Cancel Culture Comes For Clarence Thomas And His Wife — Why Left Is Demanding He Resign This Time

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have long been trying to silence their political opposition. They know the only way they will ever win and gain complete control is by silencing their rivals whom Americans overwhelmingly prefer and support.

It is no longer about the will of the American people. This is no longer the people’s government. The establishment has finally risen to the level of power that they have been seeking for decades now.

Now that they have officially stolen the 2020 presidential election, the left is going hard after anyone who holds differing viewpoints and especially anyone who supports President Trump.

This includes any and all freedom-loving Americans who the left has now labeled “conspiracy theorists” and “seditious traitors.”

One of these great freedom-loving Americans is Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The left has placed a target on her back and are using her as a means to destroy Justice Thomas as well.

The radical left’s cancel culture is citing social media posts made by Justice Thomas’ wife in which she expressed support and love for the Trump supporters who peacefully gathered in Washington DC, Wednesday prior to the incident on Capitol Hill.

Just to be clear, Clarence Thomas didn’t actually do anything or post anything anywhere himself. He doesn’t need to. The left has deemed him guilty by association and they want his head on a platter.

It doesn’t matter to a single leftist that Ginni Thomas tweeted her support for the Trump supporters hours before the storm on the Capitol which involved only a sliver of Trump supporters, if any at all.

Liberal “journalist” Mark Joseph Stern, a “staff writer” at Slate, tweeted out screenshots of what appear to be tweets from Mrs. Thomas in which she expresses her support for Trump and his supporters early on Wednesday.

Stern reportedly on Twitter that Ginni Thomas “endorsed the protest demanding that Congress overturn the election, then sent her “LOVE” to the demonstrators, who violently overtook the Capitol several hours later. She has not posted since.”

Stern shamelessly associated all Trump supporters with the rogue group who stormed the Capitol building, assuming they were even Trump supporters at all. There is plenty of evidence to suggest this was a staged attack carried out by radical Antifa members.

The sleuth journalist also reported “as background” that Ginni Thomas is “a conservative lobbyist and avid Trump supporter who campaigned for him.” Stern went on to claim that she spreads “fringe conspiracy theories on Facebook” and then, as an example, cited a recent post in which Mrs. Thomas said, “No one, and I mean no one, has done more to harm America than the Democrats.”

Literally half the US population agrees with Mrs. Thomas’ sentiment. It’s a far, far cry from a “conspiracy theory.” For those on the left, however, anything that disagrees with their agenda and opposes them falls under the umbrella of “conspiracy theory.”

This little bit of crack reporting on Stern’s part kicked off rabid calls from fellow leftists for Clarence Thomas to resign or else.

It’s totally impossible to take these leftists seriously. They are so completely detached from any form of reality and have absolutely no regard for actual freedom and democracy.

Clarence Thomas has not done a thing wrong and neither has his wife. Sadly, cancel culture is only going to get a lot worse now that Joe Biden has officially stolen the 2020 election.

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  1. Justice Thomas and Mrs Thomas, don’t let the radical left hate for humanity run you out of the Supreme Court. You are standing up for the constitution, fairness and integrity but these Marxist/communists want to shame you and your family, cancel us like they are gods and those hypocrites talking about unity. Obama started the racial divisive rhetoric and here we are getting ready for Obama 2.0 under Biden. They never learn but power in the wrong hand is dangerous. We must fight back, never turn the other cheek to these soul less people they want our heads.

  2. It’s Nancy Pelocy (sp?) that needs to be removed from office and locked in a rubber room for life to protect the country. She is totally deranged with hate and ego. Her illegal conference with the military Chief of Staff and public accusation that President Trump might launch a nuclear attack for no reason risks forcing the Chinese, Russian, and North Korean military to go on hair trigger alert, further risking a massive nuclear attack on this country by false indicators. The Democrat leaders must remove this threat to the world immediately. Pelocy is willing to risk a massive accidental nuclear exchange to satisfy her deranged hatred and ego.

  3. so if everyone says the grass is green and those in power say it is orange, then those that know it is green are conspiracy theorists and should be ostracized, unemployed and otherwise non existent.

  4. We spent a year watching as Biden, Harris and all the radical left politicians promoted and applauded all the terrorist acts and murder of police officers all across the country. I guess a lot of people should lose their jobs!

  5. Don’t know why the Republicans are so scared to stand up and fight, they have to stop this big tech and and the elimination of freedom of speech. scary scary times.

  6. Get clued in Liberty Bell. Stop with the ‘Trump supporters storming the capital building’ crap. Do some honest research. It’s everywhere. The crowd was infiltrated by ANTIFA who trashed the building while Trump supporters tried to stop them. Are you afraid of being banned by the left for telling the truth?

  7. Now the Capitol Stormers are a rogue group, come off it, they represent main stream Republicanism, you know that. The election was not stolen but you continue to say it was despite all the evidence to the contrary, you suffer from a delusional illness and need treatment, on the other hand you may be just a liar. Thank God the sexual predator is going. As for Thomas and spouse, all decent people cancelled them before there was a “cancel culture”.

  8. Well said James, These are scary times when Communism has made good on threats that they would conquer us from within. We never could have believed it would be with corrupt politicians in lockstep with Communist-backed media and Tech. I pray for Clarence Thomas and his wife during this time of evil vs. good.

    • Jinny Thomas is an American and you liberal ass holes best cut your bullshit rhetoric or this country will wind up in civil war . Who do you assholes think you are scarring . We are Americans who served our country and I don’t give a crap what you say . I will support my country against a threat from foreign or domestic invaders …… Korean vet

  9. Justice Clarence Thomas and mrs Thomas my name is James Benton and my Father was a 38 year educator Teacher Principal and American history Teacher always.He served his country in WW2 came home went to college on a GI Bill got his master’s degree in education and was always so proud to be a American citizen and loved his country and the CONSTATUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Justice Thomas and Mrs Thomas don’t you dare think about giving in or giving up because a hand full of socialist are trying to tear apart and destroy the greatest country in the world.I spent almost 5 years in the U.S. NAVY came home and spent 40 years and 7 months as a Firefighter in my hometown city Dept. ATHENS FIRE DEPT. AFD RETIRED.Thank you both for your service to our country. JGB ATHENS TN


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