She is another traitor and has no idea what the Constitution even says anymore than the radical corrupt democrats. They throw words from the amendments at us but have absolutely no idea what is even in the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. Its past time to drain the swamp and they all belong in gitmo.

  7. I am so disappointed in this back stabbing turncoat RINO Carly Fiorina. I thought she believed in the American way of life and if she supports what the leftist socialist democrats did to the President over the past 3 years then I truly regret I ever submitted the donations to her campaign when she was running for the President of our the country. The leftist truly attempted a coup to over throw our President and she thinks he should be impeached, I hope I never see her name in politics again.

  8. can see where she is coming from . She was publicly insulted and embarrassed by Trump as well as many others so they will not support him . I wish they would put that aside and support him as I hate to see what our country will be like if the idiots running for president on the democrat side would win . By the way , I’m an 83 year old life long democrat , disgusted with what the party has become .

    • As I see it we have had: ”
      an official investigation, especially one of a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments. ” This is also the dictionaries description of Inquisition.

      1. the act of inquiring deeply or searchingly; investigation. 2. a deep or searching inquiry, esp a ruthless official investigation of individuals in order to suppress revolt or root out the unorthodox. 3. (Law) an official inquiry, esp one held by a jury before an officer of the Crown is also a definition of Inquisition.

      An official organization in the Catholic Church whose purpose was to find and punish people who opposed its beliefs.
      The Inquisition was a group of institutions within the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy. The Inquisition started in 12th-century France to combat religious dissent, in particular the Cathars and the Waldensians. Other groups investigated later included the Spiritual Franciscans, the Hussites (followers of Jan Hus) and the Beguines.


      The Inquisition is a group of Democrats within the House of Congress whose aim is to combat capitalism and make the United States of American a Socialist, Third World Country.

      This Inquisition started in the House of Representatives before 2015 to combat election and service of Republicans to the Presidency, House and Senate of the United States of America.

    • You and me both, Marty. I’m not quite 83, but I’m not that far behind and I’m with you all the way.

    • I’m another octogenarian, – and if we had any scruples and Christian influence in our up bringing at all, can see that what is happening to our country is the saddest and scariest thing we could imagine! Trump is pretty rough around the edges, but any other regular thinking and ‘do like we’ve always done it’ politician couldn’t have made it through in 2016, and would have been eaten alive by now if they had! We’d better pray that he makes it through the 2020 election because if the other insane wolves get hold of the Presidency and God forbid, both houses of Congress, we might as well say goodbye to the beautiful republic of the United States!

  9. Another incompetent hypocrite who should have stayed under the woodwork .Going on the Communist News Network CNN THE MOST LYING CABLE SHOW ON TV ALL ANALYSTS ARE FRAUDS

  10. The House will impeach . Trump says bring it on. He wants them to impeach him. It will go to the Senate . There the m7uch anticipated swamp draining commences. Biden , his crackhead son, Nancy, Maxine , Bug Eyed Herpes mouth Schiff , Schumer Nadler . Clapper , Brennan , Comey and many more . I want to see Loretta , Eric Holder , Hildabeast and Obozo go down too. Trump also said something about wanting it to be a lengthy process. That’s great . Let them try to get loose. Hang on to each of them and ring them out . Expose each one individually . Then expose them all as a joint conspiracy . John Durham ‘s investigation comes out in early summer. I hope they have to pull them all out of jail to face a Grand Jury.. Lord knows we’ve been patient in all of this. A yes vote for impeachment is a confession of guilt in a coup.
    But then again I don’t know how much of this could happen. It would be soooo cool though wouldn’t it? It looks like Comey is toast.

  11. It easy to pick on failed Carly …
    Yes , she does look like a dry prune …
    HP is gone …
    Carly is gone …
    Guess what ..Nobody misses you ..

  12. Well air-head, exactly what did Obozo DO to improve the US economy?? He tried to wreck it. His big time Stimulus Bill was as payback to his donors and accomplished almost nothing. His regulations drove thousands of jobs and a great many companies.out of America. Lots of part time jobs to get around his dopey Obamacare BS. And this woman ran a Fortune 500 company?? WOW !! No wonder they dumped her.

  13. She could not be more bitter and useless. The millionaire turn coat Republican preaching that we don’t need our jobs. Principles don’t pay the rent or bills, but its great to now have a president that is fighting like hell for us to maintain any vestige of a principled society. Trump was right about her.

  14. She right we not care about some has been like her she is part of the swsmp yed they all are throw trump is cleaning house they are cought we see them now for what they are the dnc the dems in office they all are cought lying stealing even some rep are cought yes its time we the pepoleare throw with lying steating dems that have do nothing obama did nothing for anyone but him self all the dems are fighting to ieep tgere job but guess what the red wsve is here to end the lying dems they will be vote out we can not what to vote they will see how bad they mess up every dem i know are so up set about thus they said they hat it but they are voteing red tue dems will see lets vote the red wave is ready

  15. SHE should have stayed in the woodwork an d kept her negative comments to herself. Where did they find her or think what she says of thinks make any difference. TRUMP has done a remarkable job especially considering all the negative actions and words from the Democrats and the media. He did not need the job of President but I think all smart Americans are so thankful he ran and won. 4 or 8 years of Hillary after 8 years of Obama….What a horrible thought. America would never have a chance to recover !!May God continue to Bless Trump and protect Him and His Family !!!!!

    • And think of the SCOTUS and judges that would have been put up for confirmation! The damage would have gone on for decades!

    • Why would she run for president? She was terrible as the head of HP, she must have had a vision of herself as president, but she and her family were all having delusions of sugar plums dancing in their heads at that time.
      So, Carley, just get a life and forget about the dreams of grand doings, you are acting just like the loser Hillary. You poor soul. Merry Christmas!!!!

  16. Carly is NOT a constitutional scholar! Note that she failed to mention any offense by the president that would warrant his impeachment. She does mention co-equal branches of government, but makes no mention of the fact that the Judicial Branch is the arbiter of disputes between the Executive and the Legislative Branches…in this case whether Trump’s executive privilege can supersede demands for “fishing expedition” subpoenas…where the butt-hurt Dems are still looking for something to find that could overturn the results of the 2016 election.

    The whole biased process in the House was a shameful fraud and a genuine abuse of power…”the tyranny of the majority.”

    • What she thinks doesn’t matter, and President Trump will gain votes because of the DNC’s baseless attacks! The DNC cheated their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election so HRC could run instead of Bernie!

  17. Carley are you jaded because you didn’t get the Rep presidential nomination? If you are a patriot you should know how bad such proceeding is harmful for this country and its position in the world This president I believe is really trying to do what’s best for this country. He’s not perfect but neither are you for even speakingout on this matter – are you trying to position yourself for another run should he be removed? Poor judgment!

    • Trump said she was ugly! Grow up!! She is not beautiful but the name calling is childish! A true Republican should back President Trump for the good of the Nation! You Republicans that think your shit doesn’t stink, make me sick! I guess you’d rather have Bernie! Ass Holes!

  18. She never forgave Trump during the debates after he said “look at that face would anyone vote for that”? That was his response after she hurled insult after insult against him during the primaries

  19. The woman couldn’t run HP, she couldn’t get elected to the Senate, she couldn’t get the Republican nomination for President (which Trump won) and now she is full up to the tip/top with sour grapes – Just like angry, bitter, useless, disloyal, hypocritical Mutt Romney and the rest of the NeverTrumpers. She got her feelings hurt when running against Trump – BOO HOO HOO HOO!

  20. Absolutely amazed. As dumb as my rep Ben McAdams. Stupidity reigneth when people encourage impeachment when there is no impeachable event. Be careful what you wish for Dems and Carly.

  21. And thats why she would have been a terrible president. She has now exhibitted something that many of us could see. She could not be trusted. And she exemplifies much of what has gone wrong inAmerica….emotionalism. She got her “feelings” hurt and her scorn will be eternal. I knew a guy from HP and lots of his fellow employees experienced “it”.

  22. Omg another wack job Dem comes forward ! Clearly lied to get elected as a Republican which she is not! The socialists radical is no different than the liar Pocahontas Warren ! Vote this wack job out and every crazy radical liberal! Vote Republican
    Stop the BS
    Trump 2020

  23. Please call, and email your congressperson and inform them that it is wrong to attempt to impeach our president on such narrow and thin political disagreement(s) – – truly divisive. – – – Especially those of you in one of the districts where the 31 democrats were elected in a red state. Imagine what our president could have accomplished without all of this delay, disrupt and attempt to destroy. TRUMP 2020

  24. The only abuse of power has been by Pelosi, Nadler, Schif and Schumer. I am so sick of the democrats trying to accuse Our President of the very things they are the only ones guilty of. Despicable.

    • Fiorina is a corporate globalist who believes that elitist international bureaucrats, apopointed by the Western private central bankers should be administering a global governance….sort of like an EU on steroids!!

      Is that was you folks want?

      I know I don’t want that. I want a sovereign U.S. where the people of this country get to have a democratic say in what goes on here in the U.S.!!

  25. “In this country, we don’t pledge allegiance to a party or to a president.” I can see that I would never pledge any form of allegiance to her as a Democrat or as a principle-free RINO.

    “In this country, principles matter — and in particular, the principle that we have co-equal branches of government and that no one is above the law and that it is Congress’s duty to oversee and to investigate the executive branch is a vital principle.” How trivially true and what does any of this vague blathering have to do with the issues in the impeachment kangaroo court? Like so many conservatives who understand these principles without her lecture (has she read the Constitution within the last 10 years?), we can truly say that this will probably be her last empty political hurrah.

    • Bitter, bitter, bitter.
      If she were elected to any public office, and her opponent pointed out that she was a loser, it would start all over again with her……….Bitter, Bitter, Bitter.

  26. Bitterness leads to this type of inaccurate backstabbing comments. Why doesn’t she get with the President and actively help in the border wall system to keep the drugs out that cost her family a daughter ?

  27. Carly, I am very disappointed in you. I have lost whatever little respect I had. You have not established your points to agree with impeachment. That displays your mental capabilities to hold public office. Shame on you.

  28. She like Romney,McCann,Bush still hurt in the way that Trump trunch her aspirations
    but agreed to impeach Trump made her another disposable Rhino, she can joint the
    Pelosi and the democrats right now, we don’t
    need her in the conservative team

  29. Stupid B–ch. What then? Is she okay with one of the communist/socialist democrat candidates becoming the next president. What possible other explanation could there be? Trump is the only hope for the GOP/Conservative cause. This simple minded wench is no better than Mutt Romney or Jeff Flake. All these clowns are butt hurt because Trump insulted them at some point. Go away Fiorina, just go away.

    • I have to agree with your characterization of Mitt Romney. I hope he hears from this kind of commentary. I thought very highly of him and supported him during his run for election. I was wrong or his loss changed him into a bitter man of no substance. He and Jeff Flake and Fiorina are three peas of the same flakey pod. Good riddance.

  30. She was my second choice after Rand Paul and Trump was my third. Think after hearing these statements Trump should have been my second choice if not my first.

  31. As a former HP employee, my opinion is she is just another Pelosi. She is the one and only person in the world who is important, every one else is just her slave.

  32. Carly, what have you done ? I went to hear you speak twice when you campaigned here in SC., and supported you right till the end of your campaign for the repub Presidential nomination. I am deeply disappointed in you for making these comments. We need solidarity now so that we can defeat the Pelosi-Schumer left wing Democrats this Nov., 2020. Your comments sound like rino romney, or has been mccain wrote them for you. You should not have stated this opinion and lost what supporters you had left.

  33. Does any person especially Republicans and Conservatives really care what this washed out old hag has to say. She has sour grapes which show in her face No other POTUS has done and fulfilled all his campaign promises plus in the 3 yrs. so far. PEOPLE LIKE THIS TWIT ARE SHAMELESS. Hit the road little Carly.

  34. I am a bit surprised at her being for impeachment. I guess I don’t know her as well as I thought. She makes some good points but her conclusion doesn’t follow. Trump has done his job, being president, very well under trying circumstances not of his making. Her opinion is totally misinformed, according to the facts. Trump is not above the law nor is he beneath the law, to be maligned by congress holding him in contempt in a Kangaroo court.

    • Another failed, egocentric and frankly immature individual lured into feeling
      significant by the CNNs— looking for anyone willing to say anything negative about Trump, especially if it is a Republican or like Ms. Failarino try’s to sound like one.

  35. Baffling, she sounded like a Dem, abuse of power… where? I’m not aware of one act being illegal and the courts have stepped in when they didn’t agree with what he was implementing. At which point he went back to the courts. Trump has been one of the more transparent presidents I’ve ever seen.


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