Candace Owens Drops Hammer On Censorial Big Tech “Fact-Checkers” After Trump Twitter Ban

(Liberty Bell) – This week, the true nature of Silicon Valley tech tyrants reared its ugly head in a manner never seen before.

This was certainly not, however, something that millions of concerned American citizens haven’t been seriously concerned about for years now.

Tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google responded to the chaos and violence at Capitol Hill on Wednesday by respectively booting President Donald Trump and his varied supporters as well as other advocates for and entities designed to promote free speech.

Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump as Facebook temporarily banned his account on their network; both claiming that he had promoted the violence in Washington, D.C. when he did no such thing.

Conservatives have been outraged and flocking to alternative outlets like Parler and Gab—Amazon followed up by booting Parler from its web hosting claiming that it had failed to adequately mitigate content calling for violence on its platform.

This comes after years of singling out conservatives and Trump supporters for clearly targeted and biased censorship from shadow banning, loosely applied definitions of “hate speech,” permanent bans of controversial figures.

This was, of course, all while turning a blind eye to far-left or other radical extremism on their network that they couldn’t strategically suppress for the sake of promoting their preferred progressive narrative.

On Saturday, conservative firebrand and co-founder of “Blexit,” Candace Owens, released a video in which she detailed how social media outlets went from the modern, digital “public square” to a far-left purveyor of Orwellian groupthink that has prevented a sitting President of the United States from directly reaching his supporters.

“Dominant on those platforms were conservative voices like mine. We are the Americans who did not have a voice in traditional media,” Owens, originally a breakout YouTube star who has on more than one occasion been unfairly targeted by these networks, explained.

“I can be heard. That freedom infuriates the left, who used to own complete control over our information. So they hatched a plan to silence me and all of us conservatives, and Facebook is paying them for it,” she declared.

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  1. Candace, I’m 76 years old but if I can do anything to help you stop these people from taking our free speech away, I’ll do it. Remember “Give me liberty or give me death?” That’s me now!!!!!! I’ll do anything I can to help.

  2. Bet the socialist liberals are having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to cancel/squash Candace.they probably thought about saying she is African American and you know how them people are lazy uneducated dishonest want work dumb wait a minute if we say those things people will say we are racist and every knows socialist communist liberals cain’t possable be racist can we? What have we been doing for the last 100 years pulling Agrican Americans out of the closet and promising them every thing every time a election comes around and after the election is over and we have got their votes back in the closet with the African Americans until the next election.we use to buy their vote for a pint of whiskey out of the trunk of a white Democrats car and $5.00 but not any more we just flat out lie to them straight to their face.thangs are a changing though because of education younger smarter voters have caught on to the old Democratic swamp two step con game and are saying not no but hell no because I am thinking for myself.thank you Candace Owens for your dedicated efforts.keep up the fight and I am not African American I am white and from the southern state of Tennessee and I have watched liberal Democrats pit African Americans and white Americans against each other for political reasons my whole life and I am 75 years support to you Candace.Thank you. JGB

    • Agree, sir. I, too, have watched as the Dems, pretending to really CARE about African-Americans just use them…I, too, am a white, (female) in an, uh, older age group who has been around long enough to see through their tactics. Let’s hope, pray for and try to EDUCATE the younger generation, of all colors, all backgrounds to the fact that these people do NOT care about anyone, anyone at all, only only the POWER to reshape America into their socialist-communist POV. CanNOT let that happen!

  3. Are we frickin’ GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE MALEVOLENT ASSHOLES or are we just gonna “exercise our free speech” at ’em in the hopes that “throwing water on the wicked bitches of Silicon Valley” is gonna cause them to melt! They aren’t going away and bitching & pissing & moaning about “it” AINT GONNA DO A THING! TAKING EVERYTHING FROM THEM!… “THAT” & their worthless lying cheating stealing LIVES! TAKING “THAT” from them… FIXES THE PROBLEM! I want to wretch every time I read the FAKE NEWS’ BULLSHIT! Oh, NOW!… They wanna “denounce violence” when they’ve spent YEARS “BEGGING FOR WAR!” They think we’re all pussies & they can TAKE WHATEVER THEY WANT (like cheating the elections, ect.) & we’re just “gonna quit pissing & moaning” & “get over it… we cheated, you lost, Joe’s so popular 81+ million people voted for him” HELL… EVEN DEAD PEOPLE! Screw this! I say we show them violence like they’ve NEVER EVER SEEN! & SCREW THIER SHITTY LITTLE PLATFORMS! I DON’T (& HAVEN’T EVER) DONE ANY OF IT! SO KISS MY ASS FACEBOOK & TWITTER! YOU DON’T EFFECT ME AT ALL! Wipe these vermin from the face of the Earth! & Anderson Cooper & ALL THE MEDIA LIARS! Because they WILL… TRY TO CANCEL YOU! & NOT just “off their shitty little media!” They want us dead as much as we want THEM ANHIALATED! Strike first! Strike hard! & do in a demonrat TODAY! OUR COUNTRY OUR FREEDOM YOUR LIFE!… DEPENDS ON IT!

    • For this, we need to gat candidates whose POV is like Candace Owens, other in the younger generation to stand up for the Constitution and conservative values. Get out the vote, please our cause, have a social network that REPLACES Twitter, Facebook, et al, so that our voices can be heard. IF/when we have rallies, make sure Antifa, BLM, et al punks are not part of it – a security system that, though it would seem to contradict “free speech,’ works in our favor. Check the “Epoch Times” interview of Michael Yon on The Epoch Times website. Eye-opener.

  4. Thank you, Candace for providing an EXCELLENT explanation of the bias/ silencing we conservatives are experiencing – and even our President who scares the living daylights out of the far left media machine as well as the Rinos! Could they possibly have something to hide?!!!!

  5. Morning Denis download and install Duck Duck Go…make it your default browser…open the email once again it should populate inside Duck Duck Go… having Facebook already open…
    From Duck Duck Go click on the top right hand side dots a dialogue window should appear click from the drop down SHARE POINT OR PICK FACEBOOK NEWS FEED AND POST …
    Your done …you can now keep Duck Duck Go or uninstall your choice it’s my default Browser of Choice I use an Android phone….good luck!!!

  6. How can I share this video? I am also banned on Twitter because I am a Conservative. If I want to share it on my Facebook page (I really don’t care if they ban me there, I’m moving to MeWe), how do I share the link to the video?


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